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For May 9, 2008


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…


Fellow Biafrans:


May is Biafra Month. We ask you to reserve the last week and weekend of May for Biafra-related activities. As you know, Biafra Independence Day is May 30 1967. We continue to celebrate May 30 as our (Biafra) National Day. We emphasize “Biafra National Day” because Nigeria, unable to erase this date like it erased “the Bight of Biafra” from the map of the region,   is trying to steal this day to celebrate we-know-not-what for Nigeria. Only the mentally deranged, those in denial, the comatose, hypocrites and those whose business is embracing lies in order to attempt to snuff out Truth, can “celebrate” anything in Nigeria to start with. It is plainly evident that there is nothing to celebrate in Nigeria, and Nigeria has nothing to celebrate. Let’s not let whatever distraction Nigeria is deliberately and fraudulently throwing into the mix affect us in our determined observation of Biafra National Event of this caliber on that day of this month.


So, bring out your best—your best of anything: personality, Spirit and spirituality, Talent, Creativity, Hope, Goodwill—and let us spend time specifically put aside to truly place Biafra in the center of our life during that period. In your best form, let us reflect on Biafra—the meaning, the implications, the possibilities, the opportunities, the work that remains to be done now to get Biafra, as well as the work that went into starting Biafra and sustaining us thus far, and the work that will be required to build our blessed nation post-Independence actualization.


How blessed is Biafra? For once, there is a nation with eager, capable and able human potential with unbridled enthusiasm and proven can-do and successful disposition, a nation that also happens to have material and natural resources to fund its unstoppable entrepreneurial endowment and engine. Biafra is a nation of people with talent and proper work ethic, a people who can focus on a goal until the goal is accomplished, a people who are unconcerned with doubts and negatives while in the pursuit of their aspirations. Now, with known natural material resources to support their energy, the people of Biafra are poised to change how Africa—Black or White—is regarded among the comity of the world’s nations. That’s how blessed Biafra is.


Therefore, reserve this month to toast Biafra. Participate in the activities surrounding May 30 this year in commemoration of Biafra. Celebrate what Biafra is by endowment; celebrate what Biafra can be when we get out from under Nigeria. Celebrate what Biafra has, and what Biafra will contribute to the human race. Yes, Biafra “is all that.” Come out and join Biafra; come out and toast Biafra. Come honor Biafra; let’s show that we really actually understand what Biafra means and what Biafra is.


Yes, bring too your Courage! Especially, courage: we are going to need this from all Biafrans and from Biafra’s well-wishers. We are going to show off Biafra paraphernalia in every way possible. We will exhibit Biafra traditions and customs and artifacts. We will sing Biafran songs and Biafra’s patriotic and national hymns. We will adorn every inch of Biafraland with Biafran stuff. We need courage because we have now seen that the Nigeria Military and the Nigeria Police Force are again arresting, torturing and killing our people for having Biafran items on themselves or in their possession. We do not know whose orders they claim to be carrying out, but Nigerian Armed units have neither reason nor excuse for persecuting, injuring, harassing, detaining, imprisoning and or murdering our people at any time, but least of all and specifically, for the reason that our people choose to exhibit in their own abode or wear on their own persons Biafra artifacts. This is contrary to, and violates, UN resolutions. Nigeria has already been cited by all Human Rights organizations for its gratuitous brutality against unarmed civilians, and its murder and imprisonment of those who hold contrary views to its pernicious policies, year in, year out. Nigeria is cited every year for violating the civil and human rights of peoples under Nigeria’s control. Yet, Nigeria chooses to ignore these citations and reports. As our people say, the first sign that a dog is headed for its grave is the loss of its sense of smell. Whatever senses Nigeria ever possessed at any time, it has lost them all. We have always known that we are dealing with a system without conscience called Nigeria, a mindboggling system without sense, without sensibility, and without sensitivity: it is a place called, Nigeria.


So, we need to come with courage to celebrate Biafra’s May 30 event. We are going to organize and hold Yar’Adua; the legally imprudent Attorney-General of Nigeria, the ministers in charge of the Nigeria Police and Military and other armed Nigerian agencies, the Police Inspector-General and his fellow criminal officers, and the commanding officers of the Military units involved in harassing and shooting unarmed civilians—all of these committers of such crimes and or their handlers and enablers, we hold them—personally responsible for these unconscionable deadly assaults on our people. If they arrest ten of our people, then, two hundred of us will besiege the office of the so-called Governor of the State where this has occurred; another two hundred will present themselves in the office and or at the gates of the so-called Government House; yet two hundred each will sit-in at the offices of the so-called Nigerian Senators, the State Attorney, the LGA, Assembly members and wherever else a branch of that multi-tailed snake called Nigeria’s government may be found. Our detailed and specific reports of the atrocities and the identified victims—our beloved brethren,  and the perpetrators will continue to flow into the offices of International Diplomatic houses, International Press, all Human Rights organizations, as well as into the UN’s office itself.


We will summon the courage to refuse to be intimidated by Nigeria’s use of deadly force and physical brutality and intimidation to try to stop us from celebrating Biafra this month and at any other time for that matter. We will come out en masse to honor Biafra and the people of Biafra—to honor ourselves: some things are so worth doing that no force in the world should be allowed or will be allowed to stop such. We will stand as a group against our tormentors; we will go as a group to demand answers and change from those who represent Nigeria’s wicked governments and agencies.


Be ready for May, Biafra Month. Get ready for May 30, Biafra Day.


Remember our fellow-Biafrans and MASSOB members such as Uchenna Madu, his fellow MASSOB officials, and other MASSOB members who remain in Nigeria’s jails without trial and without bail. Remember Uwazurike, the Leader of MASSOB himself, whose jail / bail status is still not settled. We will not relent in our efforts until they are all released unconditionally from Nigeria’s Gulag.


Biafra alive! Because it is God Who makes it so.


That’s the News Analysis for the week. Thank you.




God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues (, now with the summary of the News Analysis in Igbo language.


Ndi Biafra, e kele e o-o!  Anyi e kele e unu.


Nkea wu akuko nke anyi na a kpo “News Analysis,” si na Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) Radio, di na Washington DC, na ala America, na a bia ra unu na abali a.


Onwa May wu Onwa Biafra, maka na May 30 1967 ka Biafra kwuuru ka Obodo norola onwe ya. Na ubochi May 30 na afo ya, anyi ga a gba Independence Biafra. Site na izu ikpoazu na onwa Ya, o nwere ihe emume anyi ga na e me maka Biafra Independence.


Mara kwa unu na Nigeria choro i zuru ubochi ya ka o wuru zie ubochi emume nke Nigeria—emume nke anyi a maghi isi na odu ya, ma o wu ihe mere Nigeria ji e me ya. Ma, anyi a gaghi e kwe ka Nigeria nara anyi ubochi anyi—May 30, ubochi Biafra—na afo ya ma o wu na afo owula.


Ya mere anyi ji a si unu ka unu jikwara maka emume Biafra ya. Tinye unu mmuo unu na obi unu na ile na emume ya i ji a kwado Biafra; i ji rhuo ihe Biafra putara; i ji nye nde Biafra—anyi onwe anyi—ugwu kwesiri Biafra, ugwu kwesiri anyi maka anyi wu nde Chineke goziri a gozi na otu O siri kee anyi, na ihe O kuru na ime ala O nyere anyi, Ala Biafra. Gi mata ihe akara-aka anyi wu, lee kwa nu ihe Chukwu tinyere na ala anyi, gi a hu na ngozi a goziri anyi di ukwuu. Anyi ga e ji ngozi Chukwu ya mezie ala anyi, mezie kwa uwa na ile. Maka nkea, anyi ga e mesi omume Biafra ike na May 30.


Anyi ga e ji obi-sie-ike gaa emume ya, mee emume ya. O di mkpa na anyi nwere obi-sie-ike na ihe anyi na e me maka Nigeria na ndi Army na Police ha na e mesi ndi Biafra ti efe Biafra ma o wu ihe owula e dere Biafra na ya ike, na  a tunye ha na mkporo, na e meru ha ahu ma o wu gbagbue ha. Ndi uwa dum a maala Nigeria utah maka udi agwa aru ya, ma Nigeria di ka nkita onwu na e chi: o naghi a nu ishi nshi. Nigeria a naghi a nu na Uwa dum si ya na o wu aru na njo ka o na e me na otu o si e tigbu umu Biafra. Mana anyi wu ndi Biafra ga e ji obi-sie-ike na e me ihe anyi na e me: egbe na mgbo ndi Nigeria a gaghi a kwusi anyi na i to Biafra na i ja Biafra, na izu ya ma o wu na oge owula.


Ma Nigeria kpatu onye Biafra aka, zukoro nu e zuko gaa na ulo ochichi no na ala Biafra, gaa na ulo Governor na ndi si na ha no na ochichi Nigeria na ala Biafra; guzochiela ha uzo, juo ha: Gini mere ha ji na e tigbu onye Biafra ahu? O di mkpa na anyi nwere obi-sie-ike ya, ka anyi nyere onwe anyi aka i meri ndi Nigeria.


Jikere kwa unu maka May 30.


Cheta unu umu Biafra ndi MASSOB ka no na mkporo Nigeria, umunne anyi di ka Uchenna Madu na ndi ndu MASSOB ibe ya ndi ozo, na umu otu MASSOB ndi ozo, ma Uwazurike, onye isi MASSOB kwa. Otu ihe ka anyi ma: a ga e weputariri ha na nkporo ojoo Nigeria.


Biafra: biri kwa!


Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!!—na ndu anyi kwa. Maka Chineke nonyere la gi—nonyere kwa ra anyi!


Ndewo unu!




Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues

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