Open letter to His Excellency, Mr. President,  the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

His Excellency:

We desire to petition the Federal Government of Nigeria to grant, facilitate, and convene, with due haste,  a Sovereign National Conference, wherein and whereby the various nations that live in Nigeria shall determine, express and formalize their individual independent sovereignties, and choose terms of international cooperation among themselves, in addition to usual, customary and accepted terms of international relationships, said arrangements to be conducted and concluded in peace and with respect for all parties.

We base our petition on well known facts of the history, life and nature of Nigeria as a country, only some of which are enumerated below:

Meanwhile, Nigeria remains a member of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) revealing that the government is not necessarily secular nor neutral with respect to government-sponsorship or sanction of religion.. 

The Nigerian government has remained silent about the role of another foreign country, Libya, and her leader, who have openly and boisterously provided large sums of money, infrastructure, logistical aid, ideological and legal training, and higher educational institutions directly to some Northern nations.

Therefore, Mr. President, in the name of God, God's justice, and God's peace, we petition you to use your good offices to preserve whatever goodwill the nations of Nigeria have left for one another, by causing to be at this time, in the agency of God, the Sovereign National Conference of all nations that make up Nigeria.

Thank you, His Excellency, Mr. President.

Submitted by Biafra Actualization Forum (BAF), an organization dedicated to the peaceful actualization of Biafra, on this day, the 23rd day of January 2001.