These papers, like Harold Smith's book, were written because he suffered much ill health and feared that he would not survive. They are a message to future generations. Curiously, the essays increased Harold's will to live and, by exercising his brain, helped him to recover. There are, inevitably, some longueurs and some repetition in these papers, which cover every possible aspect of this great African tragedy, which saw Nigeria, the African Giant of a nation, reduced to a political basket case by Whitehall and Westminster treachery. (Carol Smith)

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'All the World's a Stage'

Bad Guys and Good Guys:: Right and Wrong in Good Books

Good Guys, Bad Guys: A Hollywood Guide to doing the right thing

The Guardian Newspaper of Farringdon Road

It's a Sin to Tell a Lie

New Labour - Same Old Lies

Sing-Along Time - The Great Numbers

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