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For October 31, 2008


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…


Fellow Biafrans:


It has been said about the situation with Nigeria that it is only the Igbo who do not know what they want. The Yoruba are only interested in advancing their Yoruba culture; they know it, and they articulate this very well: no mention of one-Nigeria / Nigeria. The North, for their part, are only interested in what is good for the North whom they declare have only one collective Northern destiny: no mention of Nigeria / one-Nigeria there either. With the Igbo, on the other hand, some say that they want one-Nigeria; others, Nigerian presidency; some want the creation of a new State in Igboland; yet others whine and pine about acceptance / welcome of the Igbo in Nigeria and to be given a sense of belonging to one-Nigeria—to hear a few Igbo intellectuals say it. But the present reality is that Igbo masses, finally joined by an ever-increasing number of Igbo elite and even some from the Igbo in Nigeria’s political class, have declared in words and by deed that “We want Biafra.”


Thus, it is not in fact true that the Igbo do not know what we want: clearly, Igbo youth, Igbo masses, Igbo women, Igbo men and Igbo aware-children, Igbo elders—the entire Igbo Oha, want Biafra, and they want it, like yesterday. It is just that a few vocal Igbo efulefu who have access to the Nigerian news media today make loud noises with their own personal desires which are contrary to what our people say the Igbo really want. In the past, many of our people would not say what we really want (Biafra) for fear of immediate and hurtful recrimination and reprisal and violent repression against us by Nigeria. But now, every opportunity our people get, they declare for Biafra, in spite of serious threats which are always carried out by Nigeria, including intimidation, imprisonment, murderous harassment—malicious acts committed against our people by Nigeria.


Our people want Biafra. Anyone thinking that Igbo people do not know want they want is either ill-informed, uninformed, confused, or in psychological denial. Igbo people want Biafra. Because Igbo culture empowers free expression, a few Igbo may certainly have different opinions: that does not invalidate the fact of what our people really and collectively want, which is Biafra. The only point here is the motivation and incentive fuelling the few contrary voices, and what the owners intend to gain from it. A related point is that we will not shy away from presenting facts—hard facts—which make nonsense of the defense of those who claim that which our people do not want.


Recently, we read again an Igbo so-called leader writing to say that the Igbo need the creation of one more Igbo state in Nigeria. We state categorically that the one and only thing our people really want in this situation is to be completely out of Nigeria—to be free from Nigeria, to be free of Nigeria: to have our own sovereign nation of Biafra. We do not want, and are not interested in, Nigeria, or in the creation of more Nigerian states in Igboland-Biafraland. We are truly amazed and disappointed by the shallowness of the thinking that brought up, once more, this much parroted idea of another Nigeria-created State in Igboland-Biafraland.


We ask: is the creation of one more Igbo state going to improve the lot of our people? The answer, based on our experience with the pre-existing states, is a resounding, No!


Is the creation of one more Igbo state going to improve the Education of our youth? No! Is it going to improve the pass-rate of our students in their local or (inter)national exams? No!

Is the creation of another Igbo state going to improve the Employment outlook and opportunities for our people? (Are you serious?) No!


Is another Igbo state going to improve the Health Care of our people? No! Would it restart and rebuild the absent Public Health System in our land? No!


Is the creation of one other Igbo state going to improve the Security of our people? No! Is it going to stop the Nigeria Police and Nigeria Military and agents from murdering our people at will? No! Is it going to make our people safe from serious crime, including armed robbery, kidnap-for-ransom and other hideous crimes that stalk our people and land today? No!


Is another Igbo state going to help with the Erosion menace ravaging Biafran territory? No! Is another Igbo state going to wake up spineless, prostrate Igbo in Nigeria’s political class to compel Nigeria (which, by the way, is totally dependent on Biafra’s resources, in the first place), to take the Erosion problem seriously and address it? No!


Is another Igbo state going to save the Niger Bridge? No! Is it going to bring a functioning modern International airport to Biafraland? No! Is it going to compel the so-called Federal government of Nigeria to allocate infrastructure in Biafraland—a move that would channel back even a small fraction of resources stolen from Biafra by Nigeria? No!


Is another Igbo state going to restore resource control to the owners of the resources? No! Is it going to embolden our people to take ownership and charge of our own resources found under and above our own land and waters? No!


Is another Igbo state going to stop the open rigging of elections in Nigeria, which always results in so-called “leaders” foisted on our people? No! Is it going to restore true democracy or anything even slightly resembling “democracy” to Nigeria? No! Is it going to stop the North from usurping and misusing political powers in Nigeria—with which to pepper our people? No!


Is the creation of another Igbo state going to protect our people from both the ineptness and sickness/madness of Nigeria’s leaders and their avowed malice towards our people? No! Would it make the Yar’Adua’s of Nigeria do the work they usurped and stole the office of, and in so doing, reduce the burden of poor leadership which invariably victimizes our people more? No! Would it stop psychopaths and sociopaths like Obasanjo from mounting Nigeria’s throne and peppering our people, with impunity? No!


Is another Igbo state going to stop the contagious corruption-disease endemic in Nigeria, which now pervades our land? No! Or stop the other serious disease of Injustice in Nigeria, which always finds as its victims, our people? No!


Will the creation of another Igbo state bring us Biafra, our people’s only desire, or even bring us any closer to Biafra actualization? No!


We rest our case. It’s Biafra, or it’s Biafra: now, or we work towards actualizing it: nothing else is desired by our people. We do not want anything else. Biafra!


No one should assume that jailed MASSOB members, including Uchenna Madu, the Information Director of MASSOB, who were allegedly granted Bail by Nigeria several weeks ago, are actually out on Bail. They are all still in prison, much to the shame of Nigeria and its so-called Judiciary system. These brothers of ours are in our thoughts, our prayers, and our actions, daily!


Biafra alive! Because it is God Who makes it so.


That’s the News Analysis for the week. Thank you.




God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast ( now continues in Igbo, one of the Biafran languages.




Ndi Biafra, ekele e o-o!  Anyi e kelee unu.


Nkea wu akuko nke anyi na a kpo News Analysis, si na Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) Radio, di na Washington DC, na ala America, na a bia ra unu na abali a.


A na a si na o wu naani Ndi Igbo wu nde a maghi ihe ha na a cho na Nigeria. Ndi Yoruba ma onwe ha, mara na ha na a cho naani ihe ga a baara ndi Yoruba uru—o gbasaghi Nigeria. Ndi Awusa ma ihe ha na a cho; ha ga a gwa gi na o wu sooso odi-mma nde North ka ha chooro—NIgeria gbaa kwa oku, o gbasaghi ha. Ma, a bia na nke ndi Ndi Igbo, nde choo one-Nigeria, nde a choo President one-Nigeria, ma o wu ka a nabata ndi Igbo na one-Nigeria, ma o wu State ozo na ala Igbo. Ma, eziokwu no na ime ya wu na ndi Oha na igwe mmadu Igbo choro naani Biafra.


Maka nkea, onye si gi na Ndi Igbo a maghi ihe ha na a cho, onye ahu a maghi ihe o na e kwu. Ndi Igbo chooro Biafra. O wu sooso ndi efulefu Igbo na e kwugheri-onu, na a si na ha choro ihe ozo; ndi efulefu di otua e ghighi-nne, ma ncha ma ncha.


Lee unu otu otu onye efulefu ya si e kwu na ihe Ndi Igbo chooro wu otu State ozo na ala Igbo, ebe anyi ma a ma na naani Biafra ka ndibeanyi na a cho. Juo unu onye efulefu ya:

E lee otu State ozo, State ohuru, na ala Igbo ga e ji mezie Ngum-akwukwo (Education) Nigeria mebirila anyi na nde Youth Biafra? Ma o wu i nwe, na i chota, oru? Ma o wu i wetara anyi ulo-ogwu na ogwu e ji a gwo oria, maka ahu-idi-ike anyi?


Gwa anyi otu State ozo na ala Igbo ga e ji kwusi ndi Police na Army Nigeria i na e gbu anyi mgbe o soro ha, otu o soro ha; ma o wu ndi oghi i ji egbe nara anyi ihe anyi na aka-ike? Ma o wu i nye aka kwusi "Erosion" na e loro ala anyi, rie ala anyi? State ozo na ala Igbo, o ga e meziri anyi uzo-ukwu ma o wu uzo-moto, ghuzie bridge River Niger, nye anyi International Airport ebe ugboelu si na Obodo-Oyibo na a da? O ga a kwusi uruh na aru Nigeria butere la nye anyi, ka onye oria na e wetara onye no ya nso oria? O ga a kwusi i rig election; o ga a kwusi ndi Awusa i na e megbu anyi na Nigeria ha?


A si na e nweta state ohuru na ala Igbo, o ga e wetara anyi Biafra? Mba. Mba. Mba.


Udi okwu di nzuzu di otua (na Ndi Igbo chooro State ohuru na ala Igbo-Biafra taa) ga a kwusi. Ndi Igbo ma ihe ha chooro: Biafra! Naani Biafra wu ihe ga e mezi ihe dum Nigeria mebirila anyi. Biafra ka anyi chooro.


Onye e kweghita kwala na ndi MASSOB ndi Nigeria ji na nga, na Nigeria e nye la ha Bail, otu Nigeria kwuru: ndi di ka Uchenna Madu, otu na ndi ndu MASSOB, na ndi MASSOB ndi ozo; maka ha ka no kwa na mkporo; ha a putaghi bee. Ighiere mee Nigeria! Obi anyi na ekpere anyi no na ebe umunne anyi ndia no, maka mkpoputa ha.


Biafra: biri kwa! ka Chineke siri kee gi.


Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!!—na ndu anyi kwa. Maka Chineke nonyere la gi—nonyere kwa ra anyi!


Ndewo unu




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