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For July 11, 2008


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…


Fellow Biafrans:


It has never been a secret that we are under occupation by Nigeria and her forces.  The fact that Nigeria has now moved its prepared-for-battle military units into our land without our permission or consent is another proof of this occupation. As you well know, Biafraland is now an official battleground as Nigeria deploys its troops to kill Biafran people in what Nigeria considers frontlines, the Niger Delta; and as Nigerian military take over our Biafran cities such as Umuahia, Aba and Port Harcourt, to convert them into garrisons for their administrative and logistic support.


Yes, Nigeria, under Yar’Adua, says it has declared war in the Niger Delta Biafran territory. He, Yar’Adua, went to the G8 World Leaders’ Conference and blackmailed them into promising help in subduing the Niger Delta, using the fact of rising Oil prices and the resultant world-wide economic hardship. It is to be noted that the psychopath and kleptomaniac, Aremu Obasanjo, who ruled Nigeria before him, had failed in his own bid to lure Western powers into fighting Nigeria’s immoral and colonial war against the Niger Delta.


For the benefit of the pretend-deaf, pretend-blind, and those in denial, let us remind all of what the Niger Delta problem is all about. There is Oil in the region. That Oil is not in Nigeria: it is in Biafraland. There is a lot of that Oil in the Niger Delta territory proper of Biafra. Nigeria, using greedy exploitative colonial as well as deliberately punitive policies in the form of its so-called Land Use Decree, claimed and took possession of all of Oil-producing Niger Delta land as Nigerian Government property, specifically so that it can take control and ownership of the Oil. (Of note: such a decree had never been applied to any other part of Nigeria; the Nigerian government could never dream of even claiming as Nigerian territory what Northern Nigerians regard as their own holy Muslim Land of their own Nation of Islam.) Yet, that was not all. Nigeria, in its ongoing policy of subjugation, looting and punishment of Biafra, uses all of the revenue from the Oil to develop and modernize the Northern part of Nigeria and some parts of Western Nigeria, and to enrich Northern Nigerian military and feudal leaders, as well as a few Western Nigerian individuals. Out of sheer malice and loathe for Biafra, Nigeria vehemently refuses to spend any proceeds from the Oil for the benefit of the Niger Delta people, let alone for repairing the disastrous ecological and biosphere damage done in the region as a direct result of oil exploration therein. For over forty years, and following the Biafra War, such pernicious deprivation of the Niger Delta has been carried out as a matter of deliberate policy by Nigeria. Somehow, Yar’Adua, not known for historical memory, and steeped in the tradition of his Hausa-Fulani Northern Nigeria descent, has chosen to gloss over this foundational causative for the problems of the area. We are certain that he won’t get it either when we point out that Nigeria gladly gave away Bakassi to Cameroun, too, much to the horror of protesting but helpless and hapless Bakassi people; why? Bakassi is another part of Biafran Territory with substantial Oil reserves: how better for Nigeria to continue to dispossess Biafra?


Today, Nigeria says it is fighting “criminals,” “militants,” “miscreants” and “Oil thieves” in the Niger Delta, as Yar’Adua would intone at the G8 conference. But the truth and real motive was let out by Gambari, who was recently appointed by the same Yar’Adua to head yet another sham Niger Delta token, deceptive appeasement panel. Gambari announced promptly to the whole world that the people of Niger Delta do not own any land and have nothing: “the Niger Delta land belongs to Nigeria.”  So, it should be clear what is behind Nigeria going to the Niger Delta to kill Niger Delta people in the name of waging war against “criminals, militants, miscreants and oil thieves in Niger Delta.” Nigeria just wants the Oil, for Nigeria, and nothing for Niger Delta—at all costs. For the Oil, Nigeria will destroy the Niger Delta people whom it has no need for; Nigeria just wants to continue to exploit Biafra’s Oil and keep punishing Biafra.


Truth is that so-called Oil Bunkerers / thieves are Nigeria’s high officials and influential Nigerians well-known to, groomed and protected by, Nigeria. Truth is that most ordinary Nigerians, at that, do not benefit from the oil revenues, anyway: leave that to greedy Nigerian leaders and their friends and family who have managed to squander a mind-boggling estimated $500B from Oil proceeds in the past 40 years. These Babangida’s, Obasanjo’s, Abacha’s, Danjuma’s, Dangote’s, Yar’Adua’s and their cronies of Nigeria are right there, enjoying the benefits of their greed and corruption. They stash their loot in foreign countries and whitewash their image with the eager help of foreign firms and their governments. Truth is that whatever money is spent from Oil revenues by Nigeria on infrastructure and or amenities is spent in Northern Nigeria and some in the Lagos-axis of Western Nigeria, all consciously excluding Niger Delta and Biafraland. Many do not want to know, for example, that the Nigerian government and the Northern Nigerian leadership who rule Nigeria insist on, and get, an ever-increasing huge fiscal allocation each year to fight Sahara Desert encroachment into Northern Nigeria, and the programs include gigantic amounts of water transfer and tree-planting campaigns over mind-boggling acreage; that the money funding these programs come directly from Oil revenues from the Niger Delta; but Nigeria has no program to clean up the environmental mess or rehabilitate the displaced people of Niger Delta, victims of ongoing oil exploration, drilling and production in the area.


So, be it known today that Nigeria has moved in to do more of the killing of Biafrans in the Niger Delta. The Nigerian military has never been known for its military prowess, only for “victory” in killing unarmed civilians, and destroying and pillaging defenseless civilian villages and towns with impunity and with relish. Therefore, we feel for our brothers and sisters in the Delta region. With regards to Foreign Powers thinking of aiding Nigeria in this, let us say it right up front: Nigeria does not need your help murdering innocent civilians, killing our deprived and impoverished brothers and sisters, for that is precisely what is going on here, and the Foreign Powers know this better than any other institution. In a world we are told is pointedly not interested in Moral reasoning, we would like to ask such Foreign Powers: what is the economic benefit or political advantage in joining Nigeria to kill people who own the Oil, in whose land the Oil is, people who now merely eke out a living subsisting on less than one dollar a week—this, in spite of their Oil, people who are at the mercy of the environmental pollution and economics-system destruction caused by Oil work in their own land? What is the merit, and wherein the vantage?


Biafrans: Prepare. We will stick together and work with our fellow Biafrans of the Niger Delta. Our goal is Biafra actualization. Biafra’s Independence will end Nigeria’s exploitation of Niger Delta Oil and stop once and for all the humiliation, molestation and brutalization of our people.


Now, turning our attention to another brutality, let us also ask: Why are these MASSOB members still in Nigeria’s jails when they are supposed to have been granted bail weeks ago, and why are the jail officials still maltreating them, to the extent of giving them deliberately contaminated food? Samuel Onwuka, Jude Onuasoanya, Sunday Mmadubuike, Chima Okafor, Richard Oko, Isaac Obi, Sunday Agudike, Uchenna Onuegbe, Anayo Nwali, Chukwudi Dennis, Arinze Obodozie, Oko Uru, Emeka Ugwu, and Uchenna Madu—our MASSOB brethren, should be out of Nigeria’s Gulag now. We will not stop our efforts until they are released—every single one of them.


Biafra alive! Because it is God Who makes it so.


That’s the News Analysis for the week. Thank you.




God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast ( now continues in Igbo, one of the Biafran languages.


Ndi Biafra, ekele e o-o!  Anyi e kelee unu.


Nkea wu akuko nke anyi na a kpo News Analysis, si na Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) Radio, di na Washington DC, na ala America, na a bia ra unu na abali a.


O wuru ma o nwere onye a maghi, ka anyi chetara unu na Nigeria e bidola i lusi Biafra agha ozo, otu ha jiri bute ndi ami na soja ha na Umuahia, Aba na Port Harcourt, na kwa a kwa mgbo na ime Niger Delta, mpampa ala Biafra. Yar’Adua a riola ndi Uwa aka furu (World Powers) ka ha bia nyere Nigeria aka i gbu ndi Delta ndi Biafra.


Ugha di egwu ga e si Yar’Adua na onu puta maka ihe Nigeria ji a lusi ndi Delta Biafra ogu, ma naani otu ihe wu eziokwu di na ime ya. Eziokwu ahu bu na Yar’Adua na Nigeria na ndi Awusa ibe ya e nweghi ihe ha kporo ndu ndi mmadu ndi Delta—mba; naani Mmanu di na ala Delta ka ha choro i miri, gaa ree ya, were ego e retara ya gaa mezie obodo nke ha, tinye na akpa nke onwe ha na ezi-na-ulo ha, ma hapu Delta ka o na a lalu, otu mmimi mmanu siri mebie ala na oru ndi Delta Biafra. Ihe na ile Nigeria na e me wu ka ha megbuo Biafra, kagbue Biafra na ndi bi na ime Biafra. Nde World Power mara kwa na ha kwado Nigeria, ma o wu soro Nigeria gaa agha ya, o wu kwa ndi Mmadu ndi Delta Biafra ka ha na e gbu—ndi o nweghi onye ha choro okwu; ndi Mmanu wu nke ha, ma ha ka no na ogbenye, na ura; ndi Nigeria megburu e megbu kemgbe ogu-afo-abuo. O wu nu umunne anyi ndia di otua ka ndi World Power ga a bia e gbu?


Nde Biafra: jikwara kwa unu i kwado umunne anyi ndi Niger Delta na agha ya Nigeria na e vusi ha na anyi. Ka anyi e chefughi kwa la na o wu naani Biafra—nweta Biafra—ga a zo anyi, zoo kwa Niger Delta na umunne anyi bi na ime ya; zoputa ha na anyi na aka Nigeria, ka anyi kwuru onwe anyi, na zi a mu, na a ba kwa.


Na otu aka ya, ka anyi juo ihe mere umunne anyi ndi MASSOB nde Nigeria si na e nyere bail, ma ha ka no na mkporo ndi Nigeria, a na e mesi ha ike, na e megbu ha, nke ndi Wada jiri na e nye ha nri e tinyere ihe e kwesighi i ba na nri? Nigeria ga a hapuriri ha aka: Samuel Onwuka, Jude Onuasoanya, Sunday Mmadubuike, Chima Okafor, Richard Oko, Issac Obi, Sunday Agudike, Uchenna Onuegbe, Anayo Nwali, Chukwudi Dennis, Arinze Obodozie, Oko Uru Emeka Ugwu, na Uchenna Madu—si na nga weputa ha ugbua!


Biafra: biri kwa! ka Chineke siri kee gi.


Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!!—na ndu anyi kwa. Maka Chineke nonyere la gi—nonyere kwa ra anyi!


Ndewo unu




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