This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcasts


For February 22, 2008


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…


Fellow Biafrans:


“The hour has come,” as one of our Liberation Songs says, “…for the Promised Land.” Yes, indeed: the hour is here. Biafra is here.

There is nothing between you and the Promised Land: only you stand in your own way to Biafra. Nothing else. Nobody else.

Step over the threshold now into the Promised Land: step across your line of hesitance into Biafra-Biafraland. Overcome your indecision. Now.


Therefore, we call on all Biafrans: with one Mind and in step, we make Biafra happen now; if necessary, the willing pulling along the weakling in the former’s wake. We call on all Biafrans: with one focus—Biafra—we make Biafra happen now; where necessary, the committed aiding the undecided. We call on all Biafrans: with one final leap, ours is the prize, finally, Biafra, now; the strong carrying the limpers.


Oge i nweta Biafra e ruela: oge ahu wu ugbua. Oge i bata na ime Ala Chineke kwere anyi na nkwa, ala Chineke ji aka Ya nye anyi—oge ahu wu ugbua. Ka anyi jiri otu obi na otu ukwu ňee fee uzo, baa zie na ime ala ahu, ala Biafra, taa. Onye owula, ma ndi ukwu ma ndi nta, ma ndi ujo ma ndi obi shiri ike—bia unu ugbua ka anyi wuba na ime Biafra.


We call on OHANEZE and all its members: declare for Self Determination for Biafra now, act as such, and with that in mind, join us in Biafra now.


We call on all Biafrans who are involved with, or have joined, Nigeria’s politics: declare for Biafra now; assume Biafra, act as such, and embrace us in Biafra, now.


We call on all organizations boasting Biafran membership: declare for Self Determination for Biafra—if you haven’t already done so; believe in it, behave as such, and enmesh with Biafra.


We call on the people of Biafra: wherever you are, Biafra is yours today. Biafra is your right; you own Biafra; you have Biafra. Come out; let’s walk the final yard together.


Anyi na a kpoku ndi Biafra dum:—ndi OHANEZE, ndi Biafra nara la okwa na ochichi nde Nigeria, ndi otu na ndi nzuko na ile ndi Biafra no na ya—bia unu ka anyi gaa Biafra ugbua; bia unu ka anyi banye Biafra ugbua.


People of Biafra: this final step may still demand more sacrifice—the last pain before bliss and blessing. This last step can still demand more shedding of our red blood—the last drink of those who enjoy killing Biafrans. This final step could present elements like the last painful laboring and painful push right before the baby is born. Be ready: we take whatever is coming, because we know what comes right afterwards: Biafra. We are ready for that which is feared—we challenge that fear to come today and not wait until tomorrow: come, right this moment. We call on you to do your part now: you have never failed us in the past; we know you will succeed now.


Ihe nweta Biafra no zi na ogwugwu: ka anyi bata zie na ime Biafra ugbua. Ma, unu e chefughi kwa la na mgbe ihe ruru na ogwugwu, o nwere ike ihe e sie ike; o nwere ike ihe e sie ra anyi ike na ogea, ma unu were amam-ihe na obisieike me chapu ihe anyi si na anyi ga e me, nke wu i ba na Biafra ugbua.


Any Biafran who does not wish to belong to Biafra may stay as he or she is treated by Nigeria: a slave, a subhuman alien without rights who insists on claiming to be, and on clinging to a Nigeria which will never accept such errant Biafran. Such a Biafran is to be pitied by us; the Spirit of our ancestors certainly pities him or her. We will waste no efforts in stopping or preventing such a folly on the part of the errant—we wouldn’t even entertain such a thought: that’s his or her choice and his or her right.


But, woe betide any Biafran who attempts in any way direct or indirect, to stand in our way of marching into Biafra now, after we, on our part, have allowed them their right and choice to stay with Biafra-ravaging Nigeria.


Woe betide any Biafran who acts as an agent for Nigeria to sabotage our stride towards Biafra after we have, on our part, allowed such their choice and right to cling to Biafra-killing Nigeria.


Woe betide any Biafrans who claim that they “lead” organizations with Biafran membership-base who fail to work on Self Determination for Biafra. Greater woe betide those and their organizations who deliberately deny Biafra and or attack pro-Biafra ideology.


Woe betide any Biafrans serving the government of Nigeria at any level who do so by selling out Biafra and Biafrans; who do so by deliberately working against and cheating Biafra, her people and their interests, in favor of Nigeria.


Woe betide any Biafrans who, out of sycophancy or fear or cowardice, would give away anything Biafran, or anything due Biafra/Biafrans, to Nigeria, whether by talk or by deed.


Woe betide any Biafran who tries to play Nigerian-style politics with Biafra or within Biafra, even after understanding that Biafra provides opportunities for them to pursue whatever else trade or occupation they are good at, and that there is no need and no point everyone rushing into politics just so they can steal public funds and grab personal power when there is nothing good they can offer the people, nor do they have any governance, service or leadership credentials.


O nweghi onye ndi Biafra nochiri la uzo o wuru ma onye ahu choro i ga one-Nigeria ebe ndi aru na e megbu ya, na ndi ya, na ndi Biafra ndi ozo—nke ahu wu okwu aka onye iwhorhiwho ahu. Ma, o nweghi otu anyi ga e ji e kwe ka onye di otua ahu, ma o wu onye owula, ma o wu ihe owula, nochiere anyi uzo anyi i nweta Biafra. Onye owula na a cho i nochiri ndi Biafra uzo, ma o wu onye Biafra, onye ihu-abuo, onye na a kpo onwe ya “onye ndu,” onye Biafra na a ruru Nigeria oru ma o no na ochichi Nigeria—onye ahu na a cho ka ya nochiere nde Biafra uzo—ka MMuo Biafra chuo ya ezigbo oso. Ka ndi Biafra a tupurughi la onye ahu onu, ka onye ahu diri zie  ka onye a kagburu a kagbu.


People of Biafra: with respect to the aforementioned, we stand in no one’s way of folly and evil; we will not accept that anyone should stand in the way of our getting into Biafra. Anyone attempting to stop us will be ostracized, actively ignored, discounted and side-stepped, relegated to a nonentity status.


People of Biafra: the time has come for the Promised Land. We will not stop until we are completely in there, in Biafra, We will not pause until we are safely in Biafra. We rest only after we get into Biafra. It is time.


And, let the fact of our MASSOB members being still held in Nigeria’s jails be a constant reminder that we must hurry now to get Biafra, even as we demand their release—Uchenna Madu, other MASSOB officials, regular MASSOB members, and their Leader, Ralph Uwazurike—from Nigeria’s Gulag.


The time has come. For the Promised Land. For Biafra.


Umu Biafra: Oge i bi na ime Biafra e rue la. Nkwusi a gaghi a di zi na njem anyi; o nweghi izu-ike anyi ga e nwe, ma o wu i guzo nguzo, tutu anyi a banye na ime Biafra. Ka mkporo ndi MASSOB ka no na ime Nigeria, ka o na e nu anyi aka ka anyi nweta Biafra osiiso, ka Uchenne Madu na ndi ndu ndi MASSOB ndi ozo, na umu MASSOB ndi ozo, ma onye isi MASSOB na onwe ya, Ralph Uwazurike, ka e weputa ha na ile na mkporo ojoo Nigeria.  


Biafra: biri kwa!


Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!!—na ndu anyi kwa. Maka Chineke nonyere la gi—nonyere kwa ra anyi! Ndewo unu


Biafra alive! Because it is God Who makes it so.


That’s the News Analysis for the week. Thank you.



God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues (


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