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Britain - Springboard of Democracy?(or 'Knee-Deep in Dishonour' - Tony Blair)

Since Britain rigged Nigeria's Independence Elections and destroyed black democracy in Africa at its birth, the military from the North, Britain's allies, have ruled.

It is hardly surprising that one Nigerian - the Commonwealth Secretary General - believes that Britain is 'the springboard of democracy in the Commonwealth.' He would, wouldn't he? There are black Nigerians who think that they are white, and then patronise their fellow countrymen. Blacks can be discrete racists too.

The high comedy becomes sad black farce when the Commonwealth commends our henchmen in Nigeria for invading Sierra Leone to protect democracy! The Foreign Office loves the military regimes in Nigeria - they are our boys. They are forces for stability (!) and keep the oil flowing, and trade and business working for us. Multinational corporations or us?

As Nigeria, an artificial construct of recent origin, never enjoyed any democracy while the British had an army of occupation, and were not impressed by the phoney brand forced on the Nigerian people in 1960, they may never have really missed what they never had. If Mr Blair and Mr Cook ever officially knew that we destroyed democracy in Nigeria, they would be outraged! Of course, they do know because we have written dozens, if not hundreds, of letters to the Labour Administration and the Speaker. As we did not actually see them registering their total disgust, as they are true democrats, sadly they will deny knowing. Mr Major knew, as his Cabinet Secretary was in contact with us. As Sir Robin knows, and is still Cabinet Secretary, he would tell Mr Blair? We know how everyone but Mrs Thatcher knew what was in the newspapers and got away with it. Why shouldn't Mr Blair, having won a great democratic contest, be blind to the fact that a hundred million Nigerians were denied democracy by his predecessors?

Mr Blair is not a Mrs Thatcher, nor is Mr Cook a Foreign office patsy. However, many, many lies have been told by officials to cover up the democratic crime of the century. This criminality was of the highest order. It brings shame on our nation that for forty years the crooks have had absolute power and total control to prevent disclosure. Even so, Mr Blair does not know that we, the Smiths, are people of total integrity as he is. He may feel that the people who planned a Suez and lied their heads off to cover it up were far too morally superior to plan the rape of Nigerian democracy.

No one from New Labour has sent us a message of support and hope - yet. These are early days, however, and there is still time before the moral malaise and ethical stun guns of Whitehall immobilise and castrate New Labour's conscience, and capacity to distinguish right from wrong and then act on it. Mr Blair has promised honest Government and the people have proved that democracy can work by giving him a blank cheque. We seek jobs and a sound economy, but far more important is the moral health of our nation. A grave crime was committed by Britain in Nigeria. The Smiths have been sorely punished for doing their duty. Mr Blair knows this, but his Ministers and his office do not respond to our pleas for justice and redress.

Mr and Mrs Blair are barristers. They know that the state has broken many laws, even the mighty Magna Carta in its treatment of a civil servant who predicted that only disaster could flow from British criminality in Nigeria.

Mr Blair has won a great victory. Can he imagine British officials and Security Services robbing him of this great electoral triumph? Yet this is what we did in Nigeria. One hundred million Nigerians have no democracy. Is Mr Blair going to be the honest and truthful person he tells us he is, and whom we believe him to be? Will he order MI5 to intensify its bullyboy tactics to shut us up if we remind him of his promises?

7 June 1997

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New Labour - Old Fudge

I told the Governor General of Nigeria that he was a criminal. The election laws of Nigeria were similar to and based on UK legislation. He, Sir James Robertson, was rigging the Independence Elections. He admitted this - indeed he wanted me to know what he was doing so that I could be in no doubt how much trouble I was in. That was not the worst. He threatened to have me killed if I blabbed. Was he a criminal? If so why, forty years later, am I still a fugitive? An outcast? I am the one who got a sentence and has been treated as a criminal.

If the Blair Government continues to treat me as the wrongdoer, someone who needs to be targeted by Special Branch and MI5 and MI6, then they identify with, ally themselves with the Governor General and his criminality. They are accessories after the fact. However, in the same way as the Governor General then denied he had done what he did, Mr Blair's Government can deny he did what he did, whatever I say. I will, of course, know that they are guilty but they can stop me telling anyone else. They could deny knowledge of everything. Do I have proof I told Mr Blair's Government? They get lots of letters. I can copy my letters to them to others. That does work. I can write to their enemies too. That is embarrassing.

The criminals can be seen as individuals who seized the controls of the State apparatus for their own ends. They could be disowned. I could be rehabilitated. The Chief Constable in Wiltshire knows that I am an honest man who fought criminality exactly as she does. She should be on my side in a sane civilised society. The society, which allowed Nigeria's Independence Elections to be abused so that the losers won power, was criminally sick or temporarily insane. Is it not time that the insanity was ended, stopped, and the rule of law re-introduced?

Only a few criminals were involved. The mass of the public, the officials, the politicians, the House of Commons, knew nothing of this criminality. This was a secret coup. In Hitler's Germany the criminals took over all the state and everyone was forced to take part. The allies declared that Nazism was a criminal conspiracy. It was wrong to carry out orders of a criminal nature. I disobeyed criminal orders, but did not become a hero. I got a life sentence. And many good people looked away lest they get punished too. Nobody wanted to know. They still do not want to know.

The Speaker does not want to know., Prime Ministers do not want to know. Top civil servants do not want to know. Judges do not want to know, although some told me how to get a pay off. I am told that I am honest. That apparently is a problem. They do not tell others that I am honest. They say I am mad, obsessed, paranoid - maybe they cross their fingers and mutter"...about the truth." Quite a lot of people do think that I am mad not to take massive bribes like a knighthood. Who gives a fig about a thousand and one lies; about democracy; and starting civil wars in which two million die. I care. Do you?

A state with a secret service is both lawful and criminal at the same time. But only for issues like mine. Really big state crime. They may turn a blind eye to warders beating the hell out of prisoners and police beating confessions out of suspects, but that is something else. Shoot to kill when the Irish and terrorists and colonials and foreigners are concerned gets us near the secret state, but polite society is not too bothered. Rarely do MPs question these abuses. MPs often have a girl or boy friend on the side and fear MI5's curiosity.

Honesty is the best policy? Honesty is its own reward? Honesty is a load of nonsense in a semi-police state like ours. We are creeping up to the millennium with New Labour - a moral millennium. Mr Blair will not let us down; Mr Cook promises to be a good guy with a white hat on a white horse. We shall have to wait and see, won't we?

22 May 1997

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The Pitfalls in Approaching a Member of Parliament

For non-Britishers who are unaware of the hypocrisy of British institutions, I should explain that you are only allowed to complain to the MP for your constituency. If he declines to answer your letter, there is nothing you can do. Even Party leaders play this game. An MP may correspond with you if you are lucky, but it is unlikely he will act for you. The laziness or irresponsibility of MPs is recognised in the strictly defined areas where one may complain to an Ombudsman. One has to approach the Ombudsman through an MP, but not necessarily your own MP.

It may be thought an MP will reject you if you are a critic of his Party or the Government, but that is not necessarily so. The truth is that MPs are powerless and know it. Even if they write to a Minister they are likely to be fobbed off. Awkward MPs can be silenced through the Whips' Office or pressure through their constituency officials. If all else fails, MI5 may harass or blackmail him. Few MPs do not commit indiscretions at some time and MI5 (and the Whips' Office) are ever keen to record them. Fiddling expenses, cheating on a spouse, or using prostitutes are fertile areas in which to provide pressure. MI5 is totally unscrupulous and, if they can totally misbehave with a Prime Minister, as they did with Harold Wilson, an ordinary MP does not stand a chance unless he is fearlessly brave and honest. He will also find MI5 has many Friends and the luckless MP may find pressure being applied from the unlikeliest source. Even if a paragon, he may have to cope with many ugly rumours that circulate about him.

However, your MP will be a paragon and does see you and listens and then changes the subject and bids you a cheerful good-bye. He may, however, really be interested until you mention the bribes you were offered. A dramatic change may take place. I am too cynical. Your MP is still interested. Then mention the knighthood you were offered to buy your silence. If I exaggerate MPs' interest in titles, honours and money, Labour leaders will tell you that hundreds of Labour MPs will do anything for them. Is there a Labour MP who does not hanker to sit in the totally undemocratic and abhorred House of Lords?

I omitted to mention that, if an MP valiant for truth is found, his Questions may not be accepted 'at the Table.' Various devices exist to stop a difficult MP even asking a Question.

And my complaint was not about the train service or a library closure. The State had threatened to kill me. The State was destroying democracy by rigging elections in the African giant nation of Nigeria. Two million would die as a consequence. Not one MP in thirty-four years wanted to know.

26 October l994

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The Third Way: An Ethical Foreign Policy? No Way, No Way, No Way

The mandarins plot against Governments in favour of the secret establishment. This is no paranoid fantasy, but the stark truth, for they control the flow of information, conceal many secrets, are adept at lies and deception, and control all the Secret Services, Armed Forces and the Foreign Service. As soon as possible they will curry favour with gullible Ministers, lead them astray, trap them and use blackmail.

On Day 11 of the New Labour era we were promised that the Queen's Speech would include a Privacy Law to protect us from 'the misuse of power by the State/' (Guardian, 23 May 1997.) A move the Government described as 'the first step on the road to a Bill of Rights.' The mandarins saw that off by mentioning some dirty washing Old Labour had carelessly left behind for the amusement of the mandarins.

In 'behind the Chair' friendly chats and briefings between Mr Blair and Mr Cook and Messrs Thatcher, Major and Company, New Labour has been put in the real picture on Nigeria, including the destruction of democracy by the British. Mrs Thatcher gloried in our treason and buttered up the Nigerian dictatorship while batting for Britain, i.e. encouraging arms deals and family business. John Major, on the other hand, has African experience and is totally honourable, and actually released the Smiths from press censorship, even if in the event it changed nothing.

Will Mr Blair match Mr Major's decency and honesty with regard to our disgusting record of treason in Nigeria? Will his mandarins poison the well of his essential decency and honesty and total integrity. Whom shall we blame if this is what happens? Will New Labour turn into Old Wankers before our very eyes? Surely not...

5 June 1997

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