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For March 14, 2008


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…


Fellow Biafrans:


In keeping with the demands and plan for this phase of our struggle for Biafra actualization, we will confront any Biafrans who take up appointments with the failed State and evil government of Nigeria when such offices can impact on our people negatively. Of course, since the only reason for the continued existence of Nigeria (which should have died decades ago) is to make sure that Biafrans are suppressed, repressed, exploited and peppered—and kept that way—everything done by the State  of Nigeria or its government is designed, on purpose, to hurt our people. Therefore, every Biafran working for the government of Nigeria in any form is an agent of our enemy: he or she needs to be taken to task. We will start with the very visible ones, as follows…


We have learned that Vincent Ogbulafor has been rigged in as the new PDP Chairman in the typical fashion of PDP. In the corrupt manner and personality-worship style of PDP, Ogbulafor’s first statement is “…I’ll be loyal to Yar’Adua…” So, we can already see that it is going to be “business as usual,” for PDP and for Nigeria—with consequent ongoing devastation and prolongation of the agony of our people. But, this time around, “business as usual for Nigeria”—

only if Biafrans allow that: we won’t.


We do not need to remind you that PDP has done nothing positive for our people since its inception, although its real founders are Biafrans—the usual efulefu clique of Biafrans who always want to “make Nigeria better,” and who do so by gleefully providing Nigeria with the vehicle and mechanisms to continue to hurt Biafra and Biafrans, to continue to kill our people. Such a shame! In fact, PDP is responsible for the selection by PDP of those non-leaders foisted over our people, persons whom our people never voted into office, and would never consider for  office. These persons not only personally looted whatever pittance the government handed them “for the people,” but also turned around and looted the hapless peoples too. For, the PDP modus operandi is to pretend that the government is allocating money to the peoples: actually, the government, in collusion with the PDP crooks it rigged into power, funnels the money into government functionaries’ accounts, takes a huge cut of it for PDP, and then, looks the other way as the thieving functionaries brazenly pocket the rest of the money for their own personal use. Nothing is left over to provide for the peoples’ needs. PDP is continuing this today.


The failed State of Nigeria, using the vehicle of PDP, makes sure that our people are underrepresented in any way that counts in Nigeria, reserving influential posts and offices for the parasitic North and opportunistic West, at the same time that it grabs resources from our own land—contributing thusly 95% of Nigeria’s revenues—while giving nothing of it back to our people. Actually, Nigeria-PDP, deliberately diverts most of it away to Northern Nigeria for the most part and the rest to Western Nigeria, and even to other countries friends-and-family with Northerners. Check out the distribution of fund-generating government projects and infrastructure! PDP is poised to continue this government policy in its “business as usual” mode.


We do not need to remind you that this deliberate cheating of our people and pernicious marginalization of our people is happening even while efulefu Biafrans throng to belong to PDP, and while some of them hold “fronting-posts” (with the real power being in the hands of Northerners, of course). Hence, we are saddled with the likes of Ken Nnamani, the PDP erstwhile so-called President of the Senate of Nigeria; even Ogbulafor himself was a highly-placed PDP functionary before he got his new posting: these are the PDP officials-persons who failed to do anything positive for their own people, but watched in silence and collusion the cheating of their own people. We did not ask them for anything—not even for what is due us as a matter of right: we only expected them to just say, “this is wrong…” regarding what Nigeria and PDP are doing to our people—their own people, a response consistent with personal responsibility and a basic dictate of conscience, of honesty and of decency, even where sensibility and sensitivity are lacking. They did nothing. They joined PDP and Nigeria. PDP and Nigeria fronted them. Together, they continue to kill our people—their own people. This is typical PDP-Nigeria “business as usual.��


Today, we read that Vincent Ogbulafor pledges loyalty to Yar’Adua, the rigged-in dishonest politician and inept President of their Nigeria, as his first official act as the Chairman of PDP “rigger-nautical” outfit. Last week, it was Ezekiel Izuogu claiming that Yar’Adua is his “political inspiration,” as we witness a well-educated scientist and inventor play sycophant to an immature and unqualified novice so that he, Izuogu, could grovel his way to the apex leadership of PDP. Meanwhile, regarding this same Yar’Adua, what is Yar’Adua doing today? He is using official government time—days of it—and official government status to go and bury a dead Northern functionary and mentor of his, something real Heads of State in civilized countries do not do and cannot abandon State duties for. Last week, Yar’Adua in an official government capacity, was attending a strictly Northern Nigeria Interest-group gathering to find ways of defending strictly Northern interests in Nigeria, which usually boils down to how else the North can fleece the South (essentially how else Northern Nigeria can fleece Biafra) and commandeer more so-called “federal” Nigeria resources, denying Biafraland any. The Northern Nigerian-cum-President of their Nigeria, Yar’Adua, was right there with them, giving them pointers. Yes, this is the same Yar’Adua that Izuogu and Ogbulafor are going to be houseboys for. Yes, it is business as usual, for PDP, and shamefully, for the Biafran efulefu.


But, fellow, Biafrans: it is not going to be business as usual for us. We will challenge and engage these persons and the odious spirit that they portray. We will ask the Izuogu’s to repent and recant, else, stop pretending to be Biafran. We will compel the Ogbulafor’s to chose either being one of us, or being the killers of us.  It is that simple: the battle-line has clarified.


Specifically, notwithstanding that our people will continue to boycott any future Nigeria’s elections if ever held in our territory, just as we did successfully in 2007, we are going to start by demanding that PDP apologize to our people for PDP’s fraudulent and violent electoral practices wherein they lied and have claimed that our people elected PDP functionaries to represent them in 2007, in so-called elections that never really happened in our land. We take Ogbulafor to task now. He can deliver on this apology—he will deliver; and until he does, we shall make his life as miserable as he and his PDP party have made ours. We have this official message for Vincent Ogbulafor:

Our people demand and expect a formal and public apology from PDP for the fraud and violence committed against our people passing for the Nigeria’s 2007 electoral practices in our land. It is Ogbulafor, the PDP Chairman’s responsibility to deliver on this.


That MASSOB members are still in Nigeria’s jails we will blame squarely on PDP. Remember our brethren all: Uchenna Madu, other MASSOB officials, all other MASSOB members; even Uwazurike himself, the leader of MASSOB. They all have to be released from Nigeria’s jails.


Biafra alive! Because it is God Who makes it so.


That’s the News Analysis for the week. Thank you.




God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues (, now with the summary of the News Analysis in Igbo language.


Ndi Biafra, e kele e o-o!  Anyi e kele e unu.


Nkea wu akuko nke anyi na a kpo “News Analysis,” si na Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) Radio, di na Washington DC, na ala America, na a bia ra unu na abali a.


Unu a nula na nwokem ya, Vincent Ogbulafor, na e nye la ya okwa Chairman nde PDP Nigeria ha. Anyi a nu kwa na ihe mbu si Ogbulafor na onu puta wu na ya ga na e sekpuru Yar’Adua. Onye owula ma nu otu otu PDP Nigeria jiri na e megbu ndi anyi. O wu otu PDP ruru aruruala na ile ndi Nigeria ruru anyi na oge election wayo ha, were otu ahu gaa ghoputa ndi ha tinyere na isi ka ha jiri ochichi ojoo chi wa ndi anyi. O wu ndi otu PDP na a chi Nigeria wu nde na e gbusi ndi Biafra, ndi na e ji ike zuru ihe anyi, ma o wu Mmanu anyi, ma o wu ihe anyi ndi ozo.


Anyi ma nu na ndi efulefu di ka Ogbulafor na Ken Nnamani na ndi ibe ha nwere okwa na PDP, ma Ezekiel Izuogu ha, na ha no kwa ngahu mgbe nde PDP na e megbu anyi, ma ike a dighi ha i kwu na o dighi mma otua ahu. Eziokwu a noghi ha na obi i kwu na ihe Nigeria na e me umu nne ha ndi Biafra, na ojoka, na o zighi ezi.


Nkea mere anyi ji a gwa unu taa na anya anyi ga a no na nwokem ahu, Ogbulafor. Oha Biafra ga a gwa Ogbulafor ka ya kpota ndi PDP ka ha rio nde anyi mgbahara maka ihe ojoo na ile PDP mere anyi na aruruala na ile PDP ruru anyi na ihe gbasara election ojoo, election wuruwuru Nigeria nke 2007. O wu eziokwu na ndi Biafra e nweghizi ike i so Nigeria mee election Nigeria, kama, anyi ga a boycottu ya na oge na ile anyi ka no na ime Nigeria, ka anyi siri mee na 2007; ma Ogbulofor na PDP ya ga a rio nde Biafra mgbahara. Oha Biafra ga na  e mesi Ogbulofor ike rue mgbe PDP ga e si otua nweta mgbahara na aka nde Biafra. Nkea wee kwa Ogbulafor anya—ya na ndi efulefu ndi ozo si na ha wu ndi otu PDP: nkea wee ha dum anya.


Oge Nigeria na PDP na e megbu anyi, na o nweghi osisa anyi sara ha, a gaa la. Oge onye si Biafra wu onye otu PDP—nde anyi kporo ndi efulefu—ga a nodi nge ahu nde PDP otu ya na e gbu anyi wu ndi Biafra—oge nke ahu—a gaa la. Ugbua, o wu anyi na ha: anyi ga na e mesi ha ike rue mgbe ha ga a kpa agwa ka ndi ka nwere ogugu-isi, ka ndi eziokwu ka di na onu ha, ka ndi Mmuo Chineke ka bi na ime ha…rue mgbe ha ga a bata soro anyi na ime Biafra. O wu oru anyi i hu na ihe ndia mere otua. Anyi mee ha otua, nkea e zi na anyi a naghizi e gwu-egwu maka nweta Biafra.


O wu na isi ndi PDP-Nigeria ka o di na ndi MASSOB ka no na mkporo Nigeria. Umu nne anyi—Uchenna Madu na ndi ndu MASSOB ndi ozo, na umu MASSOB, ma Uwazurike, onye isi MASSOB kwa—a ga e weputariri ha site na mkporo Nigerai-PDP puta.


Biafra: biri kwa!


Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!!—na ndu anyi kwa. Maka Chineke nonyere la gi—nonyere kwa ra anyi!


Ndewo unu!




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