International Conference on Biafra, October 18, 2003.
Greenbelt, Maryland, USA

The October 18 2003 first post war International Conference on Biafra was successfully held in Greenbelt, Maryland, USA, as scheduled. Biafra Foundation (BF) will publish the communiqué in due course.

Something happens to you when you see the Biafran coat of arms presented by Biafran War veterans with the Biafran Anthem playing, and Biafran Flags flying high. Then, in-between the presentations, when the Moderator of the occasion leads everyone in singing Biafran War songs, when you hear the crowd respond and sing in unison and in refrain, with passion and emotion, and their voices as one vibrate through the entire hotel building, you know that the Spirit of Biafra has stirred, deep to the bone marrow. You know that nothing will ever be the same again. The Spirit has awakened the Body, finally.
The conference was full of substance, and produced substantive results, as will become evident from the communiqué. Several pro-Biafran / Igbo groups formally linked up with a common goal of Biafra actualization and participated in the crafting of the communiqué. The original players in Biafra declaration and defense were there to share the stage with a new generation of Biafrans bent on Biafra actualization; they told their astonishing stories to an incredulous and captivated crowd, revealing to us events that transpired over 33 years ago, details of which only few were privy to before now. Multidimensional avenues for the strengthening of the Biafra enterprise were presented and set in motion, and we shall be hearing about these in the future.
We pray for the safe return of all attendees to the meeting, and the safety and sustenance of all those who kept a vigil--in spirit, in body or in prayer, by thought and by deed, for this meeting. We pray that God will reveal to them and to all in His own way that Biafra actualization is God's own agenda, and show them and all the progress that is being wrought.
We thank God for calling the meeting, guiding the meeting, protecting the attendants, providing support through, and ministering to, those unable to attend; for His assuring that we shall do what He wills us to do in order to get to the Promised Land of Biafra Nation actualization, of which it is His good pleasure to grant us.
Biafra lives. Because, God has willed it so.

. “My peoples and my nations shall not be sacrificed for the sake of preserving a worthless idea called Nigeria.” So speaketh the Lord. And so it is.


Oguchi Nkwocha,

Nwa Biafra

A Biafran Citizen

October 21, 2003