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For January 25, 2008


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…


Fellow Biafrans:


When Ralph Uwazurike, leader of MASSOB, promptly turned himself in to the Nigeria Police in Okwe, on his own, to be returned to Nigeria’s jail, as his first act following the official burial of his mother—our collective Biafra Mother—he made the most powerful statement regarding the status of our struggle for Biafra actualization and our singular determination and focus on that goal.


A day or two following the widely and massively attended Wake / Funeral / Burial Event for Ezinne Uwazurike, Ralph Uwazurike asked to be taken back to jail because he was not really on bail, in the first place, but technically, on furlough (which is accurate)—for the reason of, and long enough to—bury his mother. That burial was accomplished last weekend: Uwazurike kept his part of the court furlough conditions to the letter and spirit by voluntarily turning himself in. Second, Uwazurike had given just one condition for accepting his furlough: that condition was not denying Biafra; it was not stopping his struggle for Biafra, and it was not being given a position in the evil Nigerian juggernaut—no, nothing of the sort. That one condition was that all other MASSOB members—officers and other rank-and-file alike—being held in Nigeria’s jails would be released within three of weeks his furlough. When that condition was agreed to by Nigeria, Uwazurike accepted his furlough. More than three weeks later, Nigeria had not kept its own end of the bargain. In response, Uwazurike has just now returned asking to be placed back in jail, insisting that he belongs there, if not with his men, then, more deservedly so than his men.


Now, if anyone is still in doubt about the momentum or direction of the struggle for Biafra actualization as spearheaded by Ralph Uwazurike and implemented through his organization—our organization—MASSOB, let this be an unforgettable lesson for him or her the doubter. Those who thought that they would ease their conscience by just letting Uwazurike out on furlough or preventing him alone from returning to Nigeria’s jails after his furlough need to do a re-think: no deal! Those who thought they could curry favors from Nigeria by promising to influence Ralph Uwazurike to drop his and MASSOB’s quest for Biafra actualization should now understand that theirs was a drunk’s false promise: neither Uwazurike nor MASSOB nor any pro-Biafran / organization for that matter can be dissuaded from Biafra ./ Biafra actualization.


And, a veritable lesson for those who dismiss the non-violence Principle of Uwazurike and MASSOB, who though themselves having suffered unimaginable violence at the hands of Nigerian authorities as a result of deliberate policies of Nigeria’s government against MASSOB and Biafra, have still refused to even for one moment consider retaliatory violence in any manner. This is a lesson to glimpse the power of Non-violence, to acknowledge it if not support it, but, at last, to stop disparaging such a Principle of Non-violence: the Principle works; in the hands and practice of Uwazurike and MASSOB, it certainly works. It is working.


For those who have chosen to forget the defining unrelenting tenacity of the Biafran, Uwazurike, the quintessential Biafran, and MASSOB, is your answer. For those who have forgotten the principled Morality of Biafra, Uwazurike and MASSOB be your reminders. For too long, our people and Culture have been denied true role-models: not anymore! Along comes Uwazurike; along comes MASSOB. Other pro-Biafran organizations such as Biafra Foundation (BF), Biafra Actualization Forum (BAF), and their membership take their cue therefrom to contribute in providing such a cultural necessity.


In the matter of Ezinne Uwazurike’s Farewell Event, we note that in the history of Nigeria, no event has drawn or captured anything even close to the turnout and support witnessed. Now, let us share with you some of what was accomplished, in addition to what has been stated earlier:


1)    There is ample grassroots support for individual-Nation’s actualization among the different Nations which so far have been forced to suffer in the failing, unnatural, unworkable alien structure called one-Nigeria. These Nations are glad that Uwazurike and MASSOB are doing something about it, and doing it well, rather than just sit and take it, or sit and gripe about it without doing something. The MASSOB principled Non-violence approach has also garnered unparalleled support from all these other Nations.

2)    Other Nations of Nigeria now understand that they, too, must do something other than, and in addition to, the support of Uwazurike, MASSOB and Biafra actualization efforts. For, our [Biafra] freedom is their freedom, too.

3)    Biafrans all over are now open about their understanding, articulation and support for Biafra actualization using Uwazurike-led MASSOB’s agenda of Non-violence.

4)    Biafrans of all colors and creed now know that Biafra is only a matter of time: we shall have our Biafra, and it can be in our own lifetime—it will be in our own lifetime. We have Uwazurike, MASSOB, our people and other pro-Biafran organizations to thank for this.

5)    Respect for the Biafran, all but replaced by disdain and mockery as a result of lack of discipline, lack of principles, lack of scruples, lack of coordination, lack of staying power, selfishness and self-offer to any bidder, is now restored. That distinguishing character of Biafrans which elicited admiration and envy among others has been demonstrated by Ralph Uwazurike and his/our MASSOB members, as well as by Ezinne Uwazurike.


In the coming days, if Nigeria does not heed our warning to release all MASSOB members from jail, we shall ALL return to Nigeria’s jails. We shall return to be with Ralph Uwazurike, their leader; Uchenna Madu, their Information Director, other MASSOB officers and the rest of the MASSOB members, in Nigeria’s jails. We shall be there with them every day. And, we shall certainly spill out into the streets. Until they are all released unconditionally.


In the coming days, Nigeria will be proving itself to be the loser the world thinks it is. and the Nations know of it from experience, if it, Nigeria, continues to insist on wasting the lives of so many millions of human beings in the useless and special-interest pursuit of an exploitative, pernicious colonialism practice of one-Nigeria. In the coming days, the peoples will prove to be the winner. Biafra wins!


Biafra alive! Because it is God Who makes it so.


That’s the News Analysis for the week. Thank you.




God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues (, now with the summary of the News Analysis in Igbo language.


Ndi Biafra, e kele e o-o!  Anyi e kele e unu.


Nkea wu akuko nke anyi na a kpo News Analysis, si na Voice of Biafra International Radio, di na Washington DC, na ala America, na a bia ra unu na abali a.


Lee kwa unu otu Ralph Uwazurike jiri mecha emume i qua nne ya—Nne Ukwu Biafra—ga wa zie ozugbo-ozugbo na nke ndi Police, ka ndi Police tu ba ya na mkporo, otu e jiri gbaa ya na a kwukwo, na o wu maka i li nne ya ka e jiri hapu ya wu Ralph i puta na mkporo. Uwazuruke na a si zi ha na ya e li chaala la nne ya, ka ha tinye zie ya na mkporo, maka o wughi Bail ka e nyere ya. Uwazurike si kwa na ya gwara Nigeria tupu ya a hapu mkporo i ga i li nne ya, na o gwula ma Nigeria o kpoputara  ndi otu MASSOB ndi ozo di na mkporo Nigeria, ka ya ga e kwe i puta. Nigeria kwere ya nkwa mgbe ahu na o ga a kpoputa ha na ime oge izu ato; ma rue taa, Nigeria e meghi bee ihe o kwere na nkwa. Na ihi nkea, Uwazurike e wegala onwe ya na ulo ndi Police ka ha zigachi ya mkporo Nigeria.


 O wu kwa nu ako ka ihe Uwazurike mere na a kuziri ndi mmadu. Ihe nkea na a gwa anyi wu na onye na e che na i weputa Uwazurike na nga wu ebe ihea ga e bi, o wu onwe nke onye ahu ka o na a turu asi. Nkea kuziri la anyi udi mmadu Uwazurike wu. Jiri nkea mara na o nweghi ihe Uwazurike na a tu ujo ya maka anyi i nweta Biafra; na o nweghi mgbanwe obi di na ebe Uwazurike no na ihe gbasara nweta Biafra. Onye o wula jiri kwa nkea mara na ire di kwa nu na uzo nke “Non-violence”, uzo MASSOB na Uwazurike ji a cho nweta Biafra. O nweghi nkwusi Uwazurike na MASSOB na nde Biafra na ihe gbasara nweta Biafra.


Anyi ga kwa e me ka unu mara na Emume i qua nne Ralph nke ndi gwe-mmadu gara, na o ziri anyi na nkwado ihe Ralph na MASSOB na Biafra na e me na nweta Biafra si na akuku dum na ime Nigeria na a bia; na ihe anyi na a cho maka Biafra, na ndi Obodo ndi ozo no na Nigeria, na o wu kwa otu ihe ahu ha na a cho. Emume ahu e mee kwa la ndi Biafra na ile ka ha ghota na i cho Biafra wu ihe oma, ihe diri anyi na ile i me; na Biafra di na akara-aka anyi; na Biafra ga a wuriri nke anyi. Ihea ndea dum mere anyi jiri mara, na na a si, na Ugwu ahu diri ndi Biafra na oge gboo, na ugwu ahu a lotala ra ndi Biafra na oge ya.


Nigeria choo i na a ga na uzo njo ya, ya e wupughitala Uchenna Madu na ndi ndu MASSOB ndi ozo, na umu MASSOB, na Ralph na onwe ya, na mkporo ha; nkea ga e me ka anyi dum soro ha ga wa na ulo-mkporo Nigeria, ka oha mmadu puta na ama guzoro na Nigeria.


Mgbe ndi Obodo dum no na Nigeria choro i nweta ochichi onwe ha ka Biafra si a cho, oso kwa Nigeria ya ka mewa njo ya i na a cho i gbochi ya; ma, Mmeri wu nke ndi igwe-mmadu, ndi Obodo. Mmeri wu nke Biafra.


Biafra: biri kwa!


Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!!—na ndu anyi kwa. Maka Chineke nonyere la gi—nonyere kwa ra anyi!


Ndewo unu!




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