We the Leaders of the Biafran Students Union, on behalf of our entire members at home and in diaspora wish to commend the efforts and courage of the entire press community for your unrelenting positive coverage given to Biafran issues we thank you for your objectivity which we believe is born out of your love for the truth.  

We also wish to use these medium to commend the efforts of all those involved in these clarion call for a sovereign state of Biafra particularly the efforts of Chief Ralph Uwazuruike’s led MASSOB.  

The Biafran students Union is founded on the principle of Non-Violence based on the dictum of “Winning without fighting”, as is required in the settlement of disagreements among peoples and nations in our present day World with reverence to civility.    In view of the present predicaments been experienced by the people of Old Eastern Nigeria as a result of years of Neglect and Marginalisation in the hands of the Nigerian authorities who only pay lip services to our plight as a people, therefore we the entire members of the Biafran Students Union has risen with one voice to say no to the persecution of Ndigbo particularly the members of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB).  

Thus we the entire members of the Biafran Students Union has unequivocally said yes to Biafra and No to Nigeria with some of the reasons as follows:  

1.       That, Biafra (Igbo) before the advent of the British Colonialism was a distinct race east of the Niger .

2.       It was for the administrative convenience of the British Colonial masters that Biafra (South – East and South – South) was merged with other provinces to give rise to the Federation of Nigeria on 1st January 1914 .

3.       That the hostility of Nigeria towards Biafra brought about the civil war of 1966 – 1970.  The conditions are now worst still

4.      That Instances abound were Biafran (Igbos) are killed like animals in various part of Nigeria with contempt.  A typical example was the beheading of Gideon Akaluka in 1994 in Kano , which was publicly done and recent random killing of MASSOB members at Umulolo Okigwe.  Neither the Federal nor the state government took action to bring the culprits to book.         

5.       That biafran (Igbo Youths) who make discoveries in science and technology are never encouraged by Nigerian government.

6.       That the discrimination against (Igbo) graduates in terms of employment has drastically reduced school enrolment of Igbo students, who now see education as a waste of time.

7.      That the Nigerian State is not conducive for the Biafran (Igbo) to achieve his ideals and aspirations.

8.       That Biafra (Igbo) wants self – determination.  

In view of the above and other matters of urgency we Biafran Students are appealing to the International Community to prevail on the government and people of Nigeria to put in motion Instruments for the self determination of Biafra (Igbo), without violence.  

To prevail on the U.N. to declare Biafra (Igbo) area a human and environmental disaster zone, as a result of the 33 years of total neglect of road reconstruction and total Infrastructural decay.  

Furthermore the provision of social amenities like sound hospitals, good roads, equipped academic institutions and other basic needs of life in the eastern Part of Nigeria precisely goes a long way to show the extent of concern and value the Nigeria government has for the Biafrans.  The level of unemployment here continues to increase daily as our graduate’s parade the streets and offices in search of jobs, all to no avail.  A visit to Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO), Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA) and Federal University of Technology Minna (FUT- Minna) will help in buttressing this point more.  

In general, the standard of living in the Eastern part of Nigeria is below average.  We are not favoured by the Nigerian government and not comfortable under the umbrella call Nigeria .  

However, the nature of the democracy that is being practice in Nigeria raises a big question.  Nigeria ’s democracy is nothing but, “government of some people, by some people, for some people or better still, government of the few, by the few, for the few”.  The Biafran (Igbos) are outrightly out of “Consideration” in choosing the government of this Country.  

In addition to that, the government has been using the police force and other security agencies to intimidate the Biafran (Igbos) in all works of life in Nigeria .  Majority of them are being killed.  Hence we feel in secured in the hands of Nigerian government.  

The Biafran Students are not happy at all.  All these ugly incidence we have termed unfriendly and unwelcomed.  It is not acceptable by us.  We don’t want Nigeria again.  We are Biafran.  This is the voice of over 3.6 million registered members of Biafran Students Union.  All we want is our freedom.  

Again we are further calling on Biafrans at home and in diaspora to generally stand up with one voice and tell Nigerians that enough is enough.  Here we mean those who are still not convinced on the authenticity and urgency of this call of MASSOB even though they are not sycophants.  

Always tell yourself that you are a Biafran and hence should love it as Americans love America , because America takes care of their welfare and security.  Biafra is a better alternative to Nigeria .  Nigeria has failed us.  We are using this opportunity to solicit for the support of the United Nations, America and other nations of the World to help us in our cry for liberty.  It is never bad nor against the law for a race like ours that are greatly marginalized and dehumanized to publicly demand for our freedom since we are fighting a just cause but we are under siege. Thus we are urging and begging them to answer our clarion call for help to enable us actualize our sovereignty.  

Finally we urge all sons and daughters of Igbo at home and in diaspora to join the struggle to re-actualize Biafra .  As we do these may God bless Biafra and Biafrans, Amen.  

Thanks and God bless.



Leader, Biafran Student’s Union .