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This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcasts


For January 16 2009


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…


Fellow Biafrans:


Let us expose some of the myth used by truly uninformed Nigerians and some Nigerian apologists among us—efulefu Biafrans—to justify and perpetuate the evil State of Nigeria on us. Chief among the myth is the use of the expressions, “Tribalism” / “Tribalistic.”  Anyone pointing out the ills of Nigeria, and correctly attributing these ills to the forced and unworkable arrangement called “one-Nigeria,” and hence, as an intelligent, honest and practical person, he or she responds like we do in Biafra by insisting that ethnic nations must release themselves from the destructive Hell called Nigeria, such a person is labeled “tribalistic” by these uninformed and hypocritical Nigerians. One can try to save a tree, an animal, or even a system in grave danger and be called a hero; but, try saving your own people—an obviously endangered group, in our case—and you will be slapped with “tribalist,” by these hypocrites.


If it is “tribalistic” to identify with your own “tribe,” then, be it so, and it is in fact a good thing. Your tribe is your own natural identity; that’s your own first loyalty. Whether you call it “tribe” (as a dirty term like these hypocrites do), or “ethnicity,” it is still the only natural identity that you possess and will ever have: it is you. Pretending that that is not so, is a mark of stupidity; acting like that is not so, when not just pretending, is purely a psychological illness needing treatment. Nothing, and no one, can take away your ethnicity or tribal roots, identity, or even natural loyalty as such.


Communist States used to try to do this with their people. Using force, blackmail and intimidation, setting one citizen against another, communism attempted to literally kill ethnic identity and loyalty, and substituted instead loyalty to, and identity with, the abstraction of “Statism” (State). Communist governments imprisoned-for-life of hard labor (in “re-education” camps) and or executed “tribalists” publicly Today, we all know what happened to Communism, communist governments and their States. In the end, Communism failed; after unduly and inhumanely brutalizing their peoples, the latter returned to their ethnic or tribal roots and identity—the only natural attributes they have.


Before Communism, another “C”—Colonialism—tried to rip our people from their natural identity and loyalty. In fact, it was the colonialists who first introduced the term, “tribe,” and its derivatives, used in English language originally to describe a community of Monkeys. As long as we insisted on, and maintained, our own natural identity and did the most natural thing, which is to show loyalty to our own ethnic group, the colonial lords called us “tribalistic.” We had to be forcibly integrated into an abstract system called a State, wherein we would be forced to give up our “tribalism” (or be “de-tribalized”), and instead, swear allegiance to the Queens and Kings of distant colonial masters’ lands who also now automatically ruled—no, owned—the State. That colonialism finally also failed is no surprise; the surprise is that it continues to live today as States such as Nigeria, to live in the attitudes and persons of those who use the term “tribalistic” as such in Nigeria today. By the way, while all this (colonialism) was going on in Africa and Nigeria, the colonial masters’ lands maintained, still recognize and celebrate their own tribes, which have maintained their traditions and roots strong, even today.


So, anyone calling you a “tribalist” and claiming that he or she is “de-tribalized” is a mere relic: like communism and colonialism, he or she is already defeated; at best, he or she is an uninformed fool; at worst, a mentally sick person, a cynical hypocrite.


Especially when you take a stand to protect your own ethnic group when in fact, the State, in this case, Nigeria, singles out your ethnic group and targets it with deliberately harmful policies. Is there anyone, even among those hypocrites and efulefu, who would deny today that Nigeria has, as a matter of fact, pursued a virulent anti-Biafra campaign as a matter of State policy? Is there any among us or any in Nigeria who will stand here today and deny the fact that those who call themselves Nigerians have specifically targeted Biafra for cheating, for relegation, for dispossession, for repression and for oppression? How many times have Northern Nigerians selectively killed and or maimed and or dispossessed Biafrans residing in Northern Nigeria, in the last decade alone: what, but ethnicity or tribe, is the basis of such mayhem and rampage victimizing Biafrans there?


If anyone should call you “tribalistic” today for standing up and saying, No! Nigeria won’t kill my people—my tribe—anymore without appropriate response, then, be glad to be a tribalist—that’s the right thing to be. Since only the fool refuses to understand that the most effective way to protect our people—our tribe—from targeted destruction by Nigeria, is to get our tribe out of Nigeria, be especially glad to be labeled tribalistic; otherwise, you would be worse than the fool. For, these fools may in fact, and do, survive in their own stupidity; but you and your tribe are already targeted for annihilation in an ongoing brutal program: you won’t survive if you do nothing. Be glad that you are tribalistic: it’s either that, or certain death, which you are already close to!


Fellow Biafrans: if we don’t save our tribe, who will? Is it the jokers pretending that they are “de-tribalized”? Is it the ones who do nothing but watch Nigeria methodically rape and maul our people—their own people—to death, because they claim that to protect our people—their own—from marauding Nigeria would make them tribalists? Or, is it the Nigerians themselves pretending to be “de-tribalized” when they are in fact bent on, and too happy to continue their campaign of destroying our own tribe, by deliberate tribal targeting? If your action today in defending Biafra by getting us out of Nigeria and into our own independent sovereign nation-status earns you the title of “tribalist,” we say, Rejoice! We can live and love and hope and be fulfilled in life—tribalists all, in Biafra, as Biafrans. But, the alternative is grave: hope-less, future-less, love-less, life-less pretend-“de-tribalized” Nigerians in dead Nigeria. No sensible person wants that.


Be a “tribalist”—with pride and honor—because you refuse to allow Nigeria to deliberately finish off our own tribe. Be a “tribalist”—with great pleasure, because you work tirelessly to remove our own tribe and our people from present danger called Nigeria, wherein our own tribe has been singled out for annihilation by Nigeria. Be a “tribalist”: Actualize Biafra this year!


There remains a group of people of the same tribe, Biafra, who are wrongfully and unjustly held in Nigeria’s jails today, precisely because, they are members of our tribe and are seeking to protect our tribe by getting our tribe away from Nigeria’s reach. These are members of MASSOB, and some of their leaders such as Uchenna Madu, and they, like us, are working for Biafra’s Independence. Nigeria claims it has granted them bail: if so, why are they still being held in the self-same jails, against their wishes? This is certainly a question for the self-styled “de-tribalized” ones.


Biafra alive! Because it is God Who makes it so. This year, 2009, WE MAKE it really so.


That’s the News Analysis for the week. Thank you.




God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast ( now continues in Igbo, one of the Biafran languages.




Ndi Biafra, ekele e o-o!  Anyi e kelee unu .


Nkea wu akuko nke anyi na a kpo News Analysis, si na Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) Radio, di na Washington DC, na ala America, na a bia ra unu na abali a.


Ka anyi kowaa otu ihe ndi efulefu ufodu ndi Biafra, na ndi Nigeria, ji e gbochiri anyi uzo maka na anyi i chota Biafra. O na a wu onye kwutara okwu nweta Biafra, ndi Nigeria na ndi efulefu ibe ha a ko wa onye ahu onu, na a kpo onye ahu “tribalist” na okwu Oyibo. O wu kwa nu oke nzuzu na mmadu ga a zo anumanu, ma o wudi osisi, zoputa ya na mkpa, a kpoo onye ahu, “dike.” Ma otu onye ahu gbalia i zo ndi nke ya, ka anyi si a zo Biafra, maka onwu anyi di nso na aka Nigeria, a kpo wa zie onye ahu, “tribalist.” Ezigbo te nzuzu!


O naghi e we ako i mata na ebe mmadu si wu ebe obi ya na a di. Anyi si Biafra: na Biafra ka obi anyi ga na a no. Onye ahu na e kwu na, maka obi gi no na ebe i si, na i wu “tribalist,” o wu kwa nu onye iwhorhiwho ka onye ahu wu. Onye ahu, o na e kwu na o maghi ebe ya si? Unu e chefughi kwa la: na ndi Communist kugburu na megide nde mmadu bi na obodo ha na i ji ike gbanwee ebe ndi mmadu si, na mgbe gara a ga. Ndi “Colonial Masters” me kwa ra anyi otua ahu—i ji ike mee ka anyi hapu ebe anyi si, ka anyi na a kpo zi onwe anyi ndi umu Ezenwanyi na Ezenwoke (Queens and Kings) ala nke ha. Ma, onye o wula a hu la na o gaghi e me: ebe mmadu si ka onye ahu si; kpo wa onye ahu “tribalist” rue mgbe ike ga a gwu gi, o nweghi ihe nke ahu gbanwere. E me chaa kwa, onye ahu a laa ebe onye ahu si.


Gi hu na a na e megbu ndi nke gi, na e gbu ha, na a cho ha onwu ka Nigeria si a cho ndi Biafra onwu, gi were zie otu ahu si, Mba! na i gaghi a no nga ahu e gbuchafu ndi nke gi, kama, gi a choo i si na Nigeria ebe a na e gbu ndi nke gi, ndi Biafra, weputa Biafra, zoo Biafra, kedu kwa nu udi nzuzu wu na nde efulefu na a ko gi, na a kpo gi “tribalist”? O wuru ma gi a zoghi nde nke gi, e lee kwa nu onye ga a zo ha? O wu ndi efulefu ya, ma o wu Nigeria ibe ha, di mbu choo Biafra onwu?


A kpoo gi “tribalist” maka ebe i si a magbuo la gi mma, na gi kwere na o wu ebe i si, nke ahu wu nu ihe oma. A kpoo gi “tribalist” maka i na a gbali i zoputa ndi nke gi, ndi Biafra, site na aka aru na njo na onwu anyi a kporo Nigeria, ňuria oňu—o wu ihe di mma. Na i nwetara anyi Biafra, e were zie ya kpoo gi “tribalist,” o magbuola onwe ya: o ma ka! Nwetara unu anyi Biafra na afo 2009 ya, ka o wuru na a kporo unu “tribalist”!


Lee nu otu Nigeria jiri ka jide umunne anyi ndi MASSOB, ndi dika Uchenna Madu na ndi ozo, na mkporo Nigeria: o wu kwa nu nde nke anyi, ndi Biafra ka ha wu. Ndi ahu na a kpo anyi “tribalist” maka anyi na a cho Biafra, kedu kwa nu ihe ha kwuru, ma o wu ihe ha ga e me, gbasara otu Nigeria ji e megbu umunne anyi ndi ya ha ji na nga, naani maka ha wu ndi Biafra? O wu oria ka ndi Nigeria na a ria i kpo anyi “tribalist.”


Biafra: biri kwa! ka Chineke siri kee gi. Na afo ohuru ya, 2009, ANYI ga e me ka o wuru otu ahu.


Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!!—na ndu anyi kwa. Maka Chineke nonyere la gi—nonyere kwa ra anyi!


Ndewo unu




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