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For June 20, 2008


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…


Fellow Biafrans:


Last week, so-called governor, Ohakim, travelled from Biafraland to Lagos, Nigeria, where he declared to the Igbo group therein something like “…the war (by Nigeria) against the Igbo (against Biafra) is over.” If we arranged a contest among you asking for submissions on the subject of the “Most Stupid Personality” and “Most Absurd Utterance” in the recent times, Ohakim and his statement will certainly win, hands down.


One would have to ask:

1)     How stupid is Ohakim, really?

2)     How old is Ohakim—was he born after 1975?

3)     How frightened is Ohakim?


Ndi Biafra: e kelee o!
Na izu gara a ga, Ohakim, onye si na ya wu governor, si ri na ala Biafra gbagaa Lagos Nigeria, ga kwuo okwu na ebe ahu si na ogu Nigeria na a lusi anyi, ndi Igbo, ndi Biafra, na o bie la. Onye nuru uka iwhorhiwho di otua mbu? Nke mere anyi ji aju: Kedu udi onye nzuzu Ohakim wu; kedu di afo ole Ohakim gbara—o ka wu nwatakiri a muru mgbe a gafere 1975; olee udi ujo na a tu ya wu Ohakim?


It will be a waste of our time to stop to take up these rhetorical questions. Ohakim is a fool afraid of shadows; a spineless sycophant willing to dramatize his cowardice by publicly making patently false declarations. In so doing, he aims to please and appease his Hausa-Fulani Nigerian handlers. But, in his stupidity, he cannot understand that his Nigerian masters are not impressed by his fawn and lies: no one knows better than the same Hausa-Fulani that 1) they are today still waging the 1966 Genocide and its offshoot, the 1967 War, against the Igbo and against Biafrans; and 2) the Igbo and other Biafrans know it, too.


Anyi a gaghi a tufu oge i sa ajuju ndea. Ma, Ohakim wu onye iberibe; onye oke ujo chere na ya tuo asi, na ndi nnaya-ukwu—ndi Awusa na Nigeria—na obi ga a to ha uto. O maghi na nde Awusa na Nigeria ma na ha ka na a lusi ndi Igbo ndi Biafra agha; ha a mara kwa na ndi Igbo-ndi Biafra ma ihe na e me gbasara ogu ya.


We bring this up to demonstrate that the fear of Nigeria runs so deep among the Igbo so-called elite, especially the political class, that this group will do and say anything, no matter how ridiculously opposite of facts and Truth, in order to continue to appease Nigeria, the same way the miserable victim speaks in the presence of his fearsome bully. We say, Shame! on all such persons who have a choice to be quiet, but opt, on their own, to speak, only to lie to please their enemy. Double Shame, Ohakim! And, Shame on your ilk!


The same goes for Igbo jobbers masquerading as so-called writers who play around with “Biafra,” trying so hard to convince themselves and Nigeria something like that Biafra is only alive because Biafrans feel marginalized by Nigeria; ergo, Biafra will go away if Nigeria stops marginalizing the Igbo. These idiotic Igbo can keep deceiving themselves. First, Nigeria will never stop its one-sided war against the Igbo and against Biafra, as long as IGBO exist. Second, Nigeria has no plans to stop marginalizing the Igbo as long as there is “Igbo-ness” left anywhere on the Planet. Failure to grasp these facts only reveals the magnitude of the self-deception of those idiots. Of course, Nigeria only laughs at these fools, because even Nigeria herself understands that Biafra is irreversible—a political, social and geographic entity—a reality, as in “Sovereign Independent Nation” of Biafra. Nigeria puts the joke back on these jokers who are in serious denial; even while Nigeria continues to pepper us, because that is the only thing she can still do to our people, a people on a predestined course of actualization of Biafra.


Ihe anyi ji a kpatu iberibe Ohakim aka wu na ya na ndi Igbo-Biafra ndi ozo di ka ya, oke ujo Nigeria a tugbuo la ha; ha e were otua na a tu asi, ka ugha ha na a so ndi Awusa-ndi Nigeria na obi. Ndi otu ya na e de akwukwo na e kwu okwu e nweghi isi, na a si na o wuru ma Nigeria mezie ndi Igbo, na ndi Igbo ga e chefu Biafra. Onye nuru iwhorhiwho di otua mbu? Ma owughila di ndi Awusa-ndi Nigeria na onwe ha a ghotala na o nweghi ihe e metara ya, ndi Igbo a laa la Biafra a laa. Ndi efulefu ya, onwe ha ka ha na a ghogbu o wuru ma ha chere na ndi Igbo nwere ike i kwusi nchota Biafra. O gaghi e me: Biafra ka ndi Igbo choro; Biafra ka ha ga e nweta, naani Biafra!


Ohakim’s folly does not stop at speaking lies. Just look where he went to make his declaration, and what occasion: an Igbo-centric event, honoring an Igbo, celebrated where—in Lagos, Yorubaland? Do we not have Igboland-Biafraland—our own land—to hold our own events in? How many times have the Yoruba hosted a Yoruba event in Igboland-Biafraland; and at that, how many times have the Yoruba honored their own by travelling to a venue in Igboland-Biafraland for the occasion? How many times have the Hausa-Fulani honored and celebrated their people by renting space in Igboland-Biafraland for the event? And, even if so, to have one of their governors as the keynote guest? Fellow Biafrans: stupidity does not get worse than this.


Nzuzu Ohakim ka hiri nne: o gara Lagos i ga kwuo okwu di otua, na e mume a na e me i kwado onye Igbo: kedu kwa nu maka i me emume ahu na ala Igbo-ala Biafra? O wu ezigbo iberibe na ndi Igbo na a gbaaga Lagos na Abuja i me emume gbasara onye Igbo, kama ha ga e me ya na ala Igbo-ala Biafra. Onye huru mgbe nde Yoruba ma o wu ndi Awusa hoputara ebe owula na ime ala Igbo–ala Biafra i me emume gbasara ndi nke ha?


It is for this reason that we must thank you all, fellow Biafrans, because you have your senses, sensibilities and sensitivity intact and about you at all times. You, who understand that Biafra is our Right—Divine Right, Moral Right and Universal Right—as an Ethnic Nation whose choice it is to seek its own Sovereignty and Independence. You, who understand that no matter what Nigeria does or fails to do, whether now or in the future, Biafra is here to stay; Sovereign, Independent Biafra being a matter of pre-ordained time.


Maka nkea ka anyi ji e kele unu ndi Biafra maka unu nwere ogugu-isi, unu na e me ihe ziri e zi; ebe unu ghotara na o wu ike aka anyi, na na aka anyi ka o di, i nweta Biafra; ebe unu ma, na kweta kwa, na Nigeria mee elu mee ala, naani Biafra ka anyi ma; Biafra wu nkea anyi.


As for the Ohakim’s of this world, we ask you to shun them: ostracize them; ignore them, do not recognize them, do not pay any attention to them. Never take them serious; never be found in their company. Let them wallow in their chosen and self-inflicted inanity and insanity; let them choke in their own self-imposed denial. Don’t even bother to feel sorry or pity for them. Act as if they are not there, for those who deliberately deny self-evident truth are in fact not to be counted as “there”: they are not there; treat them as such..


In the matter of events and venues and celebrations, we ask you to return to Biafraland to host these activities. There must be at least twenty to forty Million Biafrans, and hundreds of suitable locations for such activities in Biafraland. Utilize our own land and our own facilities. We want to see successful Biafrans toasted and celebrated in Biafraland. We want to see Biafran musicians and artists entertaining in our own land and making a living doing so. We want to see Biafran sports teams engaging in sporting events in our own land, the professionals making a living out of it, and the non-professionals fulfilling their talents and aspirations therein. In our own land, fellow Biafrans; in Biafraland.


Ugbua, ihe ndia ka anyi ga e me maka ihea: anyi a gaghi a tupuru Ohakim na nde di ka ya onu; ha na nzuzu ha gawara onwe ha na ala mmuo ha. Na ihe gbasara emume, anyi na a gwa unu ka unu mee ya na ime ala Biafra oge dum. Ihe ka nnu-mmadu bi na ime Biafra: ihe ahu unu chere i me na Lagos, na Abuja ma o wu na ime ala ndi ozo, ka unu mee ya na ime ala Biafra. Otua ka oganiru ga e si a biahachi na ime Biafra, na ala Biafra, ugbua. Mee unu ihe na ime ala Biafra.


Biafrans: we shape our own history and tell our own story from now on. We utilize our own facilities and uplift our own land, now. Each act, each event brings the inevitable Day of Biafra that much closer. A word is enough for the wise.


Ndi Biafra: ka o wuru na o wu anyi jiri aka onwe anyi koo akuko Biafra na uwa ya; na o wu anyi jiri aka onwe anyi bulite ala anyi, mezie ala Biafra. Ogologo okwu a dighi na ime ya.


Biafra alive! Because it is God Who makes it so.

That’s the News Analysis for the week. Thank you.


Biafra: biri kwa! ka Chineke siri kee gi.

Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!!—na ndu anyi kwa. Maka Chineke nonyere la gi—nonyere kwa ra anyi!

Ndewo unu!




God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues (,


Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues

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