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This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcasts

For August 21, 2009

You have heard the news; now, the analysis…

Fellow Biafrans:

Our Response to the Threat of Terror-Attacks by "Boko Haram" Group Against Our People on Our Own Biafran Soil

So that there will be no guesswork regarding our response to Boko Haram terrorists, we state it here in black and white:

If and when the Muslim attack us in our own homeland, Biafraland, every Biafran will defend himself / herself, family and friends, and Biafraland, with effectiveness and with decisiveness.


Defend yourself, your family, your friends and neighbors, and defend Biafraland vigorously, effectively and decisively, if and when the Muslim Jihadists and terrorists dare attack us in our own homeland, Biafraland.

Except for those who have chosen to be efulefu among us, you all know, of course, that the best defense is prevention. If we had our Sovereign Independent Biafran Nation, the uncivilized "Boko Haram" would not even dare issue a threat against Biafra, let alone, brag about carrying it out. And whatever else brand of Nigerian or Muslim anti-Biafran terrorism, forced islamization program and genocidal agenda, could never be conceived or hatched by Nigeria and her Muslim cabal if we had our Sovereign and Independent Biafra today. That is why we must have Biafra. That is why we have been asking Biafrans to move to actualize Biafra: to make unthinkable and impossible the Boko Haram scenario. But, on the day that Muslim Nigeria attacks us in our own homeland, Biafraland—on the very day—Biafra has been declared actualized on that same day. On that day, and from that day onwards, we all act and live as an Independent Nation of Biafra.

As for these efulefu, the mere fact that Boko Haram has the overconfidence or audacity to publicly issue threats against our people and our land, Biafraland, when we have not provoked them in any way, should teach them, the efulefu, a lesson which thus far, they have deliberately refused to learn. The fact that this crude group representing Muslim North can boast that it will forcefully Islamize the Biafran people and Biafraland, should have brought the efulefu to their senses; but, no! Imagine: one of them (speaking for himself of course and his equally pathetic organization) begging the "federal government of Nigeria," for a solution, to come to protect our people, in typical misplaced hope of typical deluded one-Nigerianists! Such foolishness! as only an efulefu can exhibit. Whenever has the Nigerian government defended the Igbo or Biafraland, or protected them from Nigeria’s physical and emotional cruelty and torture?

First, consider the response of even the Yoruba, who are also half-Muslim, to Boko Haram. The Yoruba dared Boko Haram to attack and risk the fury of Yoruba OPC, Afenifere, Yoruba Youth and other Yoruba groups. Regarding the Ijaw, of course, it is common knowledge needing no verbalization that the Ijaw cannot wait to unleash their anger at Boko Haram, seething from the exploitation of the Ijaw by the same Muslim North. Neither of these nations invoked the so-called federal government of Nigeria to help them nor invited it to protect them against the Boko. Only the efulefu Igbo and their organizations will call on the federal government of Nigerian to protect them.

Second, consider that the federal government of Nigeria is essentially Muslim in function and execution. Yar’Adua himself is a staunch Shariarist who failed to lift a finger as the governor of one of the Nigerian Islamic states to prevent the stoning to death of a young Muslim woman accused of adultery; only sustained pressure from the West saved the poor woman’s neck. (Yes, what an irony: the West, acting naturally from "Western Civilization" values saved the life of this Muslim woman and all like her! an action which thus "frames" "Boko Haram.") The clique which really decides on, and must approve, every policy and action in Nigeria is made up of all the previous heads of state of Nigeria, which essentially means the Northern coupists and Northern military men who misruled and raped Nigeria for decades. For the most part, they are Muslim and Shariarists; the occasional Christian (like Gowon) only acts like a real Nigerian Muslim, otherwise, a mere puppet. And, one thing they all share in common is their anti-Igbo anti-Biafran stance; their policies must remain deliberately anti-Igbo, anti-Biafran and they do not keep such bias secret. Are these the ones to protect the Igbo or protect Biafra from Boko Haram?

Third, consider that the federal government of Nigeria has never prevented or stopped the Muslim jihadists from murdering Biafrans anywhere, but especially, in Northern Nigeria. Typically, the Muslim murderers drag out Biafrans from Nigeria Police custody where the Biafrans foolishly thought they could find safe; and then, the bloodthirsty Muslim kill the hapless Biafrans, right there in public, and the Police do nothing. When so-called federal government forces finally arrive, the damage would have been completed already by the Muslim marauders. With the last Boko Haram attack, information is already out in the public domain revealing that the federal government and all the state governments in Northern Nigeria were given prior notice of the attacks; yet, they failed to stop the attack before it started, because they knew that Boko Haram was going to carry out a pogrom against Biafrans living in Northern Nigeria, which is in line with Nigerian government policy.

So, who but one who chooses to remain an efulefu would be serious in calling for the federal government of Nigeria to provide safety for our people at any time, but especially when we are attacked by ruthless Nigerian Islamic racists in our own homeland? Especially knowing the history of Nigeria’s unwavering anti-Igbo anti-Biafran agenda? Spit at them when they utter such foolishness!

You have heard us:
Biafra is the only complete answer to the repeated assaults on us by the Nigerian government and its surrogate, the Nigerian Northern Muslim, whether in the cloak of Boko Haram or any other guise. So, when the Boko Haram attack us on our own homeland, Biafraland, on that day and from that day on, we tell them—we show them—and their Nigeria, that this is Biafraland, our own dear homeland, and it will remain Biafraland forever.

In the event that the Nigerian Muslim dare attack us in our own homeland, Biafraland, every Biafran defend yourself, your family, your friends and neighbors, and defend Biafraland, vigorously, effectively and decisively. From then on, Biafra is actualized.

Biafra alive! Because it is God Who makes it so.

That’s the News Analysis for the week. Thank you.


God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast ( now continues in Igbo, one of the Biafran languages.


Ndi Biafra, ekele e o-o! Anyi e kelee unu,

Nkea wu akuko nke anyi na a kpo News Analysis, si na Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) Radio, di na Washington DC, na ala America, na a bia ra unu na abali a.

Ihe Anyi Ga E Me O Wuru Na Ndi Boko Haram E Bido Oru Ojoo Ha Na Ala Anyi, Obodo Biafra

Ubochi ndi Boko Haram ga a bia na ala Biafra lusi anyi ogu, mebie ihe anyi, ma o wu si na ha ga e me anyi ka anyi kpe wa zie Islam, na ubochi ahu, onye Biafra o wula ga e che ndu ya, ndu ndibe ya, ndu ndi Biafra ibe ya, chee ihe anyi na ile, na chee kwa ala Biafra; o puta kwa na anyi e nweta Biafra site na ubochi ahu.

Unu a nu la ihe anyi kwuru? Ka a sighi kwa la na o nwere mgbagojuanya no na ndumodi ya:

Ndi Boko Haram kpatu ukwu ha na ala Biafra, ndi Biafra ga e che ndu ha, ndu umunne anyi, chee kwa Obodo Biafra, che sie ya ike. Site na ubochi ahu ga wa zie na ihu, o wuru Biafra kwuru onwe ya ka anyi nwetara.

O wu naani onye efulefu wu onye a gaghi a ma na ihe mere ndi Muslim ala Awusa ndi di ka Boko Haram ji a bara anyi mba, na a cho i mii anyi ujo, na o nweghi ihe anyi mere ha, wu kwa nu na Biafra anyi a kwuru bee. A si na Biafra a kwuru la a kwuru, olee kwa nu mgbe ndi Awusa ma o wu Nigeria ga a kpasa anyi agwa di otua? O gaghi e me! Nkea a wuru ihe anyi ji a gwa ndi Biafra dum oge na ile ka anyi gbaa mbo nweta Biafra ozugbo-ozugbo. Na Obodo Biafra, ka anyi lee nu otu ndi lepa ndi Awusa na ndi Nigeria ga e ji a bia i metu anyi aka lepa ha.

Ndi efulefu ka na a kpoku govument Nigeria ka o zoo ndi Biafra site na aka ndi Boko Haram, wu aturu: ha e nweghi ufuru i cheta na otu ndi Awusa ahu wu kwa govument Nigeria, nke di mbu na e gbu na na e megbu ndi Biafra. Ha a hughi otu ndi Yoruba si na ndi Yoruba ga e ji aka ha zoo onwe nke ha; ma o wu otu ndi Ijaw jiri jikwara na onwe ha i zute ndi Boko Haram. Naani ndi efulefu Igbo na efulefu Biafra wu ndi na a tukwasi obi ha na govument Nigeria, ndi choro ka a na e tu ha, one-Nigerianist, mgbe naani onwu ka Nigeria choro anyi wu ndi Igbo na ndi Biafra. Tufiakwa!

Mgbe owula ndi Boko Haram meturu anyi aka na ala anyi, ala Biafra, ndi Biafra, zi unu ha wu ndi Awusa na anyi na e che onwe anyi na ndi anyi na ala anyi, nke oma, nke ukwuu. Na ubochi ahu, zi unu ndi Nigeria na ndi Uwa na Biafra a kwuru la, rue mgbe e bighi-e bi.

Biafra: biri kwa! ka Chineke siri kee gi.

Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!!—na ndu anyi kwa. Maka Chineke nonyere la gi—nonyere kwa ra anyi!

Ndewo unu


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