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For August 22, 2008


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…


Fellow Biafrans:


Six days hence, on August 28, next Thursday, we expect all Biafrans to participate in the Strike called by MASSOB. This strike action calls for our people to stay at home to, among other things, protest the forced “Nigerianization” of Biafrans. We are Biafrans; we are not Nigerians, and we do not want to continue to be forced into Nigeria.


Na ubochi isii na a bia, August 28 2008, Thursday, ndi Biafra dum ga e so gbaa Strike nke MASSOB kporo. Na ubochi ahu, ndi Biafra dum ga a no na ime ulo ha, na a gaghi oru ma o wu i puta ezi i me ihe ozo. Otu na ihe anyi ji na a gba Strike ya wu i ji kwuo na anyi a gaghi a no na ime one-Nigeria; na anyi wu Biafra—nde Biafra—anyi a wughi nde Nigeria.


The August 28 2008 strike which we all will observe is a statement in support of Self Determination for Biafra and our people. Self Determination principle means that each ethnic nation has a right to exercise political independence from whatever country it found itself in originally. Participation in the Strike is our acceptance of the Self Determination principle and process for Biafra leading us out of Nigeria into Independence.


Anyi ga e so a gba Strike ya i ji kwuo na anyi kwadoro, na kwere kwa na, Self Determination, nke putara na ndi Mba owula nwere ike i si na Obodo ha no puwa, ga ghoo Obodo ohuru, Obodo ozo nke noro onwe ya, na a chi onwe ya. Ihe Self Determination wu, wu na ndi Biafra nwere ike i noro onwe ha, nke wu ihe anyi na a cho, taa. Anyi ga e mesi Strike ahu ike.


We strike on August 28 2008 NOT so that the world can hear our protest: the world is too busy with its own problems. What the world has done for us is to provide us with the mechanism for liberating ourselves from Nigeria; it did so through the UN’s Self Determination Resolution. We engage in the strike to continue to express our resolve for Self Determination for us and our people, leading to Biafra Independence. We strike as part of the process of, and participation in, Self Determination.


Anyi i gba Strike na August 28 a wughi ka uwa nu olu anyi—mba: uwa e nweghi efe; uwa nwere nsogbu nke ya. Ma, ihe uwa mere wu i nye anyi ike, site na akwukwo Self Determination nke otu uwa, UN.  Mgbe anyi kwadoro Self Determination, mee ihe di na ime ya, anyi ga e nweta Biafra. Anyi i me Strike wu anyi i kwere na uzo Self Determination i ji e nweta Biafra. Na aka anyi ka nke ahu di zi.


August 28 Strike is one act—mighty, but still one act. It is going to take more than one act, though, no matter how important that act is (and it is), to get us to Biafra. Every single such act is indeed very crucial. But, we have to be committed to whatever more acts it takes to get us Biafra—and there are more acts; we have to continue such acts, no matter how long. Prepare yourselves, then, if you haven’t already, for continuous action to liberate ourselves from evil Nigeria and get us our own country of Biafra.


Strike August 28 anyi wu kwa nu naani otu ihe na ime ihe buru i bi nke anyi ga e me i ji nweta Biafra. Anyi na a gba strike ya, anyi e vuru kwa ya na obi na o nwere ihe ndi ozo anyi ga e me tutu anyi e nweta Biafra. Anyi ga e si-onwu mee ihe obula e kwesiri i me, rue mbge obula o ga e ru, ka anyi nweta Biafra. Jikwara kwa unu.


Between August 28 and the next massive action, we charge our people not to get lazy, not to return to idleness, and not to go back to sleep. We want continuous readiness and ongoing actions with the sole purpose of Biafra actualization. As a practical matter, while we will always respond to MASSOB initiatives with enthusiasm, we should not always wait for MASSOB’s lead before we embark on actions that are consistent with Biafra actualization. Whatever anyone can do, together or individually, we have to do it, whenever the opportunity arises. Biafra belongs to each and all of us, not just to MASSOB. So, be doing your part all the time.


Site ugbua rue mgbe anyi ga e me strike August 28, ma o wu mgbe anyi ga e me ihe ndi ozo, unu a daghikwa la mba; obi a jughikwa la unu oyi; kama, choo kwa unu ihe ozo unu ga na e me anyi i ji i nweta Biafra. Unu e cheghikwa la ka MASSOB buru uzo gwa unu tupu unu e mee ihe ga e nye aka i nweta Biafra. Biafra a wughi naani nke ndi MASSOB: Biafra wu nke anyi dum. Maka nkea, onye owula na ime anyi kwesiri i na e che echiche otu onye ahu ga e ji mekuta Nigeria ahu, zoputa anyi na aka Nigeria. Biafra turu ilulu na a si  na “Onye aka furu lie nna ya; o wughi nwa-opara gburu ya.”


August 28 Strike action is also a protest against the ongoing imprisonment of MASSOB members and other pro-Biafra workers by Nigeria because of the formers’ activism in the pursuit of Biafra actualization. The Strike is a protest against the harassment, intimidation and injuring of any and all persons working for Biafra actualization by Nigeria, being that as of September 12 / 13 2007, the UN has voted to recognize the right of Ethnic Nations to seek their own Independence with the “Self Determination” General Assembly Resolution. Nigeria had its chance, but did not vote against this UN Resolution, choosing, instead, to abstain (while its greatest supporter, Britain, voted in favor of the Resolution). With this Strike, we challenge Nigeria’s ongoing practice of jailing Biafra’s Self Determination activists. We especially insist, like we have been demanding all along, that Nigeria release unconditionally, from cumbersome and unattainable bail conditions, and or from prison, Ralph Uwazurike, the leader of MASSOB, and these other MASSOB members: Samuel Onwuka, Jude Onuasoanya, Sunday Mmadubuike, Chima Okafor, Richard Oko, Isaac Obi, Sunday Agudike, Uchenna Onuegbe, Anayo Nwali, Chukwudi Dennis, Arinze Obodozie, Oko Uru, Emeka Ugwu, and Uchenna Madu, MASSOB’s Information Director. Rest assured that until they are released, our actions will be a reflection of the injustice being meted against them by Nigeria, and by extension, against us Biafrans all.



Anyi ji Strike August 28 ya e zi iwe anyi maka mkporo Nigeria turu ndi MASSOB na ndi ozo na a ruru anyi oru i nweta Biafra. Maka na September 12 / 13, ndi UN dere akwukwo Self Determination nke nyere mba owula ike i nwere onwe ha, na i chi onwe ha, nke wu ihe anyi na e me na ihe gbasara Biafra. Nigeria no ngahu mgbe ndi UN mere vote maka Self Determination; Nigeria a sighi, “Mba,” kama o tinyeghi vote (enyi Nigeria, Britain, turu vote kwado Self Determination). Anyi ji Strike ya na a ju ka Nigeria ji ziri bia ugbua na a tu ndi Biafra na e me Self Determination mkporo; anyi na e kwusi ya ike na Nigeria ga a hapuriri MASSOB na umu Biafra aka, kagbue bail “e-nweghita-e nweta” nke Nigeria si na ya nyere Ralph Uwazurike, onye isi MASSOB; si na mkporo weputa ya na ndi MASSOB ndia: Samuel Onwuka, Jude Onuasoanya, Sunday Mmadubuike, Chima Okafor, Richard Oko, Isaac Obi, Sunday Agudike, Uchenna Onuegbe, Anayo Nwali, Chukwudi Dennis, Arinze Obodozie, Oko Uru, Emeka Ugwu, na Uchenna Madu, otu na ndi ndu MASSOB. Ihe na ile anyi ga e me i ji nweta Biafra, anyi ga na e bu umunne anyi ndia na obi.


Let’s get on with August 28 Strike and do it like determined and honorable people with an irresistible prize, Biafra!


Ngwanuya! O su la. Ka anyi mee Strike August 28 ka ndi obi siri ike, nde nwere ugwu, ndi ma ihe na a cho—Biafra!


Biafra alive! Because it is God Who makes it so.


That’s the News Analysis for the week. Thank you.


Biafra: biri kwa! ka Chineke siri kee gi.


Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!!—na ndu anyi kwa. Maka Chineke nonyere la gi—nonyere kwa ra anyi!


Ndewo unu




God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast ( now continues


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