Road to Perdition:
10 STOPS so far ON THE WAY

for Nigeria under General Obasanjo


    1. Pre-election year (2002)  General Obasanjo-PDP self-succession / sweep plot.
    General Obasanjo and PDP complete the perfect plan for rigging the elections in favor of self-succession for General Obasanjo and PDP.
    Immediate outcome: AD in the West will not oppose Obasanjo and will not oppose PDP. PDP primaries rigged in favor of General Obasanjo.

    2. April 2003: Massive election rigging by General Obasanjo and PDP.
    Judiciary, military, police all working for PDP and General Obasanjo.
    Immediate outcome: Usurpation of power (“a sweep”) at all levels of government by PDP and General Obasanjo

    3. Post-April 2003: One party system—PDP.
    No formal opposition party in Nigerian politics.

    4. Dictatorship: one-man rule, by General Obasanjo.
    Result: General Obasanjo micromanages every project or policy or plan in Nigeria, including road-building and repairs. He determines even who can attend or not attend PDP meetings. All National Assembly members and their leaders are beholden to General Obasanjo.

    5. “Gag Law” (October 2003): Members of the National Assembly (“elected” officials) banned from criticizing General Obasanjo’s plans and policies.
    Result: No protest by National Assembly members.

    6. NLC (Nigeria Labor Congress) structure destroyed by General Obasanjo (October-November 2003)
    Reason: NLC was the only body capable of mounting opposition against and challenge of General Obasanjo’s failing, personally micromanaged economic policies, in defense of the common people, using labor strikes.
    Result: National Assembly does nothing.
    General Obasanjo now has absolute power, with no opposition anywhere.

    7. Hypocrisy: Rewarding failed and corrupt officials. October 2003
    General Obasanjo awarded Nigeria ’s highest National Honors to inept, non-performing, corrupt and treasonable felons—activities and crimes well known to the people and to General Obasanjo.

    8. Image Whitewash
    a. Using Christianity: General Obasanjo flashes and advertises his “Born Again” credentials to deceive the Christian world
    b. Using Public Relations Firms: General Obasanjo spends more for PR than he spends on HealthCare for peoples living in Nigeria.
    c. Doctored Statistics: General Obasanjo pays to suppress polls reflecting the true status of Nigeria , or to give an obviously skewed (and laughable) non-credible statistics about Nigeria

    9. Booing General Obasanjo: October, November 2003. The people finally begin to respond.
    Result: People boo General Obasanjo himself or his representatives at public / international gatherings
    Congregations boo at mention of General Obasanjo’s so-called “Born Again” credentials.
    Prediction: General Obasanjo will lash out fiercely and crackdown on the people.

    10. "Axis of Evil": Obasanjo signs up Nigeria and joins North Korea. January 2004. General Obasanjo and his government openly declare that they are holding talks with North Korea on the purchase and transfer of Missile Technology. The peoples living in Nigeria need Missile Technology like they need a bullet in the head--although that may in fact be a quick and welcome end to their suffering; but they are not given to suicide. There is a certain logic and symmetry: the North Korean people are dying of hunger and poverty while their repressive and totalitarian government engages in these white elephant projects. The parallelism and similarities are striking.