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For April 1st, 2006


You have heard the news; now, the analysis…


Fellow Biafrans:


You, along with MASSOB, (the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra), have succeeded in what we set out to do, which is to boycott the Nigerian census. Back in 2003 when we appealed to you to cast a unity-solidarity vote on behalf of Biafra and in the name of Biafra for APGA / Ojukwu during the election, you did so, but Obasanjo stole the mandate; however, he could not touch the power of Biafra. Then, on August 26 2004, you showed the effectiveness of MASSOB and the power of Biafra once again when you shut down the entire Nigeria during a MASSOB-led sit-in protest, Obasanjo was once again powerless, and he could not change the outcome: he had to lie to newsmen to cover up by telling them that the Igbo were only celebrating a “New Yam Festival.” Again in December 2005, you continued to prove the increasing potency of Biafra under the direction of MASSOB; this time, Obasanjo used his meeting with efulefu WIC leadership during one of these events to try to reduce the effectiveness of the Biafra-inspired actions: like all his previous attempts, that did not work.


Well, the March 2006 Nigerian census will forever be associated with MASSOB—which means, Biafra actualization—because of the superbly successful MASSOB-led boycott of that census. Let us make one thing clear, though: MASSOB is a non-violent organization and performed the boycott without any violence on its part. The Nigerian Police, the NPC (National Population Commission) and the Nigerian government have tried to smear MASSOB with unsubstantiated and false accusations of violent acts and tactics used to disrupt the ill-fated Nigerian census. The truth is that MASSOB is a non –violent organization with a non-violent agenda, and would never participate in such tactics. On the other hand, previous experience and facts reveal that the Nigeria Police has vowed to, and has followed through with fabricating evidence falsely against MASSOB; the police have actually staged violent acts themselves in order to blame such acts on MASSOB. The duplicity and dishonesty of the Police in these cases were later to become obvious. We are disappointed with the Nigeria Press and media which parroted the false reports of the police against MASSOB without checking on their authenticity and without stating that what the police told them was “alleged,” and without recalling that in the past, the police accusations of MASSOB have proven false indeed. While we have learned not to count on Nigeria Media to be fair to us or to MASSOB, we are nonetheless disappointed by such biased and unprofessional reporting, especially since such reporting is malicious to, and maligns, MASSOB.  The typical MASSOB and typical Biafran made themselves unavailable for counting. We have heard newspaper reports where armed forces were brought in to force unarmed, non-violent boycotting Biafrans in their own homes to be counted, with blackmail and threats of bodily harm, imprisonment, rental eviction, and denial of public and civic services and amenities normally offered to residents by the state government, including even health care.  This is how the boycott went for MASSOB, by MASSOB. MASSOBians never tried to stop anyone else from being counted other than each his or her own self, nor would they or did they try to interfere or disrupt the enumeration process for anyone else.


Fellow Biafrans, with the successful boycott of this census, MASSOB has proved to Obasanjo and Nigeria that though they may hold Ralph Uwazurike, Uchenna Madu and other MASSOB leaders unjustly in jail, MASSOB activities will continue successfully. Every Biafran is MASSOB at heart, because every Biafran seeks the actualization of Biafra. In fact, it is you, our people, who responded so effectively to the MASSOB boycott instructions, who have proved to the world and to Obasanjo and Nigeria that MASSOB is very much active, and has the full support of our people. We therefore urge Obasanjo and Nigeria to release Ralph Uwazurike, Uchenna Madu and other MASSOB leadership and membership from Nigerian jails. Nothing is going to stop MASSOB; nothing is going to stop the Biafran people from actualizing Biafra. Ralph Uwazurike and other MASSOB leaders acting on behalf of our people, as the Biafran team, are willing to sit down and negotiate, in good faith, the issues and concerns of Nigeria regarding matters of mutual significance to both sovereign, independent Biafra; and Nigeria. Obasanjo and Nigeria should not take this offer lightly: MASSOB is the only hope for a peaceful and negotiated separation of Nigeria, a path which can and will preserve goodwill and cooperation among willing sovereign and independent Nation-neighbors.  Obasanjo and Nigeria need to recall the historical adage that those who make peaceful change impossible only make violent revolution inevitable. And, no one is going to believe Obasanjo and Nigeria if they try to pin or blame any violence on MASSOB, because MASSOB’ agenda and way is that of non-violence.


Have you seen the number of things which went wrong in Nigeria recently and have been falsely blamed on MASSOB just because of the successful census boycott? If Nigerian could, they would blame the recent Solar Eclipse on MASSOB trying to disrupt the Sun in Nigeria. While totally ridiculous and despicable, such practices by Nigeria are a harbinger of more torments to come—to be directed at MASSOB and other Biafrans by Nigeria. We expect Nigeria to single out MASSOB for arrest, prosecution (if they even follow their own law—doubtful), imprisonment, and shooting in connection with the census boycott. We expect the Nigeria police to harass and haze MASSOB and other Biafrans with more viciousness and impunity. We expect heavy and increased Nigerian military presence in Biafran cities which will result in more intense and withering occupation of Biafraland by the Nigerian armed forces. In non-Biafran states, Biafrans, especially the Igbo, will be severely discriminated against and allowed begrudgingly very limited and restricted access to public amenities which they will be made to pay dearly for, although such will be free of charge for non-Igbo-non-Biafrans in those states. So, even as we alert the entire world to these acts which constitute crimes against humanity, and deprivation of human rights, we want you, our people, to be prepared. We commit ourselves to holding Nigeria responsible for every such act.


We have said it before: Biafra must be actualized. It shall. It will. We urge Obasanjo to release Ralph Uwazurike and Uchenna Madu and the others from Nigeria’s jails and begin negotiations on peaceful separation of Nigeria right away. There is no other peaceful way.


Biafra alive: because God makes it so.


That’s the News Analysis for the week.  Thank you.




God bless and keep Biafra, and you, until our next broadcast. Voice of Biafra International (VOBI) broadcast continues (, now with the summary of the News Analysis in Igbo language.


Ndi Biafra, ekele e o-o!  Anyi e kelee unu.


Nkea wu akuko nke anyi na a kpo News Analysis si na Voice of Biafra International Radio, di na Washington DC, na ala America, na a bia ra unu na abali a.


Ihe unu mere na otu unu jiri boycottuo census ndi Nigeria mara mma; Biafra na e kele unu na ile. O wu kwa otu aka-oru ahu ka anyi huru na ihe unu mere na oge gara a ga na election 2003, na August 26 2004, na na December 2005.


Ihe unu mere e mebala ndi Nigeria ujo: ihe ojoo na ile da kwa siri Nigeria taa, ha ga na zi  e bo ya ndi MASSOB. Oge o wula e kwutara okwu gbasara census Nigeria nke March 2006 ya, o wu aha MASSOB ka a ga na a nu: otu MASSOB jiri mebi sie ihe census ojoo Nigeria ya. Mana anyi e kwuele ya na mbu: aka MASSOB a dighi na ogba-aghara mere na census ya, maka uzo MASSOB wu uzo nke udo. O wu ebubo asi ka ndi Nigeria na police ha na NPC na e bo MASSOB maka udi nsogbu ya na ile. MASSOB a naghi e me udi ihe di otu ahu; onye o wula a marala nke ahu; mara kwa na ndi police Nigeria wu nde aru na nde na a si oke asi oge na ile, o kachakwa mgbe o gbasara ndi MASSOB.


Unu na anyi ji nkea na e zi ndi uwa na na a gwa kwa nde Nigeria na ha i jide Ralph Uwazuruke na Uchenna Madu na ndi isi na ndi otu MASSOB ndi ozo na nga a gaghi a kwusi ihe MASSOB na e me. Ha kwesiri i mara na anyi dum wu MASSOB, na nweta Biafra e nweghi nkwusi. Na ihi nkea, anyi na a gwa Obasanjo ka ya kpoputa Mazi Uwazurike na Mazi Madu na ndi ozo ndia na nga, ka Mazi Uwazurike were nochite anya ndi Biafra ka anyi na Nigeria kpaa uka otu a ga e si e me ihe ndi ozo ga a no na etiti Biafra noro onwe ya, na a chi onwe ya—na etiti Biafra—na Nigeria; mee kwa nu ya na udo. O di Obasanjo na aka—ma o choro i so na uzo nke udo ka Nigeria jiri kewaa. Ma ya kpoputara anyi ndi anyi na mpkoro—ugbua


Unu e chefughi kwa la na iwe ndi Nigeria sirinne gbasara otu MASSOB na anyi maka anyi nwere mmeri na census boycottu ya. Maka nkea, Nigeria na ndi Police ha na ndi solja ha na Obasanjo ga e mesi anyi na ndi MASSOB ike: unu jikwara kwa. Anyi na a gwa ndi Uwa ka ha gbaa anyi aka-ibe maka ihe ndia na ile, maka o wu na isi Obasanjo na na isi ndi Police na Army ya ka ihe o wula ga a dakwasi anyi na ndi MASSOB—o wu na isi ha—ka o ga a di.


Anyi e kwue la na mbu: ka anyi kwu o kwa ya ugbua, ozo: anyi ga e nwetariri: Biafra ga a diriri; Biafra a di wo. Ekele-oo maka ihe nke di ukwuu unu mere na i boycottu census a. Ndewo!


Biafra, ndu gi! Biafra, ndu gi!! Biafra, ndu gi!!!—na ndu anyi kwa. Maka Chineke nonyere la gi—nonyere kwa ra anyi!

Ndewo unu.



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