This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcasts


For June 16th 2007


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…


Fellow Biafrans:


We are no longer alone in demanding the release of Ralph Uwazurike, the MASSOB leader, and Uchenna Madu, and other MASSOB members; and Asari Dokubo, currently in Nigeria’s jails, originally thrown therein out of malice and out of injustice, by Obasanjo and his regime; but now, being kept in their by the illegitimate “Yar’Obasanjo’s” (aka, Yar’Adua) illegal regime. Those Nigerian leaders and sociopolitical activists who still have a conscience have joined us: this week, they voiced their protest against this illegal imprisonment publicly, right there in Nigeria.


We are not alone in correctly and boldly stating that this imprisonment is completely unjust. The group of activist-Nigerian sociopolitical leaders mentioned earlier have now joined us in publicly asserting that the imprisonment of our people by Obasanjo, now by Yar’Adua, is totally unjust. There is no legal or Constitutional justification for such. Nigeria’s Judges presiding over other cases of MASSOB members, when such cases are finally brought to court and finally prosecuted by the Nigerian government, after the MASSOB members would have first been detained, and then imprisoned for long durations, have clearly stated that there is no part of Nigeria’s Constitution which forbids the name “Biafra,” or the organization or organizational name, “MASSOB.”


We are not alone in stating and working on the fact that the only salvation for the peoples and nations trapped as “Nigeria-Nigerians” in that geo-space can only come about when the different Nations therein each decide on if they want to belong in Nigeria and how they want to relate, one Nation with another. These Nigerian activists have also so stated publicly—all this past week.


We no longer stand alone when we insist that they do nothing illegal who work with commitment and determination for their own indigenous Nation’s survival from the nightmare and morass called Nigeria. For, it is on the basis of this fact that Nigeria’s conscientious activists have called for the unconditional release of our brethren from Nigeria’s Gulags.


We must therefore continue to maintain our stance with fortitude against the regressive and primitive Nigeria Police, the coercive arm and anti-people’s organ of Obasanjo-Yar’Adua regimes, an institution completely benighted, lost in its own profound darkness  and immorality; an outfit which revels in extorting and murdering innocent people, and shamelessly indulges itself in brazen criminality and unconscionable, ungodly acts. The Nigeria Police is a veritable corrupt enterprise which even steals from rank-and-file constables, compounding its unprofessionalism with profound ignorance of the law and gross violations of the basic rights of human beings.

It is this Monster that we have to stand against now that it has announced that its primary duty under its new “leader” and under “Yar’Obasanjo,” is to go after MASSOB. Why MASSOB? MASSOB did not steal Police funds for gratuitous personal enrichment like the previous Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Balogun, and the just relieved IGP, Ehindero, all in collusion with Obasanjo. These Police so-called leaders and their friends stole most, if not all, the funds from the Police such that rank-and-file policemen are so deprived and depraved that they would tell the last Nigerian Senate that, for this reason (of unlawful and consistent withholding of their salaries and allowances by their “leaders”), they have been forced to resort to, and will continue to, extort money from the public, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. And indeed, Balogun, Ehindero, and even Obasanjo all tried to curb this crime, but they were hobbled by their own hypocrisy, since it is they who were / are looting the funds. The Acting (so-called) IGP, Okiro, will, sooner or later, follow the same criminal footsteps. Shouldn’t the Police be policing themselves, rather than harass innocent MASSOB?


Again, we ask the new Acting Police so-called leader, Okiro: why MASSOB? MASSOB is a non-violent organization: everyone knows that all attempts by the murderous Police and the corrupt and murderous government it serves, to frame MASSOB with acts of violence and possession of violent weapons, have failed woefully, as the peoples easily and clearly see through the clumsy, wicked efforts of the government and its Police to incriminate faultless MASSOB. The Nigeria Police it is who routinely shoot Igbo and other Biafran youth in the back as our hapless brethren flee from the Police: MASSOB has never done that. The Nigeria Police it is who murdered hundreds of our people in Onitsha and environs in an open campaign to exterminate MASSOB, a capital crime by the Police which is still ongoing—even in broad daylight in Biafraland today. So, we ask Okiro and his Nigeria Police, why MASSOB?


We go a step further: we are placing Okiro on notice that any MASSOB member who is imprisoned or killed because of his new misguided, hypocritical and cowardly directive is going to be his personal responsibility. We will hold him responsible and bring him on trial at the appropriate time. We are also hereby alerting all Human Rights Organizations in Nigeria and in the world to place and keep Okiro and the Nigeria Police on their radar. In this, we shall not be alone, either.


For that matter, all Biafrans, to the extent that we work towards Biafra actualization, to the extent that we have mandated and do support MASSOB to spearhead this struggle for Biafra actualization, and to the extent that we adhere to MASSOB’s non-violent agenda for this task—we all—are MASSOB. We are not alone.


One last question for Okiro: have you, Okiro, inquired into the affairs and status of any Nigeria government official who went after MASSOB at any time? Ask Ehindero, in case you don’t know the answer. Heaven itself fights for those who choose non-violent activism in the confrontation of evil in their struggle for life, liberty and freedom. They are never alone!


Biafra alive! Because it is God Who makes it so.


That’s the News Analysis for the week. Thank you.



God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues (, now with the summary of the News Analysis in Igbo language.


Ndi Biafra, ekele e o-o!  Anyi e kelee unu.


Nkea wu akuko nke anyi na a kpo News Analysis, si na Voice of Biafra International Radio, di na Washington DC, na ala America, na a bia ra unu na abali a.


O wughi zi kwa naani anyi wu nde na e kwu na a ga a kpoputariri Ralph Uwazurike, onye isi MASSOB, Uchenna Madu, na ndi MASSOB ndi ozo; na Asari Dokubo, na mkporo Obasanjo na “Yar’Adua-Yar’Obasanjo.” Ufodu ndi ndu Nigeria ndi isi na a nu oku maka ihe i ga nkeoma, ndi eziokwu na ezi-ihe ka no ha na ime obi, ha e kwuo kwala otu ihe ahu na ime ala Nigeria. Na otu aka ahu kwa, ndi ya na e kwu kwa na o nweghi iwu umu nna anyi ndi MASSOB dara; na o nweghi njo ha mere na i ghoro ndu kama onwu na e che mmadu na ile na ime Nigeria—nke wu ebe anyi kwu kemgbe na ile. Ndi ya na kwa e kwu kwa na so-o-so ihe ga e bute udo na ime Nigeria wu ka ndi Mba—ethnic Nations na okwu Oyibo—di ichie ichie ghoro na kwuo ma ha ga a no na ime Nigeria ma o wu ha a choghi Nigeria. Ow’kwa nkea ka anyi di mbu kwu o?


Ma, o di ka nti shiri ndi Police Nigeria, ndi boy-boy Obasanjo na Yar’Adua, nde na e nweghi ako ma o wu ogugu-isi, ebe onye isi ha, Okiro, si na isi-oru ya ugbua wu i lusi ndi MASSOB agha. O wu kwa otu MASSOB ya nke na e jighi egbe e jighi mma, na  eso uzo nke udo na chota Biafra? Kedu ihe Okiro ji a a chu MASSOB oso? O wu MASSOB wu ndi zuru ego ndi Police, ka Balogun na Ehindero na Obasanjo—ndi na a chi Nigeria Police—jiri mee (e le zie ya anya, otu Okiro na onwe ya ga e me na oge e teghi anya), nke ndi police si mere ha ji na a e ji ike na egbe na a nara ndi mmadu na a gara uwa ha ego na uzo? O wu MASSOB wu ndi na e ji egbe a gbagbu ndi mmadu—ma umu aka Biafra—ka ndi police Nigeria si e me taa? Okiro mara kwa na ihe owula dakwasiri ndi MASSOB maka ihe a o kwuru, o wu na isi ya wu Okiro ka o di; anyi ga wega ya na Court ndi mebiri Iwu Human Rights.


Okiro juo kwa nu onwe ya ajuju si, o lee ihe mere ndi na e nye MASSOB mmekpa-ahu? Ya gaa lee nu Ehindero anya, i ji saa onwe ya ajuju ya. Chi MASSOB na a luru MASSOB ogu.


Mara kwa unu, na anyi na ile na a cho Biafra site na uzo nke MASSOB, wu cha kwa MASSOB.


Biafra: biri kwa!


Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!!—na ndu anyi kwa. Maka Chineke nonyere la gi—nonyere kwa ra anyi!


Ndewo unu!



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