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This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcasts

For July 31, 2009

You have heard the news; now, the analysis…

Fellow Biafrans:

"Boko Haram" which says:
"Education is Sin"
"Education is prohibited"
"Western Education is banned"

There you have it all. This is the mentality of Muslim Nigeria, for which Northern Muslim are quite willing to die. This is the belief of Muslim Northern Nigeria, which they want to impose on Nigeria, and for which they are ready to die.

So, are these the people you want to belong to the same country with? After all, did not Uwechue, echoing OHANEZE, prescribe one-Nigeria for the Igbo, and Edwin Clark, his Delta counterpart, prescribe one-Nigeria for the Niger Delta?

"Education is Sin." And, the Northern Nigerian Muslim who insist on this drove home their point by destroying whatever they could, and didn’t flinch about their own deaths and injury in the ensuing course of bloody events.

Yet, this is the group that you want "true federalism" in Nigeria (whatever nonsense that means) with? It was the same efulefu Uwechue who was recently talking about "true federalism" in Nigeria to support his harebrained idea of Igbo staying in one Nigeria. Same for Edwin Clark and the Niger Delta.

"Education is prohibited"—so says the Northern Muslim as a matter of policy which they defend staunchly by their bloody offensive, oblivious of taking casualty.

Is this the group you want to share a country with? Silly Uwechue, once again, was parroting OHANEZE’s stupid plea with Nigeria—"...give us one more State in the South-East..." One more Igbo State in this Nigeria where "Education is prohibited," and the prohibitionists will gladly die to implement their policy?

"Western Education is banned" is the battle cry of the Muslim North, and they are engaged in a bloody battle to defend and or implement this mindset.

Is this the group that you want to share the proceeds from your own natural resources with—is this the group you want to play the game of so-called "Resource Control" in Nigeria with? Uwechue, Edwin Clark and a few other Biafrans in Nigeria’s political class apparently will answer, "Yes" to this rhetoric question.

While Biafrans who should be supporting the masses of our people working to get away from those who belief without question that "Education is Sin" play their silly and sycophantic game, let us point out to you that the death of these Muslim prohibitionists has not been for nothing. Already, Nigeria has been fulfilling their plan on their behalf. Ask yourself: what has happened to Education in Biafraland today? And, by the way, did not the Muslim Northern rulers of Nigeria just recently try to dismantle the Petroleum Studies educational Institutions in the Delta while at the same time beefing up the one they set up in the heart of the Northern Muslim kingdom, Kaduna? Yes, first, the Nigerian government run by the Muslim North destroys Education in Biafra; then tries to set it up in the North, where of course the Muslim North either ignore it or demolish it since such "Education is Sin" to them. Indeed, the Muslim North is succeeding in its plans to destroy Education in Nigeria, which basically translates to the destruction of an iconic Biafran engagement and pursuit. Why, then, would any thinking Biafran want to stay in one-Nigeria?

"Education is Sin." Those who die today to defend this stance have one more pronouncement for you: "Sharia for entire Nigeria." They are equally deadly serious—emphasis on "deadly"; in fact, more serious and ever more willing to force Sharia on the rest of Nigeria, and totally ready to destroy all and die, themselves, in so doing.

So, when you hear anyone trying to defend one-Nigeria or trying to sell one-Nigeria to our people, turn your head to one side and spit, in disgust. Actively ignore such afterwards, because he or she has a psychiatric illness: it is called a "delusion"— "a fixed false belief," in this case, that one-Nigeria exists or is possible, or can work. Any institution or organization in Biafraland that purports to support one-Nigeria is a hostile Unit: such is not our friend and should never be looked upon to represent or defend our real interests. Let’s not make any exceptions to this.

Biafra has always embraced Education. Biafra thrives on Western Education. The ability to challenge ourselves, expand our minds and increase our reach through Education is regarded by us as a Divine right; that we Biafrans so excel in this we regard as a Divine Gift. Biafra is the assurance that we continue to value Education, that we are actively engaged in Education at all times, and that we thrive therein, as always. We have nothing in common with those whose kingdom is built on their chosen belief and principle that "Education is Sin." We have nothing in common with those whose ideology is based on Sharia. There is no reason to share a country with such, when they can belong in their own separate enclave and we, in our own separate Sovereign and independent Nation.

No more Nigeria; no more one-Nigeria. Biafra it is, for us.

Right now, we stand by our demand that Nigeria must release our courageous Biafran people remaining in Nigeria’s filthy jails, our brethren whose only "crime" is that they insisted, correctly, that we, Biafrans, should not, do not and will not belong in one-Nigeria. Release them now!

Biafra alive! Because it is God Who makes it so.

That’s the News Analysis for the week. Thank you.


God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast ( now continues in Igbo, one of the Biafran languages.


Ndi Biafra, ekele e o-o! Anyi e kelee unu,

Nkea wu akuko nke anyi na a kpo News Analysis, si na Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) Radio, di na Washington DC, na ala America, na a bia ra unu na abali a.

Unu a nu la na o nwere ndi Alokaba na Ugwu Awusa ndi na e mebi ihe ugbua, na e gbu ndi mmadu, na a lusi ndi Police na solja Nigeria ogu, na kwa a nwu, maka ihe ha kwere na ya, nke wu "Boko haram" na asusu ndi Awusa; a suagharia ya, ya a puta: "Mmuta ihe wu njo." Ha si na i gu akwukwo, na o wu njo; ha a choghi ka ndi mmadu muo akwukwo na ala ha na na ala Nigeria.

Kedu nu onye Biafra o wula ga a cho ka ya na ndi di otua noro na otu obodo a na a kpo Nigera, huh? Ma, cheta kwa na ndi efulefu di ka Uwechue, onye isi OHANEZE, na Edwin Clark, onye ndu Ndi Niger Delta, ka na e kwu ka anyi wu ndi Biafra noo ro na ime one-Nigeria. Tufiakwa!

Anyi na a si: "Kedu nke Udele na Barba?" Kedu nke ndi Biafra nde mmuta-akwukwo di oke mkpa—kedu nke ha—na ndi Awusa nde kweere na Mmuta-Akwukwo wu njo? Ma, Uwechue, Edwin Clark na ndi ozo di ka ha, naani ihe ha na e kwu na ha choro na aka Nigeria wu "true federalism," nke putara na ndi Biafra ka bi na ime one-Nigeria; ma o wu State ohuru na ala Igbo, ma o wu "Resource Control," ebe ihe ndia na ile putara na anyi ka no na ime Nigeria, ala Mmuta-Ihe, mmuta-akwukwo wu njo, wuru oke "njo" ga e me ka ndi Awusa nwuo onwu kama i kwe ka a muo akwukwo. O wu ndia (Uwechue na Clark) a maghi na Nigeria ka di mbu mebie ra anyi mmuta-akwukuo na ala anyi, ala Biafra?

Onye gwa ra unu ka unu sooro one-Nigeria, unu fufee isi unu, vuo asu, lefuru onye ochongolofu di otu ahu anya. Biafra ka anyi na a cho, ebe mmuta-ihe na i gu akwukwo na e nye ogugu-isi anyi aka, ogugu-isi nke Chineke jiri aka Ya nye anyi. Na Biafra, anyi kwere, kwe sie ya ike, na i gu akwukwo, na mmuta-akwukwo. O nweghi ihe anyi na ndi Awusa, ndi Sharia, ndi Mmuta-akwukwo wuru ha njo, nwekoritara onu, Ha nooro onwe ha na obodo nke ha; ma anyi a nodi kwa nu onwe anyi na laa anyi, ala Biafra. Biafra ka anyi kwere na ya.

Umunne anyi ndi Biafra ndi Nigeria tinyere na mkporo maka ha kwere na o nweghi ihe anyi na ndi Awusa jikotara onu, na anyi e kweghi na one-Nigeria, Nigeria ga a hapuriri ha aka. Maka o wu eziokwu ka ha kwu ru; o nweghi nu otu anyi wu ndi Biafra ga e si a no na ime one-Nigeria ha. Weputa ha na mkporo Nigeria: ugbua.

Biafra: biri kwa! ka Chineke siri kee gi.

Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!!—na ndu anyi kwa. Maka Chineke nonyere la gi—nonyere kwa ra anyi!

Ndewo unu


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