Movement For The Actualization of The Sovereign State of Biafra

Deputy Director of Informationís Office

National Secretariat

No 153, Owerri Road,

Okigwe Province



    26th October, 2005






The Movement for the actualization of the Sovereign state of Biafra MASSOB / BLF wishes to bring to the notice of the whole World that our Leader chief (Dr) Ralph Uwazuruike was yesterday [October 25 2005] abducted by a combined team of men of the state security services (SSS) , the Nigerian Police and NYSC members.


To effect his abduction, fifteen members of MASSOB were shot, though none has died as at the time of writing this press release

MASSOB /BLF therefore wishes to state as follows: -

(1)     That chief Ralph Uwazuruike should be released unconditionally or brought to a court of competent jurisdiction immediately.

(2)     That if within 7 days starting from today 26th October 2005 our demand is not met MASSOB/BLF will not be held responsible for any thing that happens in the Biafran territory.


The Nigerian security agents should realize that chief Ralph Uwazuruike whom they are holding is the father and initiator of non-violence in the Biafran struggle and that our remaining non-violent should not be seen as weakness.

Daring us will be suicidal



Signed:      Mazi Chris Mocha

                   Deputy Director of Information/

                   O/C MASSOB Secretariat