MASSOB (Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra)

Because this is a peaceful movement which also shares our goal, we support MASSOB in its peaceful endeavors.

We sympathize with MASSOB members who are being victimized with imprisonment and murder even though they are an organization that relies strictly on peaceful means.

We feel and share in their pain and agony; at the same time, we are proud of their courage.

We believe that MASSOB leadership and membership represent and demonstrate all that is good and great about the Igbo; we encourage all Igbo to learn from their example.

We implore all Igbo people to support MASSOB in any way possible, staying with the peaceful way philosophy.

We strongly deplore the Nigerian government's actions towards MASSOB.  If the Nigerian government cannot and will not sanction Zamfara State who have used great violence in instituting Sharia, which has de facto finished the concept of "one Nigeria," where does this government find the legal or moral authority to attack and kill people who are using peaceful means to actualize their nation?