Chronicle of MASSOB Casualties, victims of the Nigeria Police and Nigerian Armed Security Agents.

Dear Members of the Human Race:

It is the year, 2006. You won't believe this, but it is happening. It is factual. This chronicle is based on fact. It is real. The names are real--they belong to real persons. It is ongoing.

This is a small part of what is happening to Biafrans who are currently forced into living in Nigeria. This is a partial account of what is happening to members of MASSOB (Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra), a non-violent organization whose goal is the exercise of the choice of Self Determination for the people of Biafra, leading to Independence and Sovereignty for Biafra and  her people. MASSOB has the full support of the people of Biafra.

Who would have thought that in the year 2006, this level of cruelty, viciousness and abuse of basic human rights and the violation of basic human dignity would be occuring, with such brazenness, directed against a specific nation of defenseless people, Biafra, by a relentless and remorseless tormentor, Nigeria, while the world looks the other way?

2006, yes. Unbelievable!

Under "Victims" we keep a running tab of our latest brothers and sisters who have fallen victim to Nigeria's ongoing brutalization of our people.

We have now added a "Perpetrator" Link in order to present the profile of those wicked persons who make it their duty or call to hurt and harm, injure and maim, torture and kill our people. The list will grow as we get more facts and reliable information. We have warned that the excuse of "just following orders" is no longer valid in this day and age.