This is the News Analysis segment of the Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcasts


For March 10th, 2007


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…


Fellow Biafrans:


While life’s storms rage in Nigeria and knock Nigeria senseless, we are relatively protected by our focus on Biafra actualization. Our concentration on the main task which we must perform—the task of actualizing Biafra to save our people from certain death and destruction in a burning and sinking ship called Nigeria—keeps our energies and efforts focused on the goal. Work which needs to be done now includes the Boycott of any Nigeria’s elections. We must have by now completed all preparations to do the boycott, if and when the time comes: in the simplest and functional terms, Just make yourself un-available for any polling. This will not be like the fraudulent Census of 2006 when Nigeria forced boycotting Biafrans to be counted outside of Biafraland using physical coercion, blackmail, holding families on ransom, threats and criminalization. As we all know, our Census boycott was extremely successful (even in spite of all the force used against us); and the Census results were still rigged and still controversial, just as we had predicted. For this election-boycott action, no matter the threat, no matter the inducement, just refuse to participate in fraud and evil: besides the fact that we are Biafrans and as such not interested in participating in Nigeria’s elections, we also have a moral duty to not participate in fraud, especially when we see the fraud coming.


Yes, indeed, life’s storms are battering Nigeria—well deserved, too, because Nigeria herself stirs up such storms. The waves and swells of deceptive politics for selfish and fraudulent ends buffet Nigerians all the time now. Notice that Nigerians are confused—even more confused than ever. Igbo one-Nigerianists are all the more confused, as are their efulefu Biafran counterparts who have been latching on to one-Nigeria in spite of ongoing self-evident humiliation of our people by Nigeria. They all see how immoral PDP is. They see the uselessness of APGA.  Orji Uzor Kalu’s PPA (whatever that stands for), is of no consequence, only known for the stupidity of Kalu himself who continues to tout “a peaceful and indivisible” one-Nigeria, the exact opposite of Nigeria’s reality: who can take him and his party serious? No sane person would. Obasanjo comes to our land in the name of campaigning for his party but only does what he does best: he insults our people, as usual. Atiku comes with his AC party and tries to butter our people up, extolling those same known virtues of our people which Nigeria only cares to destroy, and works really hard to wipe out by annihilating us as a nation. Buhari will make his rounds, too, with his party, trying to woo our votes so that he can impose Shariah on us, having previously deliberately locked our people out of government and governance. Still waiting in the wings to swoop in and dupe our people is Babangida. In the midst of this, confused Igbo one-Nigerianists run from one unfit candidate and unfit party to another, from one day to another, mere sycophants and prostitutes without principled convictions. But, we—our masses, true Biafrans, MASSOB, pro-Biafrans: we—already know what to do, why we do it and how we will do it. Nigerians and efulefu Igbo/Biafrans are running around like chicken with the head cut off, but we are comfortably relaxed in our steadfast principles. We will boycott any elections arranged by Nigeria anytime and anywhere, period.  We boycott such elections because we are Biafrans: we are not Nigerians. And, there is the added reason that it is immoral to participate in an already rigged election; just as it is immoral to continue to provide the political platform on which strut brazen usurpers, fraudsters, thieves, looters, liars and hypocrites who delight in making a sham of governance—selfish and evil persons who have no shame at all. Boycott! Boycott! Boycott! is our response and our action.


We are watching to see if the “new” Ohaneze is trying to turn a new leaf or if it is just engaged in tiny meaningless pinprick- and half-measures. Earlier, we told you that Joe Irukwu is a fraud, an anti-Igbo anti-Biafran and an efulefu who joined the ranks of Iwuanyanwu to crawl in bed with Obasanjo at the expense of our own people, using the vehicle of the “old” Ohaneze. Irukwu has now confessed that Obasanjo duped him, lied to him and left him with unfulfilled promises. Serves him right! The same goes for Achuzie, the crafty, crusty greedy old man: what could Obasanjo have promised him to make him sell out Biafra, forgetting his antecedents? This trio, Joseph Irukwu, Joseph Achuzie, and Iwuanyanwu, made sure that old Ohaneze became Obasanjo’s footstool and often, foot ball. Have they learned anything? We doubt it. Today’s question is: has the new Ohaneze learnt anything? Our people want Biafra: they are already pursuing a Self Determination process which will lead to an Independent Nation of Biafra, working with and through MASSOB. Therefore, if the new Ohaneze is not going to start articulating clearly and quickly a Self Determination agenda for our people, it might as well just disband and return to sleep. If the new Ohaneze does not take a clear and public stand to support MASSOB and MASSOB’s agenda of our people to deliver Biafra to the people, it should simply go away.  It is no longer nearly enough for Ohaneze to formally recognize that PDP has been devastating to our people; Ohaneze must not stop short of the Truth: Not just PDP, but Nigeria as a whole has devastated our people. No more speaking in tongues, no more intrigues: call a spade by its name; do not expect us to read your mind, Ohaneze, and or your lips to come to the conclusion that by castigating PDP, you are really chastising Nigeria. No: Ohaneze must say it directly: Nigeria has devastated our people, and we are resolved to NOT take it anymore. Have Will, Ohaneze: show Will!


The new Ohaneze has to join us in the serious, strident and sustained call for the release of Ralph Uwazurike, the Leader of MASSOB; Uchenna Madu, the Information Director of MASSOB; other MASSOB officials, and other members of MASSOB, along with other pro-Biafran activists who are currently in Nigeria’s jails on Obasanjo’s orders. We also ask for the release of Asari Dokubo. All these brethren of ours have done nothing wrong: Self Determination is a natural right, an international right, and a Divine right: the exercise of such a right cannot be illegal or unlawful nor will it be accepted as such. Release them all now—unconditionally.


Biafra alive! Because it is God Who makes it so.


That’s the News Analysis for the week.   Thank you.




God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues (, now with the summary of the News Analysis in Igbo language.


Ndi Biafra, ekele e o-o!  Anyi e kelee unu.


Nkea wu akuko nke anyi na a kpo News Analysis, si na Voice of Biafra International Radio, di na Washington DC, na ala America, na a bia ra unu na abali a.


Unu na ha a hula ihe na e me na ala ojoo, ala ekwensu ahu a na a kpo Nigeria. Obi-erughi-ala, ume-erughi-ala, mgbagwuju-anya—o wu ihea wu ndu ndi si na ha wu ndi Nigeria, na ndi efulefu ndi Igbo / Biafra si na ha kwetara na one-Nigeria. Ma, anyi ndi Biafra, ndi na a cho nweta Biafra, o nweghi ihe mgbagwujuru anyi anya: anyi ma ihe anyi na a cho; anyi ma ihe anyi na e me.  Biafra naani ka anya anyi, na obi anyi, di na ya; na so-o-so Biafra ka ndu anyi di.


Na ihe gbasara election wayo ndi Nigeria, anyi ma ihe anyi ga e me: o nweghi mgbagwuju-anya diri anyi na nke ahu. Anyi wu ndi Biafra—anyi a wughi nde Nigeria; anyi a gaghi e so Nigeria mee election Nigeria—anyi ga a boycottu riri election ahu o wuru ma o ga e nwegodu isi. Anyi a hula na ndi Nigeria na ha a gbahaari ka okuko e gbufuru isi, na e ru ma o wu party wayo nkaa ma o wu nke ozo ka ha ga a banye ma o wu tuora votu: nke ahu wu okwu aka ha. Ihe anyi ma wu na anyi ga a boycott riri election Nigeria: o nweghi ihe ozo di na ime nke ahu.


Anyi ka na e che ka Ohaneze “ohuru” zi anyi na o putala na nzuzu ndi efulefu Joseph Irukwu, Joseph Achuzie, na Iwuanyanwu, ndi aruru-ala jiri Ohaneze ochie nye Obasanjo dashi, were otua ree Igbo / Biafra, reshi ha Obasanjo na ndi Awusa. Ohaneze ohuru, o wuru na o choro i me ihe ndi Igbo na a cho, ga e soro anyi na MASSOB na i chota Biafra; Ohaneze ga e kwu ya na Ogbakoro Oha na ike Nigeria, ebe a na e gbu na na e megbu ndi Igbo, a gwu la anyi, na naani ihe foro wu otu anyi ga e si e nweta Biafra. Ma Ohaneze e meghi otua, ma  Ohaneze e kwughi ihe di otua, anyi ga a mara na o mebee mgbanwe mere na ya wu Ohaneze.


Anyi na e kwu na Ohaneze ga e so anyi na i kwu si ya ike na a ga a gbaputariri Ralph Uwazurike, onye isi MASSOB, Uchenna Madu, na ndi ndu ndi MASSOB ndi ozo, na nde otu MASSOB ndi ozo, na ndi na a ru oru nweta Biafra—gbaputa ha—site na mkporo ndi Nigeria ebe Obasanjo tinyere ha. Ma Asari Dokubo kwa. Anyi na a gwa Nigeria ka ya weputa kwa umu nne anyi ndia na nga Obasanjo. Onye na a cho ka umu nna ya bie ndu otu Chineke siri kee ha, o lee kwanu otu onye ahu jiri mee njo ma o wu daa iwu? Mba nu. O wu iheoma na uzo okike Chineke kere anyi ka ndia na e so na nweta Biafra. Ka a hafu ha aka ngwangwa.


Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!!—na ndu anyi kwa. Maka Chineke nonyere la gi—nonyere kwa ra anyi!


Ndewo unu!



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