Useful References

Aburi Accord

Minutes of Aburi meeting

The Republic of Biafra : Resolution by the Eastern Region Consultative Assembly

Declaration of Biafra

Gowon divides Nigeria into Twelve States

Enahoro in London (as Nigeria's spokeperson) at start of the war in 1967.

Obasanjo's Address re Kaduna-Sharia event - March 1, 2000

Opinion on Nigerian 1999 Constitution

The Century-Okota Resolutions on Nationalities of Nigeria

The Social and Economic Implications of Sharia Law 

A Memorandum on Behalf of The Igbo-Speaking Peoples of Nigeria (1994)

Books on Biafra

MASSOB Aba Declaration

Yoruba Autonomy Certificate--A speech by Gen Akinrinade, May 1998

"Nigeria: This House Has Fallen"

British Government Role in the Biafran War ***(Must Read!)***

Quick History of Nigeria