December 19 2003 

Sir, [To Heads of States and Major World Organizations]

                                       Save Our Soul

For several ages now, millions of students, laborers and the entire masses within the geographical location called Nigeria , have watched communal destiny being cut off by a particular minority class of individuals. The 2003 elections held in Nigeria was a calculated fraud meant to deny the masses, their right to try an alternative in the ruling process. International observers in Nigeria during the period of the election can attest to this. That instance is but a minute instance of brutality, injustice, subjugation, exploitation and denial, and infinite repression of the collective will of people within the Niger area. This instance is in fact a direct understatement of the tyranny under which we students have been suffocating for years.

      In Nigeria , power has remained with a selfish minority. Their wealth has continued to grow in geometric progression. They employ the police, the military and thugs to enforce their selfish resolutions on the masses. Non-violent protests by the students or the masses are confronted with either military or police attack and repression. In most cases, several civilians are killed. Nigerians and even students, known for their resilience cannot but withdraw from protests.  

      In the face of this tyranny, the Nigerian government affords to launder its image overseas, spending billions of Naira. Sycophants and loyalists are heavily rewarded for creating altered images of Nigeria . All programmes publicized to have been actualized for the poor-provision of scholarship, provision of fertilizers, regular provision of pipe borne water, constant electricity, good roads, Amenities, among others – are mere hollow chants, far from simple truth.  

      Dear Sir, we deserve more than we are getting. What we are passing through is quiet, but ferocious holocaust. It started by independence but Obasanjo has dreadfully intensified the spread.  

      Why must about 120 million masses be denied their voices by an illegal regime?  

      Why must most of us students resort to crime and prostitution just because of our government’s failure?

      Why must millions die of preventable diseases despite billions of dollars, which the Nation earns in revenue?  

      Why must millions be denied access to education while the same resources that should have served them are found in private Swiss accounts of government officials? 

      And why, why, has the peaceful efforts of MASSOB/BLF to save Ibos and their neighbors from this dilemma, be continually met with police and military brutality.  

      We talk about MASSOB/BLF because we are of Eastern extraction and believe the agitations of MASSOB/BLF as the best option for the Easterners. 

      Coups have failed us under Nigeria . The politicians as exemplified in the Obasanjo administration, are a little worse than the soldiers.  

      The Ibos despite their industriousness has come to be the highest number of emigrating peoples from Africa . Does this anomaly not deserve analysis and even solution?  

      The analysis is simple – Nigeria has been a colonial entity for the Igbo-man. Emigration is in fact escape for the Igbo man.  

     The solution is also precise – that the Ibos should urgently be aided to earn their own separate state within which their creativity, resources, strength, rights, industriousness can be allowed to thrive.  

     Frankly, Nigeria is a conspiracy against the masses within it.  

     We students in the Eastern Region of Nigeria believe in the Biafran State as the only solution to our present dilemma.  

    We kindly plead for the assistance of your government in helping the Eastern peoples of Nigeria achieve their aspirations of the Sovereign and Independent State of Biafra. This is the burning will of millions of the masses, which a few politicians, with the aid of military suppression have sought to destroy.  

    We plead that your government does recognize the liberation struggle encapsulated in the Biafran ideal. We as Biafrans seek for your diplomatic and logistic assistance.  

     We consider your government monumental in the quest for equality, human right, liberty, freedom and righteous self-determination in all its meanings.  



Biafran Students Union (Eastern Zone)