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Special Announcement:


Everyone by now knows that the Nigerian government armed forces have been engaged in indiscriminate destruction of the lives and property of our people in Anambra and surrounding areas. We also know that even as we speak, the same murderous forces are conducting a “search and destroy” operation hunting for MASSOB members from house to house, from bush to bush.


We have learned that the evil Nigerian forces are being aided by the following Igbo:

1. Igwegbuo, an ex-Nigerian army officer,  from Umuoji in Anambra; and

2. the Uzoegwu family of Nkpor, one of whose sons is a member of the Anambra State House of Assembly.


These Igbo elements, Igwegbuo of Umuoji, and the Uzoegwu family of Nkpor, have been taking the Nigerian forces to houses and compounds and other places to point out to them who to shoot to death.


We place these Igbo elements: Igwegbuo of Umuoji, and the Uzoegwu family of Nkpor, on our records for leading Nigerian armed forces to, and pointing out, Igbo persons to be shot to death by the trigger-happy, Igbo-bloodthirsty Nigerian armed forces.


Igwegbuo of Umuoji, Anambra, and the Uzoegwu family, of Nkpor,  why do you kill our people—your own people?




End announcement.




Ozi Puru Ichie


Unu ma a ma na Obasanjo na ndi Army na Ndi Police ya na Nigeria gburu ndi madu ndi Igbo-Biafra na igwe na Anambra. Ugbua kwa, ka anyi na e kwu okwu ya, ogbugbu ndi Igbo ndi Biafra a, na aka ndi Nigeria, ka na e me. Ha na zi a cho, na na a chu, ndi Igbo na ndi MASSOB na ulo na ulo, na ohia na ohia, ka ha ji egbe gbagbuo ha.


Anyi a nula na onye Igbo a na a kpo Igwegbuo, onye Umuoji na Anambra—onye Army Officer Nigeria mgbe gara aga; na ndi obiri na ezi-na-ulo Uzoegwu, ndi Nkpor,  nde otu nwa ha nwoke no na House of Assembly na Anambra State, na ndia na zi e duari ndi Army nde Police Nigeria, kporo ha ga na a tu aka i ghoputa nde Igbo na nde MASSOB ka nde Army na Police ya jiri egbe gbagbue ha.


Nke mere anyi ji na a ju Igwegbuo onye Umuoji Anambra, na a ju kwa ezi-na-ulo Uzoegwu nde Nkpor: kedu kwa nu ihe ndi Igbo mere unu?


Igwegbuo, onye Umuoji Anambra; ndi ezi-na-ulo Uzoegwu nde Nkpor: mara kwa unu na obara ndi Igbo unu tuputara aka, e jiri were gbagbuo ha, na o no unu na isi. Igwegbuo, onye Umuoji Anambra; ndi ezi-na-ulo Uzoegwu nde Nkpor: mara kwa unu na anyi a mara la ihe unu mere; anyi ma ihe unu na e me. Anyi e deda la aha unu, na njo na aru unu mere, na akwukwo anyi. Igwegbuo, onye Umuoji Anambra; ndi ezi-na-ulo Uzoegwu nde Nkpor, unu e chefughikwa la nkea.




Ozi a gwula






For July 29th, 2006


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…


Fellow Biafrans:


Once again, after all the silence by those who know, and after all the deception by the government of Nigeria, everyone is now clear of the facts, and admits these facts, which we have been stating and re-stating all along:

·   the Anambra crises was not caused by MASSOB

·   the violence in the Anambra crises was not instigated by MASSOB

·   MASSOB did not participate in perpetrating violence on anyone

·   MASSOB members, instead, are victims of violence by the Nigeria Armed Police and Nigerian Military operating in Anambra (and other Biafran cities).

·   Our brothers and sisters in Anambra were also generally and specifically targeted by the Nigerian armed government forces for indiscriminate mayhem, rape and murder.


With this, the whole world now knows that the entire plan of Obasanjo and his government is to deliberately commit violent crimes, including murder and mayhem, against our own people, and then, to try to blame it on MASSOB. Obasanjo governments’ strategy is to falsely portray MASSOB as a violent organization in order to justify that evil government’s use of State instruments of force to annihilate MASSOB. (Oh, never mind that organizations in Nigeria which are clearly violent, and which do not even hide that fact, have never been “visited” and treated as such by the Nigerian government’s armed forces).  Well, Obasanjo and his government miscalculated: they killed many unarmed and nonviolent MASSOB members alright, and are continuing to do so; they also used the excuse of annihilating MASSOB to kill hundreds and thousands of innocent and unarmed Igbo and Biafran people, especially our youth; and to mass-arrest and mass-imprison thousands more of our people alright. Moreover, the armed Nigerian government forces went on a rampage, raping our women, looting our property, destroying what they could not carry, bombing and burning the rest, alright. Yes, that part of Obasanjo government’s plan succeeded alright; but, he and his government could not succeed, in the long run, in falsely pinning the blame of violence on MASSOB: MASSOB’s reputation and principle of non-violence remains intact. MASSOB’s work will continue, to the last man, if need be.


We use this opportunity to express our sympathy and empathy with our bereaved and injured fellow Biafran citizens, and with those imprisoned by Nigeria in this inhuman act—an act that is not expected to be happening anywhere on this Planet in these times. We remember those our brethren who were viciously and unjustly murdered by this genocidal exercise executed by Obasanjo and his government against our people: but now, the leprous hand of the personification of Evil, Obasanjo himself, representing evil Nigeria, can no longer touch you now, and you now know Eternity’s Loving Kindness, ensconced in the bosom of the Merciful Most High.


To Obasanjo and his government,  and to Nigeria, we declare: you can not kill us all, try as you may. The Biafra-Nigeria war of 1967-1970 should have taught you that lesson. Moreover, as you have witnessed and experienced, Biafra will always regroup, recoup, multiply and move on to higher ground, until victory is ours: our Will only gets stronger, while your evil resolve is slowly but certainly eroding because of the lack of moral justification for your murderous actions and policies, and because of your brazen lies and hypocrisy. We command you to release all our people who were indiscriminately imprisoned unjustly by your forces during this recent evil and criminal rampage through Anambra and Biafran cities. By the same token, we command you to release Ralph Uwazurike, the leader of MASSOB, Uchenna Madu, the MASSOB Director of Information, other MASSOB leaders, and other members of MASSOB, along with any other Biafrans who have remained in your jails all these days because of Biafra actualization activities which have been conducted under the MASSOB non-violent agenda. The adverse consequences of lack of compliance on your part are obvious: the world today knows and sees what you are doing and is documenting such even better than we are doing. And, the African Human Rights Crimes Court has just been established, and, take note: there are no Justices on this court from Nigeria in its historic and inaugural configuration. That should be a hint.


To the Igbo Political Class, Igbo Elite and Igbo in Diaspora: Those of you who responded initially shamelessly took the side of the Nigerian government’s armed forces, willingly and gladly swallowing their propaganda as they killed your own people—shame on you! Double, triple shame on you! To those who waited to respond slowly and late after our people were already weathering all that the butchers of the Nigerian government had thrown at them (and are still throwing at them), we also say, Shame on you! You should know by now that appeasement, sycophancy and accommodation of Nigeria and its government by the Igbo and other Biafrans has never stopped, and will never stop Nigeria from humiliating, killing and annihilating our people and pursing its withering anti-Igbo anti-Biafra policy to the finish. Your weak, shaky and reluctant voice is too little, too late. All you can do now is show some backbone by unequivocally demanding that Nigeria release unconditionally and immediately all those indiscriminately put in jail by them during this crisis, and for Nigeria to stop all the killing and all the indiscriminate operation-sweeps in our land. Demand that Nigeria stop lying about MASSOB’s involvement in this crisis, and to stop lying about MASSOB’s role and response, because there is no evidence that MASSOB has gone against its own non-violence principles, just as MASSOB has maintained all along, even though unimaginable violence was visited and is still being on MASSOB. You must also demand the release of Ralph Uwazurike, Uchenna Madu and all the other MASSOB members and Biafrans being held in Nigerian jails for Biafra actualization activities.


The special announcement has already mentioned the shameful and abominable role of the efulefu and collaborators,  Igwegbuo of Umuoji, Anambra an ex-Nigerian military officer; and the Uzoegwu family of Nkpor, the saboteurs and killers of their own people. These persons will surely answer to their crimes against their own people.


To our people, to MASSOB, to fellow Biafrans: we thank you for standing your ground. We are correct to seek Self Determination, and we are right to use a non-violent agenda, even if there is achingly too much violence directed against us: the Nigerian government has just given us a live demonstration of the hatred they have for us, and that has strengthened our resolve to actualize Biafra. The Igbo Political and Elite class and the Diaspora Igbo have just shown us where they stand—not with us, but with evil Nigeria: we shall leave them there. There is one place to strike all of them back: the planned Nigerian elections of 2007. We shall boycott that election, just like we boycotted the Nigerian census. We shall improve the boycott by resolving on total—100%—full boycott. We shall likewise shun all their Nigerian parties, including APGA, which is just one more Nigerian party, as we had always known. They want Nigeria, let them go with Nigeria; we want Biafra, this is our land, and we stick with Biafra: this is Biafraland.


Biafra alive! Because it is God Who makes it so.


That’s the News Analysis for the week.   Thank you.




God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues (, now with the summary of the News Analysis in Igbo language.


Ndi Biafra, ekele e o-o!  Anyi e kelee unu.


Nkea wu akuko nke anyi na a kpo “News Analysis,” si na Voice of Biafra International Radio, di na Washington DC, na ala America, na a bia ra unu na abali a.


Unu a hu la otu asi Obasanjo na government ya turu ebe ha na e bo MASSOB ebubo ugha na ime ihe gbasara ogba-ahara na Anambra—otu eziokwu jiri puta na aka ndi MASSOB a dighi na ya ncha ncha; na o wu Obasanjo na government ya mere ihe aru ya na onwe ha. Ndi Nigeria na ndi uwa a mara la nke ahu ugbua. Ihe MASSOB gwara ha na anyi na mbu—ihe ha na a gwa nde owula mgbe na ile—wu na uzo nke MASSOB a wughi uzo egbe na mma, ma o wu ogu na mgba—mba!!


Obasanjo na Nigeria, ihe owula soro ha, ha mee: o nweghi otu ha ga e si e gbusi ndi Biafra dum, ma o wu gbusia ndi MASSOB dum. E mechaa kwa, Biafra na MASSOB ka di ndu, na e to eto, na  e bu ibu, na a kpa ire. O nweghi ihe ga a kwusi anyi na MASSOB na nweta Biafra.


Agwa ndi si na ha wu ndi ndu ndi Igbo—ndi Igbo na e me politics na Nigeria, na ndi Igbo no na ochichi na ndi Igbo bi na Obodo Oyibo, gbasara ihe Obasanjo na Nigeria na e me anyi na ndi MASSOB na Anambra—agwa ha ahu a joka. Ndi efulefu ndi Igbo ya ga ra soro Obasanjo, kwuru ya na azu, kama ha ga e kwu eziokwu nke wu na o wu Obasanjo na ndi otu ya butere nsogbu di na Anambra, na aka ndi MASSOB a dighi ya. Ujo e kweghi ha kwuo eziokwu, nke wu na ogbugbu na mmekpa-ahu Nigeria gburu ndi Igbo ndi Biafra na ndi MASSOB na Anambra, wu ihe ojoo, ihe aru.


Maka nkea, anyi na a gwa Obasanjo na Nigeria ka ha kpoputa ndi na ile ha tinyere na mpkoro maka ihe mere na Anambra— ozugbo-ozugbo! Ha kpoputa kwa Ralph Uwazurike na Uchenna Madu na ndi isi, na ndi ndu, na ndi otu MASSOB ndi ozo ha tinyere na mkporo maka ihe gbasara i nweta Biafra.


Anyi a nula na onye Igbo a na a kpo Igwegbuo, onye Umuoji na Anambra, onye Army officer Nigeria; na ndi obiri na ezi-na-ulo Uzoegwu, ndi Nkpor, nde otu nwa ha nwoke no na House of Assembly na Anambra State, na ndia na e duari ndi Army nde Police Nigeria, kporo ha ga na a tu aka i ghoputa nde Igbo ka nde Army na Police ya jiri egbe gbagbue ha. Nke mere anyi ji na a ju Igwegbuo onye Umuoji Anambra, na ezi-na-ulo Uzoegwu nde Nkpor: kedu kene ihe ndi Igbo mere unu? Mara kwa na obara ndi Igbo unu tuputara aka, e jiri were gbagbuo ha, na o no unu na isi. Mara kwa unu na anyi a mara la ihe unu mere; anyi ma ihe unu na e me.


Anyi na e ri onuma maka ndi anyi dum ndi Nigeria gburu ma o wu e meruru ahu, ma o wu e tinyere na mkporo. Naani Chineke wu Onye nwere ike i kasi ha obi na gbaa ha (na anyi) ume..


Otu ihe anyi ga e meriri i ji kuziere ndi efulefu na ile ndia ihe wu na anyi ga a boycottu-riri election Nigeria o wuru ma election o ga e nwegodiri ha isi na afo 2007.  Anyi wu ndi Biafra: ebe ha choro Nigeria, ha gawa zie Nigeria ga mee election ha, ma o gaghi a wu na alaIgbo ala-Biafra. Anyi wu ndi Biafra a gaghi e so ha; election Nigeria a gaghi e me na ala Biafra. Anyi a gaghi a ba, ma o wu kwado, Party ndi Nigeria, ma o wulaghidi APGA: maka party nde Nigeria na ile wu otu—aru na njo.


Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!!—na ndu anyi kwa. Maka Chineke nonyere la gi—nonyere kwa ra anyi!


Ndewo unu.



Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues


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