We believe that most of the current Igbo leadership has failed the Igbo people, perhaps partly because the people have given them no clear mandate.

We believe that any leaders or leadership structures in Igboland today or in the future who do not have a Biafra Actualization Agenda, are guilty of gross negligence; they should give way to visionaries and new men and women and children of courage. The latter see no end to the bondage, suppression, suffocation and oppression from the present Nigeria paradigm; consequently, they are going to find a way to break lose.

Biafra actualization translates into freedom, sovereignty, fulfillment and security of the collective and individual Igbo, and her land. He or she is no leader who does not understand this, or who conveniently or expediently pretends that the current situation with Nigeria is okay or acceptable.

We call on Igbo people everywhere to choose their leaders and to tell these leaders to get out there and dialogue with the other nations' leaders about freedom and sovereignty for all nations in Nigeria.