Biafra Charter

The Charter Constituting The Government of the Nation of Biafra

The Biafra Charter is a formal authoritative document, which constitutes the organic and foundational agreement for the establishment of a National Structure, Governance Structure, Governing Authority and a Basic Code of Conduct for the functionaries and peoples of Biafra. The Biafra Charter is a formal instrument which at once constitutes:  Authority, Mandate, Contract, Memorandum, Terms of Reference, and Reference; for the matters which are addressed or referenced by the Charter, and according as such matters are addressed or referenced therein, granted by the Nation of Biafra, through the collectivity of the representatives of the communities and peoples of Biafra, to the functionaries and for the functions stated in the Charter.

The primary purpose of the Charter is to establish an enduring National Structure, Governance structure and Basic Code of Conduct for the people and the functionaries, as directed by the peoples of Biafra; which contribute to and inform a future National Constitution. In addition, the Charter mandates the immediate formation of a Provisional Government of Biafra (BPG) to serve the Nation and People of Biafra during the period that Biafra is under the occupation of Nigeria.

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