Crimes of GENOCIDE Committed by NIGERIA on the IGBO/Biafrans

1945 Northern Moslems kill HUNDREDS of IGBO civilians in the Northern city of JOS and loot their properties worth hundreds of millions of dollars!

1953 Northern Moslems pounce on IGBO civilians in the Northern city of KANO, THOUSANDS of IGBO men and women are killed and their property worth in the hundreds of millions are looted!


(The worst pogrom in all of Africa up to that time!)

Band of killers, mostly Moslems, in all Hamlets, Villages, Towns and Cities in Northern Nigeria carried out one of the most barbaric pogroms in contemporary history against the Igbo living in Northern Nigeria. At the end of three waves of all-out massacres, HUNDRED THOUSAND IGBO (and other Easterner Nigerians) were slaughtered. Among the dead were men and women of all ages, as well as children. Unborn fetuses were not spared during these three months when armed marauders prowled everywhere outside of Eastern Nigeria, hunting Igbo people down like animals: Pregnant Igbo women were captured, their bellies ripped open and their unborn children hacked to death.

1967 In July, a Northern led army declared war on the Igbo/Easterners in their homeland in Southeastern Nigeria who, out of utter shock at the pogrom unleashed against the Igbo, had concluded that Easterners/Igbo were not wanted in the Nigerian Federation and had declared the Eastern Region the independent Republic of Biafra. By the time the war ended in January 1970, more than FIVE MILLION IGBO people, including over a million children had died. Many of the dead, especially children, had died of starvation, a result of the deliberate policy of the Nigerian government, which had imposed a total land, sea and air blockade of Biafra, prohibiting even food and medical deliveries to the war zone!

Since 1980 thousands of Igbo have continued to be attacked and massacred!

1980 Northern City of KANO!

1982 Northern City of MAIDUGURI!

1984 Northern City of YOLA!

1985 Northern City of GOMBE!

1986 Northern Cities of KADUNA and KAFANCHAN!

1991 Northern Cities of BAUCHI, KATSINA and KANO!

1992 Northern City of ZANGO KATAF!

1993 Northern City of FUNTUA!

1994 Northern City of KANO!


2000 (Feb.) More than 3000 CHRISTIANS which included more than 2000 IGBO were slaughtered in cold blood by Northern MOSLEM FANATICS in the Northern City of KADUNA!

2000 (Apr.) Northern City of DAMBOA!



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