It is not for nothing that Ndi Igbo often say that it is usually good for wind to blow so we can see the anus of the chicken. This wind has been blowing recently and we have seen the anus of some Igbo chicken.

             Governor Kalu has been talking gibberish recently. It is important for us to see the chronology of events to understand where Governor Kalu has been coming from. Since 1999, the governor has been trying to paint himself a champion of Igbo interests. He spoke bravely about Confederation and a few other issues of interest to Ndi Igbo. He has also rehabilitated a few roads in his State. These acts rightly garnered him support and admiration from many Igbo people who saw in him a flicker of the dynamism that characterized the leadership of Dr. M. I. Okpara. Kalu basked in the glow of this admiration. Then as quickly as he rose, he started fading like a dying star. He might end up as a black hole. 

            As soon as he started rising, the leadership of the Hausa/Fulani Evil Empire took notice and started paying courtesy calls on their boy, Kalu. They invited him to wine and dine with them in their den of evil where all the injustices and oppressive policies against Ndi Igbo and Biafrans are hatched. His visits to the Evil Empire became very frequent. He was constantly in Sokoto, Kano, Maidugiri, Abuja, Kaduna, etc. Early in the year 2001, Kalu started talking about the presidency of Nigeria. There were more visits and courtesy calls from the leadership of the Hausa/Fulani Evil Empire. Then suddenly Kalu stopped talking about Igbo interests and started talking about Orji Kalu’s interests. Quickly Umaru Dikko came calling and later started singing the praise of Kalu. Suddenly, a “fake bakassi” outfit sprang up in Umuahia to counter the wonderful work of controlling crime and guaranteeing security of life and property being done by the revered Bakassi in Aba, Umuahia, Onitsha, Awka and many other towns in former Eastern Nigeria. [Recall that it was Bakassi Boys who in February 2000 told the Hausa/Fulani Oligarchy in clear and unmistakable language that the killing of Ndi Igbo in Northern Nigeria would no longer be tolerated]. Now somebody wanted to destroy Bakassi through a willing, greedy, avaricious, Igbo politician who agreed to do the dirty work for the Evil Empire.

             Then the visits intensified. Shagari visited and then Babangida. Then Kalu visited the United States and had a wonderful time with his mentor and benefactor, Aminu, the prince of the Hausa/Fulani feudal empire. Immediately after that Kalu told Ndi Igbo that they must forget Biafra. He preached to Ndi Igbo that Biafra is a thing of the past and that Ndi Igbo must look to the future and never think about Biafra again. 

            Few weeks after he came back from the United States, he told Ndi Igbo that MASSOB, the most powerful, popular, non-violent, grassroots civil rights movement in Eastern Nigeria including Delta State is a “tin god” and must be disbanded. He said that he gave MASSOB two weeks to get out of Abia State.

            Listening to Kalu reminds one of the gramophone, which older people would remember. This old gramophone had an inscription in front of it. It read: “HIS MASTERS VOICE”. 

            Isn’t it amazing that Kalu who a few months ago was touted as a rising Igbo politician willing to defend Igbo interests is now telling Ndi Igbo and Biafrans to forget the Biafran Holocaust: 50,000 men, women and children massacred in cold blood in Northern and Western Nigeria; pregnant women disemboweled and the fetuses slaughtered simply because they would grow up to be Igbo, Ibibio, Efik, Anang, Ogoja, Ijaw; 2-million children, nursing mothers, old women and old men starved to death; mothers and daughters raped and carried away as war booty, several trillion dollars worth of Biafran property looted, confiscated and destroyed, billions of British Pounds belonging to Biafrans and lodged in bank accounts stolen by the Nigerian government while granting owners of these monies twenty pounds per family. This is what Kalu, the Igbo leader, the man who is being promised the vice-presidency of Nigeria by the Evil Empire has told Ndi Igbo to forget. Isn’t it surprising that Biafrans who survived the killing of thousands of their family members and relatives, looting and burning of their property in Kaduna, Kano, Damboa, Minna by Sharia zealots and agents of the Evil Empire as recently as 2,000, and who ran back to their ancestral home in Biafra for safety are now being ordered by Kalu to run away to God knows where. The governor’s utterances are as insane as they are pathetic.

             However it is not altogether unexpected. The Hausa/Fulani Oligarchy is dangling “thirty pieces of silver” in front of Kalu. Having studied and understood him, they know fully well that like greedy fish he will bite this bait. He has bitten the bait and his voice has changed. Now it sounds like that of the devil from hell. He is poised to become modern day Judas Iscariot who could not resist the lure of thirty pieces of silver to “sell” his master and benefactor. Kalu is scheming to buy cheap political favors for himself only from the Hausa/Fulani Evil Empire with the lives of more than two million Biafrans whose blood flowed through every valley in Biafra like a Red Sea. The Hausa/Fulani Evil Empire knows that Kalu is a terrible opportunist who will readily sell anybody to gain an opportunity to make money. They know him from his undergraduate days at the University of Maidugiri. They know his despicable role in the student’s confrontation with Vice Chancellor Aminu and his Judas-like behavior. They know how Aminu rewarded him, how he was subsequently introduced to the inner caucus of the Hausa/Fulani Oligarchy and how the Evil Empire rewarded him with money and million dollar contracts spawning his business success. They know all this and they know that he will play ball whenever they call upon him. But first they had to build him up as a “credible” Igbo leader. Then they had to put him in a position of authority where his voice will carry some weight. This way when the Evil Empire uses him, it will be operating from with in Igbo leadership caucus and not from outside.

             It is a pity that crooked rich men often continue to be crooked. Their curse is that they will never be satisfied. They will sell even their own children for money and power. That is why forever they remain wretched vultures in spirit. Yes, Kalu wants to jump to the vice-presidency of Nigeria by swimming in the blood and climbing over the bones of Ndi Igbo who he must have killed. Ndi Igbo and Biafrans are no longer for sale. That era has gone. BAKASSI, MASSOB and their leadership have amply demonstrated beyond a shadow of doubt that there are men and women of integrity in Biafra who will not be bought and sold like chicken in a basket, who can be trusted by other Biafrans to stand by the principles of the Biafran Revolution and who are willing to lay down their lives for the defense of other Biafrans. To the consternation of the Hausa/Fulani Evil Empire, and the shame of the Judases in Ala Igbo and other parts of Biafra, these Biafrans are not induced by material wealth. 

            This is the beginning of “OPERATION SUNSHINE” which means that from now the Sun will shine on the activities of every so-called Igbo Leader who tries to buy cheap political and financial patronage from the Hausa/Fulani/Yoruba coalition by climbing on the bones of Biafrans and swimming in their blood.

Governor Udenwa will be next. This man has been a thorn in the flesh of MASSOB and BAKASSI. He thinks that Obasanjo and the Hausa/Fulani /Yoruba oligarchs will like him more if he persecutes Ndi Igbo in particular and Biafrans in general. Behind his back and in the privacy of their conference rooms and dinner tables they describe Udenwa and Kalu as fools, buffoons who will do anything for cheap political influence and some cash. They describe many other so-called Igbo leaders same way. This is why Obasanjo had the guts to throw shit in Governor Mbadinuju’s face during their recent trip to Russia and to treat Nwabueze like a dull-eyed fool when he begged for Chairmanship appointment. But will they ever learn? NO. Kalu, Ochieze, Udenwa and other people like them including many in Ohaneze, Senate, House of Representatives, Houses of Assembly, Governors, Ministers, Special Assistants to the President, political party big wigs and businessmen and women must now take note. Biafrans have sacrificed enough human and material resources, have shed enough blood for the failed state called Nigeria. Enough is enough. We will hold each and every one of you personally responsible for any Igbo and Biafran killed because of your complicity with the Evil Empire. You will be added to the comprehensive list of all those who have been ordering and carrying out the killing of MASSOB and other Biafrans. You will certainly be held accountable even if it takes 50 years. 

Crass stupidity by anyone who could be perceived as a representative of Ndi Igbo or Biafra will no longer be ignored. Trying to run a State with a cabal of illiterates including a native doctor will not be ignored any more. Owing five months salary arrears to workers in your state despite getting quarterly grant from the Federal Government will not be ignored any more. Those workers will be paid their salaries. Trying to hijack BAKASSI for individual political grandstanding will not be ignored any more. Foolish, idiotic political gimmicks such as advertising riding bicycles to work as an index of development in an era in which most people in countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand (countries which were at the same level of economic development as Biafra in 1966) take owning their own cars for granted will not be ignored any more. This foolishness and idiocy will not be tolerated in Biafra. These behaviors are indices of moral imbecility, intellectual inferiority, social ineptitude and economic backwardness. These are not characteristics used to describe Biafrans. They do not belong in Biafra. 

            Biafrans want their religious, press, individual and other freedoms. Biafrans want their liberty, self-determination, social and economic justice, equal opportunity and above all the freedom to organize a civilized upwardly mobile society, determine their own future and pursue their destiny. Those of you who believe in being slaves, cavorting, prostrating, licking the asses of your masters in the Evil Empire, should take your prostituting dunce caps to Nigeria. Dress like clowns, don your dunce caps and go up North to the headquarters of the Evil Empire. There, dance around in circles like the fools that you rightly are for the entertainment of your Hausa/Fulani slave-masters and the joy of the Evil Empire. Dance until you foam from the mouth. Then princes of the Evil Empire will throw thirty pieces of silver at you and then kick your butts into the open sewers that criss-cross this Evil Empire. You have seen it before, but in case you have forgotten, ask Alex, Onu, Evan, Chuba, etc. We leave you with these parting words. He who the Gods want to destroy, they first make mad. The fly that does not have an adviser gets buried with the stinking corpse. 

            In times like this we dearly remember eminent sons and daughters of Biafra. The name Kalu reminds us of an eminent Biafran, Prof Kalu Ezera who was brutally murdered by Nigerian troops under the command of General Obasanjo several days after the official end of the Biafra-Nigeria war. May his soul rest in peace. Today Biafra has hundreds of thousands of highly educated, intelligent, honest, dedicated, selfless men and women who are ready at short notice to help build an enviable society that will be a model for Africa and the world. Agberos and Judases will not be welcomed.

              Ndewo nu.

Education & Political Action Committees

Ekwe Nche Organization.
P.O.BOX 408250

July 26, 2001.