Women of Biafra

1. Calling the women of Biafra...

"In 1929, when the British colonial government using warrant chiefs tried to tax our grandmothers, Nwanyeruwa started the Aba Women's Revolution. She and other women mobilized women all over Eastern Nigeria and they deposed, sacked and imprisoned warrant chief Okugo. Then they sacked other warrant chiefs and district offices in Owerri, Aba, Bende, Ikot Ekpene, Calabar, Opobo, Ahoada, and Port Harcourt.

If our grandmothers could stop the British, we can certainly stop our own wayward sons and daughters who have chosen to eat and sleep with Satan. We must organize and mobilize ourselves now. We must organize in our churches, markets, villages, towns and clubs. These people are killing our future..."

A strong heritage of bravery, strength and courage. A strong tradition of wisdom and intelligence. A well documented history of activism...

Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcasts has sent out a call to arms to the women of Biafra. Follow the links in the left panel for the transcript.


2. Recalling the women of Biafra's role during  the Biafran War of Survival.

If not for the women of Biafra and their courage, the Biafran race and nation would have been completely annihilated during the Biafran War of Survival of 1967-1970. We know of no other group of women in history who suffered more than the women of Biafra, as they saw their spouses leave for war, many never to return;  watched their children suffer and slowly die of starvation right in front of their eyes, and witnessed their families pine away to nothing. What agony!

No one but they can tell whence their strength and courage derive, such tenacity as would sustain them through this harrowing ordeal and allow them to rebuild and nurture to maturity and to humanity once again, present-day Biafra, from death and nothingness.

We salute you, oh Women of Biafra! Your Chi has made you as strong as Chi.

Now, we take you to a website outside of Biafraland.com so that you may read and see what the women of Biafra lived and died through. But, we must warn you: this exercise is not for the weak of stomach nor the faint of heart because some of what you will see is quite disturbing--this we can guarantee. Nevertheless, the rest of it is enlightening and uplifting--this, too, we can guarantee.

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