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3. Iroko Cultural Support Association (IROKO)

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Acct number: 0075-1072-55-060-0095251
IBAN: ES3200751072550600095251

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The Genocidal war – the resolve by the Nigerian state to cleanse itself of all traces of Igbo and other Biafrans – began actively in 1966 and was only punctuated by the ending of the Biafra War in January 1970; it continues today, forty years later, in various other forms. The program was to wipe out from the face of the Earth all Biafrans, out of hatred and envy, more than anything else. When the unprovoked formal hostilities ended in 1970, Nigeria had nearly succeeded.

Our people, Biafrans fought gallantly in self-defense and sacrificed everything including their lives. The toll was heavy: 3.1 million suckling babies, their mothers, pregnant women killed and their bellies cut open, the fetuses taken out and smashed to death; children and grownups were murdered in most gruesome and unimaginable manner. It was so horrendous! But the sacrifices of these our unsung heroes paid off because some of us are still here today, we were not completely wiped out as Nigeria had planned.

Forty years have gone by since the end of the pogrom and every terrible condition that led to the first declaration of the Republic of Biafra on the 30th of May 1967 still obtains; they are even worse now. In the 1960’s our parents fought in the face of a real and actualized danger to prevent our entire people from being exterminated from the Earth. Today we are still faced with the same threat which with the passage of time has multiplied in number and become more subtle and sophisticated.

And because we know that many of us are already aware of these atrocities, we will not bore you with the catalog of all the many dehumanizing conditions to which our people and Homeland have been subjected all these decades. We just want to tell you of our resolve to put a permanent stop to all the oppression and injustices because it is in our power as human beings so to do.

We have come to accept the fact that due to the fundamental flaws of the structure of the Nigerian state we can never any day achieve self-respect, progress, safety, security and prosperity for ourselves and our children within Nigeria. These are the same conditions that led to the declaration of Biafra as a Sovereign and Independent State in 1967. Therefore we have resolved to actualize Biafra now and for all times, in order to make effective the separation of ourselves and Homeland permanently from Nigeria. This step has become necessary because, if there was any doubt or hesitance before, we are now totally convinced that it is only within a free and equitably structured society can we survive and thrive to achieve our true potentials as individuals and as a people.

We have many programs and projects lined up which will lead to the actualization of this goal of freedom and independence for our people and Homeland and therefore, look forward to your generous support. Please note that all donations through Biafra Foundation* are tax-deductible in the USA.

So we ask you to give to the best of your ability in support of this project because a people’s future—ours—and hope will depend on it. The contribution is not limited to financial donations but can also include all other forms of assistance that will lead to the achievement of this our avowed goal, self-determination and independence.

Every contribution of any kind will be highly appreciated while we will forever remain grateful for your past support.

Yours sincerely

Callistus Akanno   

Osita Ebiem