2006: Open International Support for Biafra has started

CWIS  (Center for World Indigenous Studies)  leads the way...

May 10, 2006 News Release
Biafran Declaration
Biafra, the reemerging nation of Igbo people and their allies seek to reclaim their political right to freely choose their own political future through nonviolent political transformation, receives strong endorsement from the Center's Board of Directors. With more than 25 million people and a history of a nasty war for self-determination with Nigeria in the late 1960's the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra  (MASSOB) lead by Chief Ralph Uwazuruike (a strong advocate for non-violence in the tradition of Martin Luther King) now presses for Biafra's transformation into a free and independent nation.

Huighlights of CWIS declaration:

  •   shall undertake all possible effort to advance the human rights of the Biafran people and associated allies

  •   support the self-determination of the Biafran Nation within a framework of non-violent action in pursuit of a peaceful political transition to self-government

  •   right of self determination is guaranteed under the United Nations Charter and subsequent international instruments.

  •   research or education to advance traditional knowledge to include topics  beneficial to the Biafran Nation and her people

  •   place the concerns of the Biafran Nation high on the list of priorities within the Center's Forum for Global Exchange as a matter of international importance.


  • recognizes the Biafran Foundation as the principal representative of the Biafran Nation external to the Country

  • recognizes the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) and the efforts of MASSOB's leaders to advance a non-violent and peaceful political transition of the political status of the Biafran Nation within the framework of international law.

  •  recognizes the importance of gaining the release of MASSOB's leadership and the leadership of allied peoples from Nigerian prisons where they have been detained since October 2005 by Security Forces under charges that ignore fundamental human rights.

  • supports all proper efforts to gain release of improperly imprisoned Biafran and allied people leadership

  • seeks to apply indigenous knowledge, research and education for the benefit of wider public understanding of the situation in Biafra.

    Biafra and her people are forever indebted to CWIS for its sensitivity and courage, and for its principled support of the rights of human beings.