The American Jewish Congress Report of titled, "The Tragedy of Biafra."


This report, a scanned and reprocessed reproduction of a copy of a copy,  has been made available here for the purpose of continuing to collate and present historical material pertinent to Biafra--especially as regards events and records leading to the declaration of Biafra in 1967  and to the conduct of the war. Except for a word or a phrase which could not be deciphered, the rest of the document is reproduced intact, as accurately as possible, down to few typographical errors. It is likely that quotation-marks could have failed to be recognized in some instances.

This report is presented here not to embarrass and or otherwise malign any authority, nation, or institution, certainly not the author nor the humanity-subject of the report, nor any individuals mentioned therein. Rather, it is posted in the spirit of historical accuracy and balance, and for the sake of modern humanity and "unknowing" generations of Biafrans (and perhaps, Nigerians). This is quite important because there is always a tendency to rewrite history, and an equally strong, if not stronger, predilection to ignore history. And, we ignore history to our own peril, for:

"Who ignores history is soon to become that history."

The world can never get away from Biafra. By the same token, Biafra will not only shadow Nigeria, but in fact will always overshadow Nigeria. "Something Biafra" happened to humanity between 1967 and 1970, and beyond--something that will not go away, a permanent etch in the collective psyche or fabric of humanity. It is only befitting that Biafra is actualized, thus at once finally joining the comity of sovereign and independent nations of the world, where once she was denied the right; and providing the needed healing for an aching world-conscience, so that "hauntings" and ghosts may permanently be laid to rest.

"The Tragedy of Biafra" of 1968 is in fact the tragedy of the World. Nearly half-a-century later, conditions remain the same in Biafra/Nigeria, and once again, force the question:

Will the world do the right thing this time around?


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