• The year Nigeria traveled further and faster ON THE ROAD TO PERDITION
  • Roads in Biafraland are a continuing eyesore--deliberately allowed by the Federal Government of Nigeria to deteriorate worse than 40 years ago!
  • Rats eat live patients in a formerly reputable Teaching Hospital--evidence of rotting infrastructure
  • Obasanjo continues his favorite pastime of killing MASSOB members, not satisfied with pre 2003 election massacre and maiming of MASSOB members
  • Looting of public funds and corruption continue unabated, and in brazen style--so called Governors outdo their National Assembly counterparts in this game
  • Obasanjo-Must-Go campaign starts--finally, the rest of Nigeria stirs
  • Ex-Defense Minister under Obasanjo describes Obasanjo's government as "Cult-like"--Obasanjo and PDP insist that it is a "Democracy"...

...and the first postwar international Conference on Biafra was held (October 18) in Greenbelt, Maryland, USA;...

...even 37 years later (counting from 1966) we get a recapitulation of the state of affairs of Biafrans in Nigeria in the very words--accurate and true--of a December 29th, 2003 applicant for membership to Biafra Actualization Forum (BAF). Thus, we close out the year 2003 being reminded of our burden as Biafrans in the hellish so-called country of Nigeria:

        "...[I] wish to apply as a member of the Biafra Actualization Forum. I have been following the various events that have taken place in Nigeria before and after independence.Infact, if I were older and politically aware in the early sixties I would have fought on the Biafran side.NDIGBO have been unjustly treated and dehumanized in this failed nation-state called Nigeria.We are still being maltreated and there does not seem to be an end to it. We are hardworking, enterprising, dynamic, intelligent, creative and highly talented people.If we remain in this apatheid enclave we will not be able to utilize maximallly our God given potentials for the benefit of our children and humanity.
The death of over 2 million Biafrans cannot and will not be in vain.To this end,Biafra must be actualized albeit through peaceful means. It is with these feelings and a sense of solidarity that I have decided to join the BAF.I am from [...] in Anambra State.I studied Computer Sciences at our beloved University Of BIAFRA.I am presently working as a Senior Systems Analyst/Programmer in a software firm here in Lagos.
I promise to contribute in my own little way to the Biafran cause.I shall readily furnish you with any further information you may require about me.
Fraternally Yours,.."

...but as we transition to the year 2004, catch the new Spirit of Biafrans as we live that Spirit in the accurate and paradigmatic words of another applicant for BAF membership, (December 31st 2003):

        "...Dear Sir,
am the son of the soil but no identity i konw that you mighty ask Sir "how?" why i say i have no identity is that i am not yet a registered member  of biafra so my question Sir is that how can i be registered as a member?..."

The wisdom of the author of this application brings to light the paradigm for Biafra and Biafrans in 2004 and beyond: we must reclaim and assert our identify as Biafrans. We must acknowledge our Biafra-ness; we must be true to what we, as Biafrans are; and we must begin to live it. 

2004 is all about "registering" our identity as Biafrans--formalizing our God-given identity. 2004 is the year that we begin to show that we truly are Biafrans, and to be proud of our Biafran heritage.

As such there is no better way to end 2003 and to start 2004.