This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcasts


For September 19, 2008


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…


Fellow Biafrans:


Who will fail to notice that, more than ever, Nigeria is now facing the harsh music of its own malicious and malignant anti-Biafra, anti-people existence? Nigeria’s existence, supreme evil as it is, was already in jeopardy; now, it is ready to disintegrate. So, we want to encourage all Biafrans now to continue to do their part to see that we get out of Nigeria, no matter how long it takes for Nigeria to finally crumble. We want to challenge those Biafrans not already in the movement to actualize Biafra by tickling their conscience with the question: “What more signs are you waiting for before you will join the cause of Biafra actualization?”


There is one thing that we all need to be perfectly clear on: There is only one enemy, and that enemy is Nigeria. It is very necessary that we restate this and remind everyone of it, that way, we can remain focused on the only goal—Biafra actualization. Nigeria is the only enemy: we must get out of Nigeria into our Biafra to defeat this enemy. We require everyone to know, to understand and to act with the conscious awareness that Nigeria is the enemy—the only enemy. Knowing the enemy allows us to focus, this time, not on the enemy, but on victory—on the ways and means to victory. We have but one victory—Biafra; we have only one way and means to that victory: Biafra actualization. One enemy—Nigeria. One Victory: Biafra. One way to Victory: actualization of Biafra.


Now, let’s remind you of how bad things are getting. Yar’Adua is sick, so sick and vulnerable that he is trying to hide his sickness from stupid Nigerians who, in their sycophancy, have failed to insist that he acknowledge that he is seriously ill, and that he should resign as president of their Nigeria. Instead, streams of sycophantic Nigerian so-called officials pay him homage, kowtow before the dying man, praise his “good health,” and reappear to chastise the hopeless and powerless Nigerian public for wondering about the health of sick Yar’Adua. These sycophants and liars include, not surprisingly, some of the Igbo and other Biafran efulefu of Nigeria’s political class, including some so-called governors. Tufiakwa! So, the already floundering ship-of-State known as Nigeria has a sick non-performer at the helm—essentially as a figurehead; their Nigeria is now being run by the same few evil and corrupt men and women whose performance we already know, because they are responsible for driving their Nigeria into this continuing state of abject failure. It is the same set of selfish, power-hungry, money-grabbing, insatiable fiends belonging to this cabal whose only interest is to maintain their Nigeria in this comatose state so that they can continue their senseless, conscience-less shameless, unquenchable exploitation of the hapless peoples residing in that “mere geographic expression.”  So, you see, the already incredibly bad situation of their Nigeria is going to get incredibly worse. The only sane and practicable answer is for us to get out of their leprous Nigeria and actualize Biafra.


Of course, some of you are already hearing the boom of weapons of war; or are feeling the explosions and smoke and seeing spillage from blown-up oil facilities and infrastructure. We do not need to remind you of that. Some of you are already victims of, or know victims from, this armed conflict in our land, Biafraland. These are signs of more bad things to come for as long as Nigeria continues its descent into the abyss, into Hades. This is a direct result of the factual saying that “…Those who make peaceful change impossible only ensure that violent revolution is a certainty.” We have always maintained our philosophy and practice as a principled non-violent movement. We continue on this non-violent path, always, until we achieve our goal of Biafra actualization, even though murderous Nigeria exploits our non-violent stance by gratuitously showering violence on us. As long as Nigeria pretends it does not understand this saying quoted earlier, there will be more gnashing of teeth, even unto ultimate toothlessness—if necessary, for all parties involved. What a needless tragedy! At the end of the long hard bloody day, there will be one thing left standing: Biafra, and her people. We shall actualize Biafra. That, we can assure you of.


So, keep your eye on the goal, Biafra actualization, and your mind on the prize, Biafra. Know your one and only enemy, Nigeria, then, focus on victory: Biafra. This phase may be short, or it may be long; it could very well be Nigeria’s last gasp—and if so, good riddance, then, after all these years! We have seen evil Nigeria at the point of its last breath before, only for it to regain a temporary reprieve, but just so it can continue to suffer, as if being punished by a prolongation of its agony in endless cycles—the very description of Hell. Our task, our part, is to continue the struggle until Biafra is in our hands.


If Nigeria was a functional place, there would be no justification for its continuing the farcical imprisonment of our people, the MASSOB members languishing in its jails. Technically, as you know, even Ralph Uwazurike, the leader of MASSOB, is only on “furlough,” having been denied bail, where opportunities for the Nigerian courts to make a decision just on his appeal of bail denial are constantly being postponed by the courts. These other members of MASSOB were said to have been granted bail, but conditions of bail having been deliberately set too high, they are still technically and physically in Nigeria’s jails. They are: Samuel Onwuka, Jude Onuasoanya, Sunday Mmadubuike, Chima Okafor, Richard Oko, Isaac Obi, Sunday Agudike, Uchenna Onuegbe, Anayo Nwali, Chukwudi Dennis, Arinze Obodozie, Oko Uru, Emeka Ugwu, and Uchenna Madu, the Information Director of MASSOB. Our thoughts are always with them: we want them out unconditionally, and, immediately.


Biafra alive! Because it is God Who makes it so.


That’s the News Analysis for the week. Thank you.




God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast ( now continues in Igbo, one of the Biafran languages.




Ndi Biafra, ekele e o-o!  Anyi e kelee unu.


Nkea wu akuko nke anyi na a kpo News Analysis, si na Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) Radio, di na Washington DC, na ala America, na a bia ra unu na abali a.


O ga a wu na mmadu kpuru-ishi, ma o wu nti di onye ahu, ka o ghara i ghota na Nigeria, nke di mbu mebie e mebie, na ha a daachaala ugbua. Nke mere anyi ji a gwa unu ka unu nwee obisieike, na e me ihe gbasara Biafra actualization, na e mesi ya ike, rue mgbe o ga e bi—mgbe anyi nwetara Biafra, mgbe Nigeria ga a nwu. Ndi Biafra a ka baghibee osondu anyi no na ya, na anyi i nweta Biafra, anyi na a ju unu: “Kedu ihe unu na e che; gini ji unu?”


Ka anyi gwa kwa unu otu ihe ahu nke di mkpa ka anyi dum buru na obi: naani otu onye-iro ka anyi nwere: onye-iro ahu wu Nigeria. Onye o wula, ma o na e tee e te, ma o no na nro, ma o no na urha, mara kwa nke ahu: Nigeria wu naani onye-iro anyi nwere. A tugharia okwu ya, ya a wuru na sooso otu Mmeri ka anyi nwere: nke ahu wu Biafra. Sooso otu uzo-mmeri ka anyi na a ga: nweta Biafra. Onye e chefughikwa la: otu onye-iho:—Nigeria. Otu Mmeri:—Biafra. Otu uzo na e duga anyi Mmeri: Nchota Biafra.


Ka anyi chetera unu otu ihe di na ime obodo ojoo ahu a na a kpo Nigeria taa. Onye isi (president) ha, Yar’Adua, wu onye oke oria ojoo na a ria; ike a dighi ya i chi obodo ha, ma ujo e kweghi ndi Nigeria i ju ya maka ahu ya, ma o wu ha i si ya ridata na okwa president ha, ebe ahu a dighi ya mma. Kama, ndi ha na Yar’Adua no na o chichi Nigeria ha a na a gbaghari, na a gha-ugha, na a si na ahu siri Yar’Adua ike. Ma, naani ihe ha na a cho wu ka onye-oria, Yar’dua, ka nodu na isi, ma ha onwe ha a na e kwu ihe ga e me na ime Nigeria ha; na a kpi ego na ihe ndi ozo no na ime Nigeria ha. Anyi ma ndi ya a ma, maka o wu otu nde ahu nyere aka mee Nigeria ajoo obodo Nigeria wu taa. Anyi ma na ebe aka leper ha no na ime ihe na e me Nigeria taa, naani onwu ahu na e che Nigeria ha ka Nigeria ga a nwu zi ugbua. Sooso otu ihe ka anyi puru i me ugbua—nke wu, si na Nigeria puta, gawa na Biafra anyi.


Anyi ji aka na ufodi na ime unu, na ogu egbe na bomb a na a lu na ala anyi taa, ala Biafra, ugbua, e metu la unu na ahu: nke ahu a wughi ihe mmadu ga e chetara unu. Jiri unu nkea mara na mgbakasi Nigeria ha a di la nso. Mara kwa unu na o wu ihe na e me o wuru na ndi mmadu e kweghi ka ihe si uzo nke udo gaa—naani ihe foziri wu uzo nke agha na ogba-aghara. Ihe anyi ma—ihe anyi no na ya—wu na uzo nke anyi wu uzo nke udo; uzo ahu ka anyi ga e so (o wurugodu ma Nigeria o na e meru anyi ahu otu o si e me anyi),  rue mgbe anyi ga e nweta Biafra. Ebe Nigeria a choghi udo, Nigeria a gaghi a hu udo. E mechaa kwa, mee elu, mee ala, Biafra ga a kwuru. Anyi ga e nwetariri Biafra. Nkea wu nkwa anyi kwere unu.


Maka nkea, ka anya unu noro na Biafra, obi unu a nodi na nweta Biafra. Mara unu onye-iro: Nigeria; ma, okwukwe unu wuru Mmeri, nke wu, Biafra. Ka nkea wuru oru anyi, rue mgbe Biafra ga a wu nke anyi.


A si na Nigeria wu ebe ihe na e me otu ihe si e me, kedu otu o ga e ji jide umunne anyi na mkporo rue ugbua? Eziokwu wu na Ralph Uwazurike na onwe ya, onye isi MASSOB, e nwetaghibee Bail; ndi MASSOB ndi ozo a si na e nyere Bail, o nweghi otu a ga e si a gbaputa ha maka o nweghi onye ujo Nigeria na SSS kwere i wu suretee maka bail ha. Aha umunne anyi ndi MASSOB ya wu: Samuel Onwuka, Jude Onuasoanya, Sunday Mmadubuike, Chima Okafor, Richard Oko, Issac Obi, Sunday Agudike, Uchenna Onuegbe, Anayo Nwali, Chukwudi Dennis, Arinze Obodozie, Oko Uru Emeka Ugwu, na Uchenna Madu, otu na ndi ndu MASSOB. Obi anyi na echiche anyi no na ebe ha no. A ga e weputariri ha na mkporo ahu.


Biafra: biri kwa! ka Chineke siri kee gi.


Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!!—na ndu anyi kwa. Maka Chineke nonyere la gi—nonyere kwa ra anyi!


Ndewo unu




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