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International Support for Biafra, 2006

Chronicle of MASSOB Casualties, victims of the Nigeria Police and Nigerian Armed Security Agents

Secession? A brief history of Secession in Nigeria

Human Rights Watch and Human Reports, August 2005--"Nigeria: Obasanjo Confirms Torture, Killing by Police

Requiem for Nigeria: The Last of Africa’s Pseudo-Federations

Marginalization of Igbo-Biafraland by Nigeria: a succint testimony by a non-Igbo

Biafra Currency: Biafra never dies--current money circulation and a history of Biafra threaded through Biafra Currency

Worldwide Demonstrations (WWD) May 27 2005: A report of pro-Biafra worldwide protests

US Intelligence predicts total collapse of Nigeria within 15 years: we could've told them that

Mid-year Evaluation and Update on MASSOB and Case for Biafra: 2005: an email to BAF

Clippings from 2005: Telling the story of failing with words in slow motion

2005: the diary continues

3 Incredible Years of Biafra--excerpt from one of Dim Ojukwu's speeches.

Human Rights Report--Nigeria, 2003

Biafra Relief Heroes: An account of heroism on the one hand, and politics over humanity on the other.

Biafra Humanitarian Movement, Germany: taking off in Holland

MASSOB, 2004: Why MASSOB? and MASSOB post-August 26 in the words of MASSOB leader in interviews

August 26: "This changes everything"--Biafrans stunning success at civil disobedience (2004)

Sovereign National Conference  (with Honesty)--a three-part essay.

Biafra Freedom Movement, Holland--Newly formed Diaspora pro-Biafra Movement

Genocide Toll--lest we forget; Ekwe Nche reminds us.

Jihad toll--Christian and Non-Muslim Northerners list Muslim attacks in Northern Nigeria.

Ironsi, 1966--2004 on Aguiyi Ironsi

June 1967: another look at history

1968: The American Jewish Report on Biafra, December 1968.

April 17, 2004 message following up on Communiqué from the first International Conference on Biafra (Oct 18, 2003)

Grim Reminders: Quotes from news accounts of the genocide against Biafra during 1966-1970

New Year Message to the People and Nation of Biafra 2004 from Biafra Foundation (BF)--text

New Year 2004 -- the full broadcast--audio

2003: a quick summary of the year

Biafra Students: now, our Students join us finally...December 2003

Biafra Conference 2003: Conference proceedings of the first postwar International Conference on Biafra, Oct 2003, USA

International Conference on Biafra, October 18 2003, in Maryland, USA: An Announcement and Invitation

A Message To Biafrans from Biafra Foundation (BF) September 2003

2003. Road to Perdition: Nigeria under General Obasanjo makes 9 stops on the way

Igbo Landing 2003 by Ekwenche

"These Women are Brave": Recalling the women of Biafra's role during  the Biafran War of Survival.:

Bakassi People and Bakassi Peninsula: A position paper on the International Court Ruling


"Ibo Landings"--Event report. Don't miss this account of the gathering in August 2002

Biafra Independence Day Celebration

"Ibo Landings" and the new concept of Greater Igbo / Biafran Nation

Biafra Foundation Press Releases Link

Generation 1960-70+ Press release -- added to Essays, Press

Debt Relief--the Biafran Plan: added to Position Papers

Friends of Biafra--the Nations that recognized Biafra; read their words

Zik's Legacy, a Press Release by Generation 1960-70+--added to CURRENT AFFAIRS

Principles of Law in Biafran Society--added to POSITION PAPERS

Igbo-ness and Biafra: defining who is Igbo, and Biafra--added to POSITION PAPERS

Women of Biafra: Calling on the brave and courageous Women of Biafra (WOB)

The British connection: detailing British treachery in Nigeria from inception to the present

Start here: A historical gyroscope

Igbo in the 1700's--excerpts from Olaudah Equiano's book

The case for the Republic of Biafra--articulated with a slide show ("Biafra, our case") 

News Analysis--...connecting the dots ("News Analysis")

Internet Radio Station for Igbo / Biafran Music  (or, click for direct link)

Igbo 101

Biafra House Opening Events

Voice of Biafra International Broadcasts