This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcasts


For November 2, 2007


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…


Fellow Biafrans:


Do we have to say any more to remind you or to convince anyone else out there, that our support for Biafra and all things Biafra, is one hundred-ten percent solid? All you have to do is witness the majestic reception of Ralph Uwazurike, the leader of MASSOB, this past week in Enugu, then, in Lagos, by the people of Biafra!


Nde Biafra: unu ka na e che zi ka gini mee i cheta, na mara, na Biafra dum kwu nweta Biafra na azu? Jiri anya unu lee otu ndi Biafra jiri nabata Ralph Uwazurike, onye isi MASSOB, na izu ya, mgbe o biara na Enugu, na na Lagos.


Do we have to remind you, or to convince others out there, to:

“…Have this mind in you which is in Uwazurike” when it comes to Biafra / Biafra actualization? Then, all you have to do is observe the performance of Ralph Uwazurike when he told our people: “…I will give my life for Biafra…,” and went on to reason with us to validate that Biafra is our only option—just as we have always known.


O wu kwa anyi gwara unu ka unu:
“…Nwee unu Obi nkea nke wu Obi Uwazurike…” na ihe gbasara nweta Biafra? Tulee nu okwu Uwazurike—ihe o gwara ogbako-mmadu biara ile ya: na ya ga e nye ndu ya ka anyi nweta Biafra, o wuru ma o wu ihe o dara; na so-o-so Biafra wu ihe anyi ma ga a diri anyi mma. Ihea wu ihe anyi di mbu mara.


Do we have to remind you, or to convince others out there, that MASSOB is doing a great job, and that MASSOB has the support of all our people? All you have to do is to consider the mammoth crowds of our people turning out to show solidarity with the leader of MASSOB, Uwazurike, and MASSOB organization, this past week.


So, do not become shy when we declare, on your behalf, the facts that:

1)    Our peoples are all Biafrans, now and here, and forever.

2)    Our peoples are all MASSOB and MASSOB is our peoples

3)    Uwazurike is not just the MASSOB leader; he is the Exemplar of Biafra, the Quintessential Biafran

4)    MASSOB is not just an organization: MASSOB is us and we are MASSOB—flesh, blood and Spirit.


A ga a gwa zi gi a gwa na MASSOB na a ru ezigbo oru na anyi i nweta Biafra; na oha Biafra kwadoro MASSOB? Jiri nu ire gi rhe eze gi, ebe anyi a hula ka nde mmadu Biafra jiri gbakirie i ga lee onye isi MASSOB, Uwazurike, kelee ya na otu MASSOB.
Ighiere e meghi kwa la unu i kwu na anyi dum wu ndi Biafra—ma ugbua, ma echi; na anyi dum wu MASSOB, MASSOB a wuru anyi dum; na Uwazurike a wughi naani onye isi MASSOB, ma na o ziri Mmuo Biafra na onwe ya, wuru dike Biafra puru iche; na MASSOB a wughi so-o-so otu, ma na MASSOB wu Anu-ahu anyi, Obi anyi na Mmuo anyi; anyi wuru kwa MASSOB. Unu e meghi kwala ighiere i kwu otua.


What is MASSOB? Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra. So, what is it that we are? Biafrans! of course. What are we doing now? Actualizing the Sovereign State of Biafra. Nothing less, nothing else.


Now is the time to steel up your hearts and firm up your resolve: all we have to do is to look at Uwazurike, look at MASSOB, and look at the massive crowds who turned out to see him and share his vision, and to reassure him that we are all in full support of what we all want, what he and MASSOB have been bearing the brunt of: Biafra / Biafra actualization.


Kesie unu ogodo unu na ukwu unu ike. Mee unu ka Uwazurike na MASSOB mere. Unu ma ihe Uwazurike na MASSOB kwu na ya: naani Biafra. Maka ya ka igwe mmadu ndi Biafra jiri ga i dute Uwazurike ulo.


The Nigerian judge, typical of the place of injustice called Nigeria, while continuing to implement the hate-policy of Nigeria against our people, thought she was playing God by her refusing Uwazurike and other MASSOB members bail. To further insult and humiliate us, she only granted Uwazurike, technically speaking, a mere “FURLOUGH,” not even “temporary” bail. Well, like feckless Nigeria which she is of, she underestimated Biafrans. We have to thank her for providing the final prick on our collective body, a hurt which has led to clarity for ALL: Biafra is for good; Biafra is for certain. That’s what the non-repressible Biafra crowds cheering and rooting for Uwazurike this week reminded themselves of, and that’s what that crowd told Nigeria, too, and that’s what Nigeria witnessed—in unmistakable terms. Biafra!


Onye oka-ikpe ojoo Nigeria chere na ya mekutara anyi ahu otu o siri ju i nye Uwazurike na ndi MASSOB di na mkporo Nigeria bail. Ma, anyi kelere ya, maka ihe o mere wu i kpasu ndi Biafra iwe, i do Nwa Agu aka na odu, kpotee Nne Nwa Agu ahu. Ndi Biafra e tetala na ura, si na nzumike ha bilie, ugbua.


We continue to demand that Uwazurike and all our MASSOB people be released from Nigeria’s jails unconditionally. At the same time, we want to assure all our MASSOB brethren being unjustly held in Nigeria’s Gulag that their objective has been realized: our people know that Biafra is ours, and it is only a matter of time before Biafra is formalized. MASSOB, in Nigeria’s jails or outside, in Biafraland and in any Land, have victory! MASSOB has succeeded. Hang in there!


Ma na Nigeria ga a hapuriri umu nne anyi ndi MASSOB na ndi ndu ha na onye isi ha, si te na ajoo mkporo Nigeria weputa ha. Anyi na e ji aka ozo na a gwa ndi MASSOB di na mkporo, na ha e nwee la mmeri, otu oha Biafra na igwe mmadu ndi Biafra jiri nabata onye isi ha, gwa kwa ndi Nigeria na anyi wu ndi Biafra: ihe ahu MASSOB na a choro anyi,—Biafra—anyi kwere e kwe, kwesie ike, na o wu ihe anyi wu. O nweghi zi mgbagwojuanya di na ime ya.


Just last week, were we not reminding you of the support of our masses, our peoples, for Biafra? Do you still need a reminder, after the magnificent demonstration surrounding Uwazurike’s return on furlough, by both our people, MASSOB and Uwazurike himself?


Ihe anyi gwara unu na izu gara a ga—na oha na igwe mmadu ndi Biafra kwadoro Biafra—o wu kwa unu a hu na nu ya ugbua, site otu oha na igwe ndi Biafra jiri kele Uwazurike na otu MASSOB? Eziokwu ka anyi gwara unu: eziokwu wu ihe anyi na a gwa unu na oge na ile.


Biafra alive! Because it is God Who makes it so.


Biafra: biri kwa!

Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!!—na ndu anyi kwa. Maka Chineke nonyere la gi—nonyere kwa ra anyi!


That’s the News Analysis for the week. Thank you.




God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues (



Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues

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