Genocide in Pictures

Foreword by Biafra Activation Forum (BAF)

Atrocities and genocide committed against the Igbo nation of Biafra by the government of Nigeria and Northern Nigeria

We publish these pictures--horrendous, horrible, debasing, shameful and shameless--not to sicken your feelings, not to disgust your conscience, not to arouse your judgment.

It is an extremely difficult decision to publish these pictures. But, given that these pictures do not symbolize just one or two, not even three, occurrences of  well organized, planned and well executed pogroms with genocidal intent against a specific nation by another, we are just as equally extremely compelled to make them public.

All the more so because these activities are still going on in the 21st Century Nigeria. Can you believe that a celestial event such as the lunar eclipse of January 2001 was a reason for some Northerners to go on another rampage, destroying Igbos and their property in that region? And to think that it hadn't even been a year since thousands of Igbo were targeted and massacred and their property destroyed in Kaduna, Northern Nigeria, with the government of Nigeria standing idly by.

We publish these pictures because we want this living (and dying) nightmare to end--now.

Biafra actualization is the only mechanism which will ensure that the cyclical genocide against the Igbo nation by the government of Nigeria and Northern Nigerians comes to an end.

Biafra actualization is the only effective protection to the continuous killing and maiming of the Igbo and the wanton destruction of their property by the government of Nigeria and Northern Nigerians.

We come in peace: we will actualize Biafra in peace, so to end this hellish nightmare.

That is why we publish these pictures.

BAF thanks all those who made this album possible.