One Nigeria

This is a non-starter.

We believe it is time for the political leaders to listen to the peoples in Nigeria and the peoples' will.

Nigeria was never one, except by the expedient stroke of the pen by one British colonial administrator. Everybody knows this.

Decades of effort to keep Nigeria one, especially and tenaciously by the Igbos, has not yielded much positive result. If we are honest, we can all acknowledge this.

In fact, instead of any progress in that direction, present-day events like Sharia institution and the Kaduna genocide / pogrom against the Igbo, reveal that there is no chance that Nigeria can be one.

National awareness and actualization is occurring among the different nations all over Nigeria; in fact, Sharia institution is a sure product of this movement and paradigm.

The woeful political and social, as well as economic failures of One Nigeria have driven the final nail in her coffin:

We believe that it is time to stop pretending any longer that Nigeria is still one, or can be forced to stay one.