The "humanity" toll...
as gleaned from the Human Rights Reports on Nigeria.

In general, Biafra incidents and events are underreported because of indisposition, denied opportunities, and the syndrome of "looking the other way" by those who are charged with reporting back to UNHR. How does one stop to report a crime when the perpetrator is still hot on the intended victim's trail?

Nevertheless, a disproportionate fraction of prisoners and detainees in Nigerian jails and Police detention centers is made up of the igbo and other Biafrans.

Every annual UNHR report on Nigeria especially since 1999 has been negative. Rather than admit the obvious facts and seek ways to institute needed improvements, Nigerian leaders, their government and their head of state typically attack and dispute the reports with heady, emotional, arrogant denials. Meanwhile, the suffering of the peoples does not abate, but actually gets worse and out of hand.

But, by mid 2005, "humanity's police" had caught up with Nigeria, as evidenced by General Obasanjo's (the President of Nigeria) unprecedented public admission of torture, killing and other human rights abuses by the Nigeria Police, which, by Nigeria's constitution, in spite of popular outcry and opposition, is under his direct command.

In a publication by Human Right's Watch (see Link at the side: Torture Confirmed), titled:
"Nigeria: Obasanjo Confirms Torture, Killing by Police
"Statement Must be Followed by Action',
we find the following strongly worded counsel:

"Obasanjo’s recognition of human rights abuses by the police is an important first step. However, addressing the problems of the police requires more than just lip service. It is essential that his words are followed by concrete steps to end police abuses. "
Peter Takirambudde, executive director of the Africa Division at Human Rights Watch

What is not obvious is that most of the real victims in this report are un-enumerated Igbo and other Biafrans, against whom General Obasanjo himself has instituted an administrative hostile and unconscionable policy which has an enabling effect on the Nigerian Police, in their brazen acts of murder, depravation, dehumanization and genocidal persecution of the the Igbo and other Biafrans.

Read for yourself--see the articles in the sidebar; and weep!