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This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcasts

For October 2, 2009

You have heard the news; now, the analysis…

Fellow Biafrans:

What ever happened to our Youth? We have heard a few loud persons who claim they represent Nigeria’s Youth and they say that if only everyone would try to get along better, avoid corruption, would work harder, pray and fast harder, and be more patriotic, Nigeria would survive and be a better place. Yeah, right! Yes, "If"—big if, indeed. Reality is that it is not happening that way; in fact, it will never happen that way. After General Obasanjo, ex-President of their Nigeria, failed in all of the above, he went on the public pulpit to declare that Nigerians are not pious enough, not religious enough, not righteous enough, and do not pray and fast enough; therefore, the country, Nigeria, is going bad! To place this in the right context, It is the same Obasanjo who is the most hateful, the most corrupt person and most corrupt President of their Nigeria, the most wicked person, the most vain and most egotistic, and the most selfish and most chauvinistic person on the entire continent of Africa, a hypocrite without equal. Imagine: he was speaking about their Nigeria which he knows very well boasts more God-fearers, or Allah-fearers and worshippers and higher density of places of worship than anywhere else in the entire world. As if anyone is in doubt, Obasanjo only proved that the "If" of these persons remains just that; never happened, not happening, and never will. In any case, Nigerian Muslim, especially with Sharia, do not and will not get along with non-Muslim, not just the Christians living in Northern Nigeria, but anywhere at all in Nigeria, and regardless of how far the Christians do their spineless, defenseless "Lamb"-thing and bending over and turning-the-other-cheek, all in order to accommodate the aggressive and hostile Muslim. So, the loud mouths who claim to represent Nigeria’s youth are just that—loud and mouthy. Reality is what it is; their "If" is only a true regret. The facts speak for themselves: nobody is getting along in their Nigeria. Those who can (and there are many, with many more waiting in the hopes of getting into the ranks), are getting more corrupt. Those working hard are merely pissing in the wind; where majority do not work at anything of the sort at all. As usual, the typical Nigerian equates "patriotism" with their psychological denial, a psychiatric disease in which he is locked within his own sick self and mind, unable to break out and see the real world outside.

So, we ask, what ever happened to our own Youth—our Biafran Youth? Those of you who are supposed to be in Universities, how many months have you been forced out of the campus? 3 months, 6 months, maybe, 9 months? How many months have your professors and teachers been out—3 months, 6 months, 9 months, or even years? If you ever graduate, how much real university education (any useful education at all) will you have received?

If you are in Secondary School, how many days have you had lessons / been in class? How many days have your teachers been out? How many months have they not been paid, so they can’t teach you? If you consider yourself a Nigerian, then, only 1 out of 10 of you passed the WAEC this year; which is worse than last year which was also a poor result. If you consider yourself an Easterner-Nigerian, then, only half of you passed the WAEC this year, still worse than last year which itself was bad enough.

When you are not in school, or if you are not enrolled in school at all, where are you and what do you do? Any jobs? Any source of pocket money? Do you know your village, can you live in it—any activity of worth going on there? If you are in a city, are you enjoying the rewards of living in a city? Can you afford to live there, and how do you survive?

Youth of Biafra, when forced to go home or loiter in the streets and on the roads, what are your family members doing? Is your father holding down a job? If he is jobless, any hope or plans for him to get a job? If he has a job, when was the last time he got paid; how many times has he been paid in the past 2 years on his job? Did your father live past the average Life Expectancy of males in Nigeria (ranked in the bottom 16 of all the countries in the world)—all of (less than) 46 years? How many decent meals do you get per day—forget "decent"—how many meals do you get daily at all? When you look past indomitable maternal love, Is your mother looking her best, healthy and content with her children, her Divine blessing, or is she pining away wondering how she will feed your family? Are your siblings faring any better than you are? Is the family safe from kidnappers? Is your home safe from robbers?

Youth of Biafra, have you thought about this: if you do not have an education, your children will not have an education in their time, either? If you do not have a job, your children will not have a job either? If you cannot afford something to eat or wear, your children are condemned to having nothing to eat or wear either? That’s even assuming that you can survive long enough to get to the point and age of getting married to another poverty-stricken, struggling, hapless, haggard partner. If the only way to survive today is to steal (whether by joining the Nigerian political class, joining looters and the corrupt, by becoming church leaders, by outright robbery, by kidnapping for ransom, or by 419), then, your children can only survive in the future through crime and as criminals. Think about that!

Youth of Biafra: don’t assume that Time waits for you, that time is frozen just for your benefit because your life is suspended, in misery and chaos. No. Even as we speak, Time has pushed you, and keeps moving you, from Hopeless Youth to Useless Middle-aged to Helpless Elderly, even as another unfortunate, condemned age-group is coming to Youth to replace you. Quit acting like the time and fun you lose today can ever be re-captured: it won’t. Never.

Don’t accept this fate to which you are certainly condemned by one-Nigeria. Look around you: who else and what else is causing your misery if not for one-Nigeria? Don’t listen to anyone who tells you to work harder or pray harder or do more, to do this or that more or less, in order support and stay in one-Nigeria, or for one-Nigeria. No. No. No. Nigeria is the problem: Nigeria must go.

Rather, support Biafra actualization. Biafra is the only basis for hope for our hope-deprived Youth and the rest of our families and people. Biafra is the materialization of our liberated present, necessary for our Youth and all to first survive, and then blossom. Biafra is the promise of our bright future. Biafra is the fulfillment of that promise of spectacular future: for us; for our Youth; for the children of our Youth; for all our children and their children to come. Biafra, yes! Biafra. Biafra always.

Biafra alive! Because it is God Who makes it so.

That’s the News Analysis for the week. Thank you.


God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast ( now continues in Igbo, one of the Biafran languages.


Ndi Biafra, ekele e o-o! Anyi e kelee unu,

Nkea wu akuko nke anyi na a kpo News Analysis, si na Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) Radio, di na Washington DC, na ala America, na a bia ra unu na abali a.

Ndi Umu okoroobia na Umu agboobia Biafra: olee ebe unu no? O wu kwa ndi si na ha na e kwutere ndi Youth Nigeria ha, si na, a si na ndi Nigeria kpesie ekpere ike, na buo onu bu sie onu ike, ma o wu gbali sie ike i mezi Nigeria, na biri na udo, na Nigeria ga a di mma, ihe a diri Nigeria mma. Ma unu ma na nkea a gaghi e me na Nigeria. O nweghi mbikota ma o wu udo diri Nigeria na oge gara a ga, ma o wu ugbua, ma o wu mgbe na a bia na ihu. Onye ojoo di ka Obasanjo e zi la anyi na Nigeria e nweghi isi; ndi Alokaba na Sharia ha na Ugwu Awusa a kuziere anyi na o nweghi kata ndi Christian na ndi Awusa e biri na udo. Gbachi unu ha nkiti.

Ndi Umu okoroobia na Umu agboobia Biafra, anyi na a ju unu: unu na a ga kwa ulo-akwukwo—oge ole ka unu no na ulo-akwukwo—unu na ndi nkuzi unu? Ole na ime unu na a da ule akwukwo? Ndi a naghi a gu akwukwo, unu na a ru oru i ji kpata ego? Olee ebe unu bi—na ulo, unu nwere ihe oriri? Nne na nna unu, ha na a ru zi kwa oru? O wuru ma ha na a ru oru, olee mgbe a kwuru ha ugwo nke ikpo azu?

Ndi Umu okoroobia na Umu agboobia Biafra, unu ma kwa na o wuru na unu a gaghi i muta akwukwo, umu unu a gaghi a ga ulo-akwukwo? O wuru na unu e nweghi oru, a naghi a ru oru, umu unu a gaghi a ru oru; ha a gaghi e nwe oru. O wuru na naani uzo mkpata ego wu i zu oshi (di ka i soro ndi na e me wuru-wuru na Nigeria, ndi na e gwu politics Nigeria na ndi enyi ha, ndi oshi, ndi isi Church, ndi na e me kidnap), ka o siri di taa, unu ma na umu unu dum ga a wu ndi oshi?

Ndi Umu okoroobia na Umu agboobia Biafra, unu e cheeghi kwa la na unu ga a di okoro oge na ile: mba, unu na ha a ka nka; o nweghi otu unu ga e ji e nweta na oge na a bia na ihu ihe e rughi unu aka taa.

Umu okoroobia na Umu agboobia Biafra: mara kwa unu na ihe tinyere unu na onodu ojoo ya taa wu Nigeria. Onye si unu ka noro na ime one Nigeria, vuo unu onye ahu asu, chuo ya oso. Naani ihe kwesiri unu ime wu i kposa Nigeria, kuwa efere ahu a na a kpo Nigeria, si na ya wu Nigeria puta ngwa-ngwa.

Kama, ka unu—ka anyi—kwadoo nweta Biafra. Ka anyi na ile jiri ike dum anyi nwere were nweta Biafra, maka naani Biafra wu ihe ga e dobe anyi ndu, nye anyi nchekwube, mezuo nkwa Chi anyi kwere anyi na anyi wu nde oma, nde ihe na a gara nke oma, nde ga e me ihe puru ichie na elu uwa ya. Biafra ga a zota anyi, zota unu, umu okoroobia na umu agboobia Biafra, na umu unu, na umu-umu unu na a bia na mgbe di na ihu. Ka obi unu noro na Biafra. Biafra!

Biafra: biri kwa! ka Chineke siri kee gi.

Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!!—na ndu anyi kwa. Maka Chineke nonyere la gi—nonyere kwa ra anyi!

Ndewo unu


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