This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcasts


For June 6, 2008


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…


Fellow Biafrans:


We see that the Spirit of Biafra is alive and well in you, as demonstrated during Biafra’s Independence Day Celebration activities last week and on May 30. We also see the other side of this coin: that you are well and alive as Biafrans, and you are strong in Biafra; you, as the People of Biafra, breathe life into Biafra—which is as it should be. What a spectacular show—what you performed and how you performed it in remembrance and celebration of Biafra; and recommittal to Biafra! What a show of strength and courage, a demonstration of bravery, and a striking statement of clarity and commitment: Biafra now, Biafra always, Biafra, a must!


Anyi huru na Mmuo Biafra di ndu, nosie ike na ime unu, otu unu jiri gbaa Independence na May 30 na na izu gara aga. Anyi hu kwara na obi siri unu ike na Biafra, ebe unu mere ka aha Biafra wuru aha a na e tu etu ebe obula, jiri otua zi na Biafra di ndu ebighi-ebi. O wu kwa nu ihe puru ezigbo iche ka unu mere na emume Biafra, ihe na e zi na naani Biafra ka unu choro, naani Biafra ka unu ma! Unu e meela!


We also see that the world over, Biafrans in Diaspora observed May 30 and celebrated Biafra’s Independence Day with purpose and passion, with pro-Biafra / pro-MASSOB  support action, showing that whether residing at home or abroad, all Biafrans are focused one goal: Biafra—Biafra, as our only country; Biafra, as our only nation; Biafra, a must.


Ihe unu mere na ulo na ime ala Biafra, o wu ihe umu Biafra no na Obodo Oyibo me kwara na ebe ha bi. Nde Biafra no na “Diaspora” mesiri emume Independence Biafra ike na ufodu obodo ha bi na ya. Nkea ziri na nde Biafra di na Diaspora, na Biafra na a nu ha oku na obi ka Biafra si a nu unu nde bi na ulo oku na obi kwa.


We are grateful to you for proving that Biafra is here to stay. That’s the meaning behind finding the very elderly turning up with “limp and cane” to march in the pro-Biafra May 30-related Million-Man March; that’s the meaning of finding children spontaneously abandoning their wonted play and stubbornly joining the Million Man March. That’s the meaning of 5 million Biafrans jamming the road all the way from Okwe to Owerri, while other eager Biafrans could not even get a literal foothold to get started. Biafra is here to stay: you have once again proved it. Biafra appreciates your confirming and affirming this Truth.


Anyi e kelee unu maka unu kwuru na, o nweghi ihe e metara ya, Biafra a kwuru la. Kedu otu unu jiri gwa anyi ihea? O wu mgbe ndi okenye Biafra, ndi “o ji mkpara-a-ga ije,” biara soro na Million-Man March nde Biafra na emume gbasara May 30. O wu mgbe umutakiri hafuru i gwu-egwu, sie onwu na ha ga e soriri mee March. O wu mgbe nnu mmadu ndi Biafra putara i ga March ya, ma o nweghi di ebe ha ga a zonye ukwu i ji bido njem ya! Otua ka unu jiri gwa anyi na Biafra a kwuru la, na Biafra di mkpa. Ndewo unu—Biafra na e kele unu.


Now, no one has to tell you or remind you that we have to continue as if the March continues—continues until Biafra is politically and practically ours. Yes, the March is not over—not yet: not until we get to the Promised Land, Biafra. This means that we carry ourselves as Biafrans; conduct ourselves as Biafrans; live, love and die as Biafrans and uphold Biafra in everything that we do, in everything that we say. This means that whether Nigeria is ambushing us, killing us, arresting us and sending us to prison for the sake of Biafra, that we remain oblivious to her cruel antics; at the same time, remain steadfast, unwaveringly committed to the one Cause, Biafra actualization and the one Nation: Biafra. We must go about our serious Biafra business knowing that Biafra is more important than Nigeria or whatever brutality and evil Nigeria is dishing out against Biafra and against Biafrans: Biafra is more important; Biafra is that important.


Anyi a gaghi zi a gwa unu ma o wu chetara unu na anyi e mechabeghi ihe anyi na e me: o gwula ma anyi nwetara Biafra. Million-Man March ahu ka di kwa. Anyi ga na a kpa agwa ka ndi Biafra na oge dum; naani Biafra ga a wu ihe anyi bu na obi. Ihe o wula Nigeria na e me anyi na ihi Biafra—ma o na e gbu anyi egbu ma o na a tu anyi mkporo—lefuru unu ya anya; Biafra / nweta Biafra ka mkpa karia Nigeria na aru ya.


However, we have to remind you that Nigeria is a confused evil monster which has no idea what laws are, not to speak of good laws even; and talk less of obeying laws. Nigeria is a place where functionaries do not understand law and do not understand responsibility with regards to those laws. Nigeria is a place where Nigerian officials trip over themselves mongering to break laws; at other times, eager to show off in public their profound ignorance of laws. Unfortunately and almost invariably, these delinquencies of Nigeria end up victimizing Biafrans. So, we read (as predicted earlier) that the government of Nigeria arrested some MASSOB members in Enugu and arraigned them in court for essentially celebrating—without violence—Biafra on May 30 2008. This leads to the conclusion that in addition to the aforementioned deficits, the Nigerian government also lacks memory, and lacks legal sense, too. Remember MASSOB-53, where the Nigeria Police arrested and detained 53 MASSOB members at a soccer event in Lagos, imprisoning them for over 2 years, with the same charges as now being parroted in the Enugu case? After 2 years, didn’t Nigeria drop the case, because Nigerian government lawyers would not even show up in court to prosecute their own sham-full case? In the more recent case involving Uwazurike, the leader of MASSOB, and some MASSOB officials and other-rank MASSOB members, was it not the same charges: did the government attempt to prosecute the case, other than arguing in court and insisting that MASSOBians should not get bail, and using delay-tactics to have the MASSOB members kept in jail without bail and without prosecution? So, accept our reminder and resolve that you will not allow Nigeria’s senselessness and total lack of jurisprudence slow you down on our road to Biafra.


Ma, anyi si unu cheta kwa na Nigeria wu Obodo ndi na a chi ya a maghi iwu, owurugodi na iwu ha o wu iwu kwu oto (nke anyi dum ma na o wughi); ma ha nwere di iwu. Mgbe Nigeria dara iwu, nke ha na a da na oge dum, njo si na ya puta na a gbasa nde Biafra, megide ndi Biafra. Anyi a hula otu Nigeria ji jide na wega nde MASSOB na court na Enugu maka ha na a gbaa Biafra Independence na May 30 na izu gara a ga. Ihe Nigeria boro umu nne anyi na Enugu wu otu ihe ahu o boro ndi MASSOB-53, afo ato gara a ga; wuru kwa otu ebubo ahu o boro Ralph Uwazurike na ndi ndu na umu MASSOB nde ozo. Ma, lee nu ihe mere mgbe ahu: o nweghi nu ikpe e kpere na MASSOB-53; o nweghi ikpe e kpere na nke Uwazurike: maka e bubo Nigeria boro ha e nweghi isi. Otua ka Nigeria jiri tinye umu nne anyi ndia na mkporo, na o nweghi ikpe a na e kpe, ma e kweghi ka ha nweta kwanu Bail. Maka nkea ka anyi ji e chetara unu; anyi na a gwa unu ka unu maa obi unu akpu, si na Nigeria mee elu mee ala, unu a gaghi e kwe ka aru na nzuzu na a-maghi-iwu Nigeria nochiere unu uzo anyi si a ga Biafra—mba!


Above all, you know that you are Morally correct and Morally obligated to get out of smothering Nigeria—we didn’t tell you that: your own Self and Spirit bear witness to that incessantly. You know that you have a Divine Duty to free yourself from any condition or situation that is robbing you of God’s gift of Life and Freedom, like Nigeria is: we didn’t have to tell you that; your Chi ministers to you on that score all the time. You know that every Nation of People owns the Right to Self Determination; the Nation and People of Biafra have the right of Self Determination leading to Biafra’s Independence and Sovereignty: this, we have been telling you all along; and now the United Nations, since September 12/13 2007, has passed Resolution A/61/295 stating and recognizing the Right of Ethnic Nations to Self Determination. Act on that which you know: we do not have to tell you to.


Unu ma na o wu ihe kwesiri e kwesi ka mmadu site na ihe na a kpagbu ya, dika Nigeria si a kpagbu anyi, puta; o wughi anyi gwara unu nkea: mmuo unu na obi unu na a gbara unu akaebe maka nkea. Unu ma na o wu oru mmadu i si na ihe ahu puta na e gbochiri ya Ndu na Odimma nke Chineke nyere ya; o wughi anyi si unu otua: o wu Chi unu na a takaara unu ihe di otua, oge dum. Unu ma na oha mmadu nde ala na obara jikoro onu ([Ethnic] Nation) nwere ike bido Obodo nke aka ha, nooro onwe ha, na a chi onwe ha, otu anyi si a cho Biafra; o tee la anyi na a gwa unu maka ya; ma ndi United Nations (UN) si na nde Mmadu a na a kpo “Ethnic Nations” nwere ike site ebe onodu ha no ugbua puta i noro onwe ha, na chia kwa o nwe ha; UN na kwa a kwado nkea, site na nkwekorita ha a na a kpo “Resolution,” nke “A/61/295.” Unu ma cha ihe ndia; mee zie unu ihe ahu unu ma.


Biafra alive! Because it is God Who makes it so.


That’s the News Analysis for the week. Thank you.


Biafra: biri kwa! ka Chineke siri kee gi.

Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!!—na ndu anyi kwa. Maka Chineke nonyere la gi—nonyere kwa ra anyi!

Ndewo unu!





God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues (,


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