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For July 22nd, 2006


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…


Fellow Biafrans:


At this week’s court proceedings for Ralph Uwazurike, our beloved Leader of our beloved MASSOB (Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra), a non-violent organization, the officials of the Prison where he is being held in jail requested that the judge find another prison for him and the other MASSOB members, “for security reasons.” Yes, for security reasons! One would have to ask: “security reasons”?  Neither Uwazurike  nor other members of MASSOB currently in Nigerian jails are a security threat to the prison system: they are not armed, not violent, not rowdy and do not constitute an escape-risk: neither are MASSOB members outside of jail. In fact, Uwazurike et al are model prisoners, as the prison wardens and authorities will report. Therefore, if there is a security problem, the source-party is not Uwazurike or other MASSOB comrades. This means that Nigeria—the government—is the security issue here. The Prison Authorities are alerting the court and Nigeria, the Nigerian Press and the World at large that the Nigerian State and its agencies constitute a security problem which threatens the lives of Uwazurike and other MASSOB members in their prisons.  These Prison officials are saying and warning us something like: “…We have sufficient reason to believe—in fact, we know—that Uwazurike and MASSOB members are in danger while in our Prisons; please do not blame us (Prison authorities) if anything bad happens to them…”  It does not get any more explicit than that. This also validates the information released by MASSOB just earlier alerting everyone that there is a plan hatched by the State of Nigeria to murder Uwazurike and other MASSOB members in prison.


We join and add our voices to this warning and this alert. The only way to prevent General Obasanjo and his government and agencies such as the Nigeria Police and the Nigeria SSS and the Nigerian judiciary from further harming and or murdering Uwazurike and other MASSOB members in prison is to cause their release from Nigerian jails. Mazi Uchenna Madu, the MASSOB Information Director, other MASSOB leaders, other members of MASSOB who are currently being held in various Nigerian jails along with Ralph Uwazurike—all of them—must be caused to be released from Nigerian jails; otherwise, as the Prison officials have alerted us, their security has been threatened: the threat is real, and they are likely to get killed in prison by the State of Nigeria. We alert the World; West Africa, Africa, EU, UK, the US, and all countries of the World, about this impending injustice and danger. This is the time to prevent a crime against humanity; and it must be done by causing the release of Uwazurike and other MASSOB members from Nigerian jails, now that the Prison officials have told us that there is a definite security issue if they remain in prison.


We are concerned, though not surprised, that Nigeria and Nigerians are in such denial as to not understand that, and not accept that, Uwazurike and MASSOB are offering everyone residing in Nigeria an opportunity to solve the indolent problem that is Nigeria in relative non-violence. In fact, what MASSOB stands for will also benefit the other ethnic nations of Nigeria, because, they too will be set free from a terrible relationship which has placed them in the unenviable and indictable position of super-aggressors, committers and willing supporters of genocide against the Igbo and other Biafrans in Nigeria. These are crimes which even if not prosecuted by International laws, stick to the collective conscience, for now and for posterity. No well-meaning people want to have this on their conscience or on their Nation’s record, especially, for posterity’s sake.


Is there anyone in Nigeria today who does not understand that Nigerian leaders are the worst hypocrites and the most corrupt class of people in the entire world, and yet, the most cowardly? While they talk about one-Nigeria, we all know, and we know that they all know, that they are lying through their teeth; they just want to preserve Nigeria so that they can do their share of “chopping” whereby they steal the public coffers dry. We all know that this is going on, from the president of Nigeria, General Obasanjo himself, down to the lowest LGA official. They send their families overseas, and have mansions overseas while the common man, woman or child left in Nigeria and Biafraland, suffers in unspeakable and indescribable poverty. The members of this class are so greedy that even after they have stolen enough money to last them 9 lifetimes (as it were), they still continue to steal more. This is only possible because you, the people who blindly stick to Nigeria, have bought into their lies about keeping Nigeria one. All you are doing is supporting a structure which allows them to do this terrible thing to you and to us—for what? Things could not get any worse for the people living in Nigeria, except if Nigeria continues to survive. Without Nigeria, there is hope—real sustaining hope so that people can finally return to the path of life and living. This is why we must all support the MASSOB agenda which, while actualizing Biafra, also liberates the other ethnic nations.


Remember: it is those persons such as General Obasanjo who swear (falsely, even on the Bible) that they love one-Nigeria and will give their lives for one-Nigeria—it is they—who are destroying Nigeria. Obasanjo breaks laws whenever it suits him; he even goes against the constitution of Nigeria when he likes; in these acts, he is joined by the other hypocrites who claim that Nigeria must be kept one, even as they live lawless lives in Nigeria, with no bounds to what crimes they can commit, including murder and mayhem, while the rest of the people are forced to pay dearly, whether or not they are law-abiding. And, the Obasanjo group are getting way with it because the structure of Nigeria protects them and allows them to exploit and deceive the people like that with brazen disregard for the peoples’ opinion and welfare. This is why Nigeria needs drastic restructuring to flush out these criminals and stop providing a platform for them to use to beat up on the peoples. MASSOB’s agenda, while technically providing for only Biafra actualization, actually frees the other nations, too, so that there will be nothing left and no base for the likes of Obasanjo to operate from. That is the only type of restructuring of Nigeria which will work.


The instability of Nigeria makes it impossible for anyone to live a normal life in Nigeria, unless you are a complete foreigner. For that matter, foreigners will not invest in Nigeria, except for those whose delight is in taking extreme risks. This instability affects even all those living in Diaspora. The peoples—the masses—suffer the worst of it. It brings out the worst of the people. This has led to the Igbo and other Biafrans being victimized by the rest of Nigeria. MASSOB’s agenda for Biafra will stop this victimization and prevent further injury to the Igbo and Biafrans. For example, everyone knows that Nigeria, being so many times larger than Benin to its West, still will not attack and kill the Beninois. Similarly, Nigeria, being ten times larger in population than Niger to the North, will not molest the people of Niger. Nor will Nigeria victimize or exploit Chadians. There is one reason for that type of stability and protection: Sovereignty and international boundaries. Consider that, while functionally, Nigeria’s northern border with Niger is porous and the Hausa-Fulani on both sides intermingle and commingle as one people, diplomatically and politically, the fact of Sovereignty prevents Nigeria from interfering with Niger. The point being made is that with International borders separating different ethnic nations currently forced to live in Nigeria, and in full respect of each its own separate Sovereignty, exploitative and bloody, Genocidal interference will stop; even if such international borders remain porous.  Each nation can now focus on managing its own affairs. This results in stability: and that’s what Biafra actualization using MASSOB agenda, which is supported by our people, will lead to, not just for Biafra, but for the other nations.


For these reasons, Obasanjo and Nigeria need to start working and negotiating with MASSOB rather than the current practice of killing and jailing MASSOB members and leadership—just as the evil Apartheid government avoided bloodshed by negotiating with Mandela whom they had put in jail, resulting in a final win-win for all parties. We urge the rest of the world to understand and support this paradigm and cause Nigeria to work with freed Uwazurike and freed other MASSOB members. Regional stability is at stake.


Biafra alive! Because it is God Who makes it so.


That’s the News Analysis for the week.   Thank you.




God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues (, now with the summary of the News Analysis in Igbo language.


Ndi Biafra, ekele e o-o!  Anyi e kelee unu.


Nkea wu akuko nke anyi na a kpo News Analysis, si na Voice of Biafra International Radio, di na Washington DC, na ala America, na a bia ra unu na abali a.


Ndi Nche Mkporo a gwa la ulo-ikpe Nigeria na ha a chogi ka Ralph Uwazurike na ndi MASSOB ka noro na mkporo ha na ihi na ujo di ha maka ndu Ralph a dighi zi safe na ulo-mkporo ha. Ihe ha na a gwa anyi wu na ha a mara la na Obasanjo na ndi otu ya na a cho I meru Ralph ahu ma o wu gbuo yae gbuo; na ha a choghi ka e bo ha ebubo ihea ma o wuru na omee otua ahu. Maka nkea, o di oke mkpa ka Obasanjo na Nigeria hapu Ralph Uwazurike na ndi MASSOB ndi ozo di ka Uchenna Madu, aka, weputa ha na mkporo, ka o ghara kwa i wu na ihe di njo dakwasiri umu nne anyi ndea. Anyi na ha kwa a gwala ndi uwa ihe na e me, ka ha doo Obasanjo aka na nti si ya kpoputa ndi anyi na mkporo ya.


O gara a wu na Obasanjo na ndi Nigeria gara a ga ka Ralph zi ha otu anyi i nweta Biafra ga e si e nyere ndi mba ndi ozo bi na ime Nigeria aka, ka ha zoputa onwe ha na onwu nke diri ha ma ha ka noro na ime Nigeria. Otua ka ndi mba ndi ozo a ga e ji ndu oha mmadu ha mee ezi ihe. Anyi na a gwa ha, na ndi Uwa, ka ha gee Ralph nti na ihe gbasara otu anyi na MASSOB ga e ji uzo nke udo nweta Biafra, ka nde mba ndi ozo ji kwa otu aka ahu kwa nwere onwe ha. Ha wu ndi bi na ime Nigeria mara kwa na naani Obasanjo na ndi otu ya wu nde na e rita uru na Nigeria; igwe mmadu ndi ozo, o wu so-o-so ahuhu ka ha na a ta na ime Nigeria. Ha lezie kwa anya, ha a hu na nsogbu Nigeria e nweghi o bi bi: o wu kwa Obasanjo na ndi otu ya na a kwa oku ya na a gbakasi Nigeria. O wu ha na e mebi si Nigeria; nkwusi ihe ojoo na ihe aru ha na e me a naghi a bata ha na obi. Nkea wu otu na ime ihe ndi ozo mere anyi wu ndi Biafra ji a cho Biafra—ka anyi zoo onwe anyi—sepuri isi onwe anyi; ka anyi puta na ochichiri ahu nke wu Nigeria; o ga a diri ndi mba ndi ozo mma ma o wuru na ha a puo kwa na ime Nigeria. Uwazurike ga e zi ha uzo nke udo i ji nwere onwe ha, dika Biafra ga e si e nwere onwe anyi. Unu e chefughikwala na owu otua ka Mandela jiri si na mkporo zoo ndi South Africa, ka obara hara i wu, mgbe ndi Apartheid ji e me ha otu Nigeria si e me Biafra taa.


Ka obi unu na ile sie ike ka anyi na a ga njem anyi na a ga, ka o teeghikwa la anya mgbe anyi ga e nweta Biafra, na ike nke Chineke, na aha nke chineke, na na oge nke Chineke.


Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!!—na ndu anyi kwa. Maka Chineke nonyere la gi—nonyere kwa ra anyi!


Ndewo unu.



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