Appreciation for Worldwide Demonstration (WWD) Exercise.


The Biafra Actualization Forum (BAF) committee for Worldwide Demonstration (WWD), on behalf of Biafra Actualization Forum (BAF), Biafra Foundation (BF), MASSOB; and Great Biafra herself, with extreme pleasure, hereby acknowledges the efforts of Biafrans and their friends who made the WWD exercise an unparalleled success—worldwide!


We especially recognize the works of our marching Biafran brethren and their friends in Austria, Gabon, Ireland, South Africa, Ukraine; and Canada where the demonstration was held earlier. We also extend this acknowledgement to Biafrans in other organization who worked behind the scene to distribute relevant documents and Biafran artifacts.


We will not forget to ask you to thank your host governments on our behalf for taking a stand in support of civil rights, in support of human rights, and for their sensitivity to the plight and struggle of Biafrans in a Nigeria determined to annihilate Biafra and Biafrans. Without their cooperation, WWD would not have succeeded.

We know that you are now energized and poised to maintain the drive. We thank you for this, and we would not yield the momentum until victory—Biafra actualization.


Thus, we ask you to prepare for the next phase. We have just taken our case to the world, and they demonstrate that they are with us. Before we do any more, we must take our case to our own people. We want every one of us to reach out to all Igbo and other Biafran organization, both in Diaspora and in Biafraland or even in Nigeria, and challenge them to produce a working agenda for Biafra actualization—not tomorrow or next year, but now. Specifically, we want every one of us to send email or fax to, or call or converse with, these two organizations:

1) WIC (World Igbo Congress);

2) Ohaneze.

Demand that they publicly come up with a serious agenda committed to Biafra actualization. We want to make WIC understand that we want Biafra actualization, not a PDP wannabe and or pro-one-Nigerian jamboree at their next annual meeting. Same as Ohaneze. The time for vacillation and timid talk is really over.


In all we do, keep in mind that our success will depend on maintaining our disciplined non-violence stand, equally coupled with non-cooperation with Nigeria’s anti-Igbo / anti-Biafran policies. This non-violence and non-cooperation will extend to Ohaneze and WIC and all other Igbo and Biafrans and their organizations who have continued to support one-Nigeria directly or indirectly.


Finally, we want to thank God, naturally, for declaring our effort a success even before we undertake the task. Truth is that God is in fact proud of us for making Him proud by our showing courage. He is praising us for not letting him down. With support and nurture like this, we can only feel strengthened and empowered to do more until we hold in our hands what His hands have wrought for us—Biafra!


Biafra alive! Great Biafra! Great Biafrans!


Great God!


WWD Committee, Biafra Actualization Forum (BAF)

June 1 2005