Jihad Toll

One day, the world could wake up to find that one wing of Islam rests on  the sands of the Sahara desert while the other dips into the Atlantic ocean past the Bights of Biafra and Benin; in which case, Islam would have cut a huge, unbroken swathe from the Mediterranean and Red Seas across the continent of Africa, westwards and southwards, all the way to the Atlantic, swallowing up all but perhaps the Southern tip of the continent. And, this would have been accomplished by bloody aggression, as Muslims kill Christians and other "infidels," an underestimated (underestimated by the rest of the World and by Christians) imperative of Islam which makes it a duty of Muslims to destroy Infidels and other non-Muslims if they refuse to convert to Islam.

This is a nightmare that needn't come true. But, the way Christian countries are behaving today gives no one any confidence or reassurance that we won't wake up to find out that the awful dream is our actual reality. Western countries who are for the most part Christian or at least, non-Muslim, have learned to look the other way as Sharia dehumanizes and demeans non-Muslims. Western countries refuse to challenge Muslim radicalism and militancy whose aggression is all so obvious, especially in other countries where Muslims are expanding and forcefully colonizing Christians and non-Muslims. In fact, many Western countries are practically in bed with Arab Muslims, and by extension, other Muslims, enmeshed mostly in financial profiteering dealings, protecting them preferentially even in clear-cut conflicts against Christians.

As Biafrans, we know the weight of oppression and intimidation by Muslims of Nigeria. We have constantly been victimized by Muslim aggression. We hoped that the outside world would take notice, but we are mistaken. In fact, the British government representing an arch-Christian country has done everything in its power to enable and support Muslims in Nigeria in the latter's unconscionable aggression which often crosses mere religious intolerance and arrogance into the area of genocide against Igbo-Biafrans. Britain supported Nigeria during the war of genocide waged by mostly Muslim Nigerians (joined by the Yoruba) against Biafrans who were still reeling from the worst pogrom that the world had ever witnessed (and remained silent about). Britain provided the Muslims with the armament and personnel and technical support needed to mount an effective blockade of Biafra during that war between 1967 and 1970, a blockade that was so effective and hence so inhumane as to provide the world with the startling and disturbing pictures of the Biafran Child, the Poster-Child of protein-calorie malnutrition called Kwashiorkor. Unfortunately, the British government continues to aid the Muslims today in Nigeria.

If we told the story of Muslim brutality, it might be considered predictable and redundant--as if there is anything redundant about speaking out and crying out every time the murderer takes the life of your loved ones. So, here, we publish the account of systematic and continuous Muslim brutality and mayhem perpetrated on non-Muslims and Christians of Northern Nigeria, in the Northerners' own words. Keep in mind, though, that a huge proportion of the victims are still Igbo and other Biafrans residing in Northern Nigeria. And, these accounts corroborate and validate our own previously published grievances and victimization posted elsewhere on this website (see also "Genocide Toll").

We do not believe that God will allow Islam to swallow up Christians. We have no plans to succumb to Islam. That's why we have Biafra; that's why we must actualize Biafra.