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For November 21, 2008


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…


Fellow Biafrans:


Hypocrisy knows no home like Nigeria. Nigeria is the land of cheating, dishonesty, deceit and all that defiles the soul—whether it be the soul of people or the soul of an institution. It is sickening enough that Nigeria is this way; it is even more sickening when it has become so much the whole fabric of Nigeria that no one sees that something is wrong any more. Then, Nigeria goes even a step further: it brags about its status; it actually expects the world of decency to congratulate it; that’s when feeling people want to vomit.


Consider: months ago, under moral, legal and popular pressure from virtually the entire world, Nigeria’s courts said they had granted bail to MASSOB members incarcerated for over two years by the Nigeria’s State machinery. But, characteristic of Nigeria, those same courts deliberately made bail conditions impossible. Yes, the courts wanted a lot of cash for each prisoner, and there are at least 24 in this instance; this amount was raised by MASSOB members. Then, the courts required human sureties of particular ethnicity who owned property in a particular Nigerian city and possessed specific Nigerian social titles or held specific offices in Nigeria. The catch: a surety meeting these conditions for MASSOB prisoners’ bail will certainly be snagged, detained and tortured by Nigeria’s feared SSS (State Security Services) because of his / her association with MASSOB, even when the association is just for purposes of bail. So, in effect, there is no bail, and all these MASSOB members, save for MASSOB leader, Ralph Uwazurike, remain in Nigeria’s prison, without trial, without bail, and well into their third year of incarceration. In the midst of this, Yar’Adua tells Nigeria and the world every opportunity he can speak, that his administration is based on the principles of respect for the law; he fully expects to be taken seriously even though his being foisted on the people as the President of Nigeria broke every single law of Nigeria, and democracy in politics, to start with.


Since we are speaking of the law, let’s not forget the legal context and precedence of the related MASSOB-53 case. Several years ago, the Nigeria Police arrested at least 53 innocent persons of Igbo-Biafra descent because they were participating in a soccer tournament whose prize was named in honor of Uwazurike, the MASSOB leader. The Police manufactured evidence even when it was painfully—and shamefully—obvious, and after 2 years of detention without trial, brought trumped-up charges of Treason and “intimidating the President of Nigeria,” General Obasanjo, against the hapless Biafrans. Ultimately, the case was dismissed by the Nigeria courts, as lacking in merit because Nigeria’s State lawyers could not find anything to prosecute, but would not state so, rather, chose to skip court sessions. Case dismissal occurred months later, but only following unattainably set bail. Even the so-called attorney-general of Nigeria then got involved in publicly pronouncing the unsustainable and ridiculously frivolous charges. Fast-forward to today: why is Nigeria now still holding in their prisons more MASSOB members, when it still has no case against them?


And, if you think that’s all, wait; there is more. Six months ago, the Nigeria Police rounded up about 380 MASSOB members in Akwa / Enugu area and charged them to court for...? Yes, for celebrating Biafra day on May 30 2008. Apparently, the Nigeria Police lacks memory for legal proceedings and decisions in this area; and has totally forgotten about the MASSOB-53 and other such legal misadventures and sheer clownery and bungling.


This ongoing abuse of whatever laws Nigeria has by Nigeria’s own authorities is so wide-spread, why, even Umaru Yar’Adua, the President of Nigeria himself, is suing a Nigerian newspaper because of publications about Yar’Adua’s health (or lack thereof, as is well-known to all). Yar’Adua is deploying all the instruments of State and using up the State’s resources for his personal business of trying to defend his own lies—lies he told as Nigeria’s President, concerning his “official” foreign trips for his debilitating illness. And, he wants to be acclaimed for “adhering to the rule of law...”? What a joke!


Therefore, we shall remind you of just 23 of the many MASSOB members in Nigeria’s jails today, thrown and held in jail because they dare choose to actualize Biafra, our right, instead of continue with the Hell that is Nigeria, a lawless place worse than Hades itself. Nigeria has to release them all unconditionally. If the peoples of Nigeria had balls, they would all be supporting and acting out MASSOB’s agenda for their own respective nations, just as MASSOB is doing for Biafra. Here (following the Igbo version) are their names:



Nde Biafra: Ndewo unu! Ekelee-o.

Maka Nigeria wu ihe ihu-abuo, ihe aru, ihe asi-na-ama, ihe uruh, o wu ihe ighiere na o na e che na njoo ya wu ezigbo ihe, na o na e che na Uwa ya ga e to ya wu Nigeria. Njo Nigeria ruchara ihe gbasara mkporo Nigeria turu ndi MASSOB, ebe Nigeria si na o nyere ha Bail mgbe o gafere afo-abuo ha no na mkporo, bail kemgbe onwa abuo ma o wu ato. Ma, anyi a hula otu Nigeria jiri si ka e weta nnuku ego maka bail—nkea a raghi ndi MASSOB ahu. Kama, Nigeria ma na o nweghi onye ga e kwe ka ya wuru surety ndi MASSOB otu Bail siri choo ya, maka onye owula ya na MASSOB mekoro ihe, ndi SSS ga a nwuru onye ahu, mesie ya ike ma o wu tinye ya na mkporo. Ihe nkea putara wu na umunne anyi ndi MASSOB ka no na mkporo. Nigeria a gho ka aghugho!


Ma, a bia echi ugbua, Nigeria a na a su beeke na ya na a sofuru Iwu ala. Anyi ma na nkea wu ezigbo asi. Onye ga e chefu MASSOB-53: otu ndi Police Nigeria jiri tuo umu Biafra e nweghi ihe ha mere, na ha wu ndi MASSOB, mkporo, na a si na ha dara iwu “Treason.” E mecha kwara hapu umunne anyi ndia aka, maka o nweghi eziokwu di na ime ihe ndi Police kwuru; ike a gwu ndi Police i gha ugha di otua. Ma, o wu kwa otu ndi Police ya gara jide nnu-mmadu ndi MASSOB onwa isii gara a ga, si na ha dara iwu “treason”, na Awka / Enugu, maka umunne anyi na e me emume “Ubochi Biafra” na May 30 2008; i chere na o nwere ihe ha mutara, na a wughi uru na njo na aru? Na otu aka ahu kwa, onye owula a huna na Yar’Adua, onye isi Nigeria, na e kwu mgbe na ile na ya na ochichi ya na a sopuru Iwu Obodo: ma anyi dum ma na o wu asi ka o na a tu. Anyi a hula aka oru ya, hu otu o siri nweta oru ahu, mara kwa na “otu a wughi ezi.”


Ihe anyi ma wu na Nigeria ga a hapuriri umunne anyi ndia aka, weputa ha na mkporo. O nweghi iwu ha dara: onye na a cho uzo e si e ze aru na njo, o nweghi iwu onye ahu dara. A si na ndi Nigeria wu ndi nwere obisieike, mma ha e soola ndi MASSOB i gbaputa obodo nke site na aka Nigeria ka MASSOB na e me Biafra.


Ka anyi kpoo ufodu ndiya ka no na mkporo Nigeria aha:


 NAMES                        AGE                 ADDRESS                                                                      


1.Uchenna Madu           30                    Amuda, Isuochi, Umunneochi, Area Okigwe Region


2.Amrose Anyanso        50                    Ndiama, Ulakwo,Owerri North, Owerri Region 


3.Vincent Ekwuazi         49                    Awha-Imezi,Ezeagu Area, Enugu Region 1


4.Arinze Igbani              33                    Okwoko Nkporo,Ohafia Area, Abia North Region


5.Benedict Alakwem      47                    Umukabia, Enime-mbano Area,Okigwe Region


6.Augustine Ihuoma      46                    Umuekwene-Onicha, Ezinihite-Mbaise Area Owerri Reg.


7.Izuchukwu Nzom        38                    Irefi,Oraifite, Ekwusigo Area, Nnei Region


8.Kelechi Ubabuike       33                    Ezi Akuma, Orlu East Area, Orlu Region


9.Chimankpam Okorocha  22                Umuri, Amaimo, Ikeduru Area,Owerri Region


10.Chibuike Nwosu        27                    Amugwo-Oziri,Inyishi Ikeduru Area,Owerri Region 


11.Samuel Owwuka      64                    Imeonia, Ezira, Orumba South Awka Region


12.Jude Asoanya          40                    Uru-mkpu, Umuoji,Idemili North Area, Onitsha Region


13.Sunday Madubuike   30                    Akiyi, Umulokpa,Uzo-Uwani Area, Nsukka


14.Issac Obi                 41                    Mgbele, Umuaka, Njaba Area, Orlu Region


15.Chima Okafor           36                    Akawa Nneato, Umunneoci Area, Okigwe Region


16.Sunday Agudike       32                    Ozi-achara, Ekwegba,Igbo-Etiti Area, Nsukka Region


17.Emeka Ugwu           32                    Opi-Nsukka Area, Nsukka Region


18.Anyayo Nwali           29                    Ekka-Umuigwe,Ezza North Area Abakiliki Region


19.Uchechukwu Onuegbe 25                 Umuokwara, Akokwa, Ideato North Area, Orlu Region


20.Chukwudi Denis       27                    Umundugba, Isu Area Orlu Region


21.Oko Uro                  29                    Ezionagah, Amasiri, Afikpo Area, Afikpo Region


22.Arinze Obodozie       27                    Umuapani Okija, Ihiala Area, Nnewi Region


23.Richard Okonkwo     37                    Onoli, Awgu Area, Enugu Region 1



Fellow Biafrans: these are truly heroes!

Nde Biafra: Ndia na ile wu ezigbo Dike Biafra



Biafra alive! Because it is God Who makes it so.


That’s the News Analysis for the week. Thank you.


God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast. (


Biafra: biri kwa! ka Chineke siri kee gi.


Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!!—na ndu anyi kwa. Maka Chineke nonyere la gi—nonyere kwa ra anyi!


Ndewo unu




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