The British Connection

Through the eyes and experiences of a British citizen and former colonial officer (1955-1960) familiar with the creation of Nigeria and the surrounding politics, we learn finally what went wrong with Nigeria at least from the British side. Not that we did not have our own now-validated conclusions. 

Mr. Harold Smith of Turnpike House, Widbrook, Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire, BA15 1UD,, a candid and brave man, gave BAF authorization to re-publish his entire website, an account of, and reflections on, his stewardship for his country, Britain, in Nigeria, on our own site.

Treachery is one compelling theme throughout Mr. Smith's writings--the treachery of the British government at the time, demonstrated by:

  • helping rig the first elections in Nigeria in 1959, in the favor of Northern Nigeria 
  • partiality towards and preference for Muslim Northern Nigeria over South / Eastern Nigeria where British missionaries were establishing and proselytizing  Christianity 
  • its knowledge that Nigeria was unworkable as one country, right from the start, but yet, continuing on with the creation of the country anyway
  • acting to reverse the course of events which would have led to the disintegration of Nigeria after the Gowon coup and his "No basis for Nigerian unity" maiden speech
  • supporting Northern Nigeria / the rest of Nigeria in the genocidal war against Biafra
  • providing arms and personnel used to maintain a blockade against Biafra, resulting in the starvation of two million Biafrans
  • continuing meddling in the affairs of the failing country of Nigeria

Mr. Smith attempts to prick the conscience of his people, the British, and their naive politicians, to understand and possibly show remorse for what the British government has wrought in that part of the world, by raising their consciousness through his writings.

So, we present to you, reproduced here in Biafraland website, Smith's Libertas website

: "... Libertas is dedicated to issues of freedom of information and in particular to treason by the British in Nigeria at the time of Independence and up to the present day..."

In "the present day," the British government is re-arming and training the Nigerian army, although it is well known that the Nigerian Army is now dominated and controlled by Northern Nigeria (since 1966) , Muslims with a deep, declared  sympathy for Osama bin Laden. It is also well known that the Nigerian Army has no external enemies, and as such,  are bound to use the armament against Southerners, especially Biafrans, inevitably.

The British government, perhaps having also extracted the backing of the EU,  has also convinced the US to train the Nigerian army.

Could the cost of this unnecessary militarization of Nigeria help defray Nigeria's  IMF debt obligations? Are we witnessing the continuation of the treachery of Britain in Nigeria? You be the judge.

Follow the link on the left panel to visit with Mr. Smith. I promise you that you will come out a changed person...