Biafra Independence Day on the Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcasts


May 30, 2008


Fellow Biafrans:


On May 30 1967, Biafra was born. Today, you have celebrated fully in commemoration of this wonderful event.


Na Ubochi May 30 1967 ka a muru Biafra. Ka anyi ňuria na ncheta ihea maka ubochi ya, o puru ichie.



Biafra delivered our Nation from the most reprehensible treatment a people can ever be collectively subjected to by their foes: Biafra delivered us from Genocide committed against us by most reprehensible Nigeria, especially wicked Northern Nigerians. Today, you recall our suffering and you recall our deliverance.


Biafra wu ihe zoputara anyi site na ogbugbu nke ndi Awusa na ndi Nigeria gburu anyi, aru a na a kpo Genocide. Taa, ka anyi cheta ahuhu ndi anyi tara; ma, ka anyi cheta kwa nzoputa Biafra siri na ahuhu ahu zoputa anyi.



On May 30 2008, we do more than celebrate, more than remember 1967: we reaffirm our fixed destiny as the People of a Sovereign Nation—the Sovereign Nation of Biafra. We exercise our God-given Right, our Human Right, our collective personal Right: the right of Self Determination. It is a Right that even the UN now recognizes and respects. Never forget!


Na Ubochi May 30 2008, o wughi naani ňuri na ncheta 1967 ka anyi na eme: anyi si, kwe re kwa, na Biafra nooro onwe ya, nwere onwe ya, na a chi onwe ya. Anyi si na o wu ike anyi, na o wu na aka anyi, ka o di i nwere onwe anyi, chia onwe anyi na Biafra. Otua ka o di na anya Chineke, na anya Mmadu, na na anya Otu Uwa ukwu a na a kpo UN.



On this day, May 30, 2008, we also celebrate the bright future of the People and Nation of Biafra. Our people have an indomitable will and matching drive, complemented by tremendous talent, to work hard and to accept no other reward than merited success, in every field of endeavor. Our people are truly gifted and allow no hindrances or boundaries to what can be pursued and what can be achieved. Such we celebrate today.


Na Ubochi ya—ubochi May 30 2008—anyi na a ňuri na Chi anyi—Chi Biafra—mara oke mma. Ndi Biafra wu ndi ike oru di, nde oru na uru di na ime ya na a masi nke ukwuu. Maka, ihe owula anyi tinyere isi anyi na ime ya, anyi na e mezu ya, o na e wetara anyi oganaihu. O nweghi mgbochi-uzo ga e me ka obi juo  anyi oyi—mba: anyi a maghi ihe “mgbochi-uzo” wu. Maka nkea, ka anyi na a ňuri.



On this day, May 30 2008, we celebrate the bright future of the Nation of Biafra itself: ours is a Nation naturally endowed with material and mineral resources, complemented by productive land well capable of feeding her people and her neighbors. Thus we celebrate.


Na Ubochi ya—ubochi May 30 2008—anyi na a ňuri na Chi Biafra di mma puru ichie. Ala Biafra dika ala Chineke kwere umu Israel na nkwa na Bible: ala oma a goziri a gozi, “mmanu-aňu na mmiri-ara juru e ju.”



On this Day, May 30 2008, as we remember the past and celebrate the future, we also celebrate the Present—today; we celebrate Now. We celebrate today the bravery of our people who have come out to declare once again what we are—Biafrans; and what we must have—Sovereign Biafra; even though the enemy, Nigeria and her agents, are out in full force and fury to attack us and to kill us, yes, even on our most hallowed Day. On this Day, we celebrate the courage of our Biafra people for standing up to our bullying enemy, Nigeria; for answering to the Biafra roll-call, no matter who is eavesdropping, no matter who is watching and no matter who is offended.


Na Ubochi ya—ubochi May 30 2008—anyi na e cheta oge gara aga na na a ňuri na Chi anyi di mma mgbe na a bia na iru; anyi ga kwa na a ňuri maka taa-ta: maka taa, nde Biafra gosiri na anyi nwere obi-sie-ike, otu ha siri puta bia mee emume Independence Biafra, ebe ndi Nigeria na a cho i gbu onye o wula kporo onwe ya onye Biafra e gbu. Ndi Biafra e mee la ka Dimkpa taa: ka anyi ňuria kwa maka nkea.



We celebrate because Biafra delivered us from Genocide; we celebrate because Biafra delivers us into our prosperous future; we celebrate because today, Biafra delivers us from our fear of the oppressor-Nigeria, into the Land of bravery and courage…Let the party continue until the Biafran Flag flies high, free and mighty alongside other sovereign nations’ at the UN Headquarters and on other Nations’ Diplomatic rows.


Anyi na a ňuri taa na Biafra zoputara anyi na aru Genocide; na a ňuri na Biafra mere ka Chi anyi di nnukwu mma na oge na a bia a bia, anyi ňuria kwa taa na Biafra a zoputa la anyi site na ujo di egwu di anyi maka Nigeria, zotara anyi obi-sie-ike, ka anyi zi na anyi wu Dimkpa…Si ka a na e me emume na ňuria ya rue mgbe Uwa ga a nabata Biafra dika Obodo nooro onwe ya, na a chi onwe ya.



Hail Biafra now; Hail Biafra forever. For such hath God ordained.


Biafra, biri kwa ugbua; Biafra biri kwa rue oge ebighi-ebi.
Ndewo nu!


God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next Independence Day Celebration-broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues (




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