3 incredible years of Biafra:

Excerpt from speech by Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu, the first Head of State of Biafra.


 “In the three years of the war necessity gave birth to invention. During those three years of heroic bound, we leapt across the great chasm that separates knowledge from know-how. We built rocket, and we designed and built our own delivery systems. We guided our rockets. We guided them far; we guided them accurately. For three years, blockaded without hope of import, we maintained all our vehicles. The state extracted and refined petrol, individuals refined petrol in their back gardens. We built and maintained our airports, maintained them under heavy bombardment. Despite the heavy bombardment, we recovered so quickly after each raid that we were able to maintain the record for the busiest airport in the continent of Africa. We spoke to the world through telecommunication system engineered by local ingenuity; the world heard us and spoke back to us! . We built armored cars and tanks. We modified aircraft from trainer to fighters, from passenger aircraft to bombers. In the three years of freedom we had broken the technological barrier. In the three years we became the most civilized, the most technologically advanced black people on earth. We spurn nylon yarn; we developed new seeds for food and medicines….”


Almost 40 years later, one is left imagining what could have been, considering what the Biafrans had managed to accomplish in 3 short years between 1967 and and 1970, under conditions that couldn't get more adverse, in an epoch where only a handful of nations, not burdened by war or adversity,  had equal ability and capability.

Yet, it is time to morph from imagination to anticipation: what Biafra barely started and achieved then, only to be interrupted, shall surely be re-visited and continually improved on, by Biafrans, in their own sovereign nation, in our modern times. Who knows how far they will go?

Stay tuned...